writing for the student council, writing homework help

Hello my name is Alexis Molina. I would like toserve the student body as Historian. I believe that I would be a good historianbecause I am a very organized, responsible, and enthusiastic person that has apositive attitude at every given moment. The reason I would like to serve asHistorian and not any other position is because I believe that with mycapabilities as a knowledgeable writer I can expand upon notes taken and canbetter our student council this year and bring into a next level. I feel, thatI am qualified for this job because I am straightforward, yet punctual andexact in my work.  Using my ideas willprovide a successful school year. As historian I will well share my ideas andintellect to the student council. I will share all my intentions and solutionsand hope to get good feedback in return. I understand that this job has itsresponsibilities and I believe that I have the capabilities to fulfill them.  I am well oriented and very good at timemanagement and would have no problems on serving at all activities. I will doeverything in my power to make this school year one of the best years.