write me a five paragraph essay about a chinese leader Mao zedong ( just google this name)

   1, This is actually for a speech class, i have to talk about 3 to 5 minutes. the first paragraph is an introduction just to let the audience to know what are you going to talk about. the points. need a attention gather, something like a question. and the first paragraph has to include one source.

   2,  the second paragraph just to tell audience some facts about Mao zedong, also can use quotes form him. and some things that he has done.

   3,   the third paragraph has to write some significant things that he did for the country or why he has played an important role in china.

   4, the fourth paragraph has to tell the audience why are you admire him. give some reasons and explain. 

   5, the fifth paragraph is to conclude, review the topic.