Wk 6 – Discussion

When you hear the names Winston Churchill and Mother Theresa, what images or thoughts come to mind? While considered two of the greatest communicators in history, they are markedly different—not only in their origins, but also in their communication behaviors. Churchill was born in Blenheim, England, and is well known for his forceful, dramatic oratory skills. Mother Theresa came from the small town of Skopje, on the Balkan Peninsula, and is considered one of the most successful, soft-spoken orators of all time. 

Obviously, both Churchill and Mother Theresa achieved great success through their communication in very different ways. They were able to identify and connect with the hearts and emotions of their audiences and move hordes of human beings with just their words—but how? What communication characteristics and behaviors did they have in common, and what were their differences?  You may also want to explore great speakers like Maya Angelou, Martin Luther King Jr,. and Nelson Mandela. You do not have to be a famous historical figure to be a great communicator, but you can take aspects of their behaviors to improve your own style and skill.

Knowing that there are countless ways to be a successful communicator, the ability to discern the communication behaviors of others allows you to become a better communicator yourself. Now that you have explored numerous communication concepts and strategies throughout this course, you use that knowledge to analyze communication behaviors and strategies of those around you. Who are some people that you feel are great communicators? Are they friends, family, or famous? What communication behaviors make them effective?

In this Discussion, you analyze individual communication behaviors.

To prepare:

·       Review this week’s Learning Resources.

·       Consider the people you feel are the most competent communicators. They can be from your personal life or public figures.

·       Think about what makes them good communicators. What particular communication behaviors or skills do they use?

With these thoughts in mind:

Post by Day 3 at least 350 words in APA format answering the following:

·       List three competent communicators. These can be people you know personally or public figures.

·       What behaviors do these individuals employ that make them competent and why?

·       Which of these could you adopt, and how would that help you to reach your communication goals more effectively?

Learning Resources

·      McLean, S. (2016). Business relationships across cultures.  Boston: Flat World Knowledge Publishers.

Ø  Chapter 3, “Delivering Your Message” Chapter 3 details how verbal messages are used to accomplish goals, including the function of language and meaning of words, and examines how culture and individual differences influence verbal communication.

Ø  Chapter 8, “Group Communication, Teamwork, and Leadership” Chapter 8identifies factors that comprise group communication, including organizational cultures, and problem-solving skills. This chapter also discusses business and professional meetings, as well as the implications of teamwork and leadership on relationships across cultures.

·      Koerner, E. F. K. (2002). Toward a history of American linguistics. New York, NY: Routledge. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

Ø  Chapter 3, “On the Sources of the Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis” (pp. 39–62)