Wk 1 Review the athlete than and analyze

 Review the athlete than and analyze the appropriateness of the type of glycolysis they discussed.  Then, explain if you agree with the benefits of lactate identified for their chosen activity.  Support your reasoning with at least one scholarly source.

The explosive sport I chose is football and the chosen activity would be sprints.  Sprinting requires muscle contraction with ATP needing to be replenished from other fuel sources.  These sources are founded in your muscles via aerobic and anaerobic glycolysis. Anaerobic glycolysis requires no oxygen in order to produce ATP. For the activity of sprinting in football, this would use the anaerobic system (fast glycolysis) as opposed to aerobic system (slow glycolysis). This is because it is a quick burst of energy, where ATP is needed immediately. For this activity, either the ATP-Creatine Phosphate system can be used or the Lactic Acid system. In ATP-CP, ATP is broken down in the muscle to be used as energy, and the Creatine and Phosphate is used in order to resynthesize ATP from ADP. In the lactic acid system, the ATP-CP system is used at first, then glycogen that is stored in the muscle and liver are broken down to be used as energy to resynthesize TP. However, along the way, lactic acid is formed. Lactic acid is what gives you that “hurt feeling” in your muscles as you are working out. There are benefits to having lactate though.  Lactate causes increased oxygen uptake and up regulates the genes involved in creating more mitochondria. This is so the body can clear the lactate faster with added mitochondria. This the more lactate an athlete produces the more mitochondria they will have.