Why Don’t Americans Complain in Certain Situations?

A History of Global Stratification

Rich Man, Poor Men: The History of Global Stratification Ancient Egyptians believed that each night Horus would challenge Set for rule over the sky and win, and once Horus took control, Set would challenge Horus for power over the sky. Yin and yang, the scales of justice, jihad’s inner struggle – all synonymous symbols f…

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Why Don’t Americans Complain in Certain Situations?

William F. Buckley Jr.’s “Why Don’t We Complain?” You treat your family to a night out at one of your favorite restaurants in the city. You pull out a book to pass the time until your order arrives, though find it hard to concentrate over the pop music blaring over the restaurant’s overhead speakers. The question as to w…

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Mascots Aren’t Meant to Offend

Mascots Aren’t Meant To Offend Mascots are people, animals, or objects adopted by high school, college and professional sports teams thought to bring good luck. Although some communities are refusing to change team logos, mascots, and/or nicknames, a change must be made in respect to Native Americans. According to “Native…

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Why are Males More Likely to Commit Crime Than Females?

Why are males more likely to commit crime than females? Every day I find myself turning on the evening news to catch up on the events occurring not only locally, but globally as well. Reports of violent crimes and acts of tragedy are presented by journalists one after the other in a solemn tone that captures my attention…

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The Increased Use of Antidepressants in Adolescents

Adolescents on Antidepressants Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are the most common type of antidepressant used in adolescents. Outweighing the risks and benefits of SSRIs has been an issue since the 1990’s, and medical professionals have yet to come to an agreement on the most effective way to treat childre…

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Bullying and the Victims of the Violence

We are living in the word where some people think that violence is the only reason to solve every problem. If people keep this violence around us, it is not going to get better. Kids in school feel superior by others to calling other kid horrible names and making fun of them. Men hit women to earn their respect back. The ma…

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The Issues Covered by Contemporary Feminism

Feminism is a theory that mainly converges on gender as a field of examination through the interpretation of cultural exercises while proposing a range of experiences peculiar to women. It raises essential questions about the social character of women in affairs of exchange and production. Feminism assumes that gender roles…

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An Analysis of the Living Costs in Hawaii

LIVING COSTS OF HAWAII Although it may seem like a dream come true to live in the beautiful state of Hawaii, it comes at a very costly price and that price for living in Hawaii is continually rising every year. The cost of living is defined as the amount of money needed to maintain a certain level of living, also includi…

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The Laws from 1972 and the Issues of the Religions of the Race in France

Due to a law from 1972, distinctions due to religion or race aren’t made when developing the demographic census for France. However, the majority of the country is white with an European origin, with small African and Asian minorities. The specific ethnic groups in France that are major are the French 92%, Arab/North Africa…

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Hart and Devlin’s View of Gay Marriage and the Irish Referendum on the Morality

Hart and Devlin’s view of Gay Marriage Based on the Irish referendum to legalise same sex marriage and other related issues which go beyond the boundary of morality as prove that Hart’s view is more relevant in this age compare to 50 years ago when this debate started and this indicates my support to Hart’s view. Briefly s…

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The Transhumanism and the Principles of the Humanity Against the Machines

Transhumanism: Humans are NOT Machines Transhumanism is making humans into machinery and taking the human out of the human. Transhumanism is just going to make our society worse. We are already jumping all over new technology with just cell phones and TVs. How is the world going to react when transhumanism becomes a popula…

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The Social Relations in the American Society

Depressing Inferiority Social relations between white Americans and other minorities, such as women and African Americans, within the Great Depression formed a fierce controversy within the American people. The controversy turned into discriminatory actions that not only became a recurring trend but a lifestyle. This life…

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A Study on the Factors That Influence the Opinion of an Individual

The factors that influence a person’s opinion have been the subject of study and discussion for many years. It is popular thought that the media and authoritative figures have a tremendous amount of power over changing people’s opinions and swaying the majority to decide in their favor. In the article, Opinions and Social P…

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The Problem of Prescription Drug Abuse in the United States

In the year 2012, there were 4.8 million reported people that had used prescription pain relievers for reasons other than indicated in the reported past month and 1.9 million people began abusing these medications (Kirschner, N., & Tape, T. G. 2014). The use of pharmaceutical pain relief drugs for purposes other than indica…

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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between the Gun Control Laws in Vermont and New York

Gun control has been at the center of much debate in the political circles of America over the past ten to fifteen years at the very least. With every gun related death, there are more advocates for either taking away the rights of the citizens of America to purchase fire arms, and advocates for less gun laws with the idea…

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Breaking the Cycle of Child Abuse

Children are abused in this country every day. Studies into what constitutes abuse and the effects, both long term and short term are ongoing, and have been ongoing for many years. There are real problems both in defining abuse, as well as the potential strategies and implementations that should be in place to reduce the on…

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The Pros and Cons of Using Animals in Rodeo Events

Introduction The use of animals for entertainment purposes is a very controversial topic and has been for many years. The individuals who argue for the use of animals argue that this is a part of a rich culture and the animals are never in any real harm or danger. They further argue that there are rules and regulations in…

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Foster Care and Its Effectiveness in Rearing Children

Tylar Lint 12/18/17 Composition 151 Concept paper In today’s world, children grow up in seemingly perfect homes and have everything they need to survive, thrive, and be happy, but this doesn’t happen for every child. Some children grow up in a totally different way. Imagine being raised by people who aren’t your biolo…

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The Best Solution to Assist Pregnant Women Who Are Addicted to Drugs

Addicted as described in the dictionary, is one being physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects. As it states, addiction is a disease that can happen to anyone. A current problem in our society is the question as to whether pregnant addicts…

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Reasons Why People Are Involved in Community Service

There are many reasons why people are involved in community service. There are hungry people in the world, who need someone to feed them. There are handicapped people in the world, who need someone to encourage them. There are elderly people in the world, who need someone to comfort them. There are lonely people in the worl…

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Varna, the Caste System of India

The caste system of India was an organizational tool to classify and
separate the different social classes within the country. This system was
also known as Varna, “Varna is the Sanskrit word for color and may
originate from differences between the light-skinned Aryans and the darker-
skinned Dravidians” (Mohammed, 65). Th…

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Police Raids in the City of Alexandra

Commentary Ch.1-6 The city of Alexandra is located in the ghetto side of South Africa where no whites were allowed under the Bantu Consolidation Act of 1946. Almost “more than ninety percent of the white South Africa go through a lifetime without seeing first hand the inhuman conditions under which blacks have to survive”…

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The Two Sides of the Euthanasia Argument

For most, the concept of dying is met with feelings of anxiety, terror, and shrouded in mystery. In an attempt to exhibit some control over one’s own end and to create a sense of well-being in the face of the eventuality that is death. Such decisions as funeral planning, life insurance policies, the creation of a last will…

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The Controversial and Difficult Choice of Abortion

Why choosing Abortion when it is the best choice? Hilary Clinton once said “We are always going to argue about abortion. It’s a hard choice and it is controversial, and that’s why I am pro-choice, because I want people to make their own choices”. Abortion is one of the most controversial issues in the United States. Accord…

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Excessive Use of Alcohol and Its Effects on the Drinker

The Effects of Alcohol The effects of excessive use of alcohol the two most common types; first is the everyday drinker that uses alcohol on a regular basis to function. Second is the binge drinker, this type of drinker may be able to sustain from alcohol for a period of time but once they have a drink they usually cannot…

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