who can do a research paper not less than 2,200 words in Modern Art History?

The subject is The development of early expressionism

write a reasarch paper about The development of early expressionism

1. write not less than 2,200 words

2.write two sources wich are attached (Bahr Hermann Expressionism) and (Baudelaire Charles The Painter of Modern Life Extracts).

3.write with MLA format

Please check the files attached to read the requirments for the research paper. (include the guideline and the two readings) 

The Guidelines:

  1. Your paper cannot be less than 2,200 words long. This is not counting any headers/footers, works cited page, or the title. If your paper is even one word less than the length requirement, I will take 25% off your paper.

  2. You will need to use a minimum of two separate sources from the assigned readings (though as always, you are invited to use more if you like). You should demonstrate in your writing that you understand the nuances of the various theorists’ and historicists’ positions as they explicate their ideas. Be sure to use M.L.A. methods of citation when quoting or paraphrasing their writing.

  3. You will need to use at least three outside sources to flesh out your debate. The essays that we are studying in class only provide a small glimpse at the ideas that underlie modern art. There are countless writers that have contributed to the canon of modern art, you need to find at least three that will best suit the needs of your paper. You should be able to demonstrate your ability to choose appropriate research materials that relate to your topic. Obviously you should avoid citing such sources as Wikipedia, Artnet.com, Oxford Art Online, and general encyclopedias and dictionaries (though all these sources can be useful places to begin your research). Your citation materials should show they were carefully selected for their academic nature, relevance to the subject matter, and level of depth.

  4. You will need to use M.L.A. citation methods. A.P.A. is not acceptable.