What is Utilitarianism

This assignment should be approximately one page in length and written in essay format (APA style). Please avoid formatting any of the writing assignments this term in a question and answer format. Remember, this course requires college-level writing. Properly documented research is required, as well. For additional help with APA format and documentation, please see the APA LibGuide under Course Information.

  • Please choose one of the moral philosophies in your text for this unit and apply it to an example from our modern world.

    Choose One:
    Enlightened Self‐Interest
    Economics and Self‐Interest

  • Be sure to clearly identify the philosophy you have chosen and the philosopher behind the focus area. (For example: Utilitarianism has two primary philosophers, so you would need to identify and define the philosophy of the one chosen.)
  • Define the philosophy. Be sure to try to explain it in your own words and only use direct quotes to further support your explanation.
  • Finally, explain how it relates to your example, citing all resources (including the textbook).

Please avoid discussing morality as being based entirely on “good vs. bad” choices, as this definition is too general and will not meet the requirements of this assignment. Your understanding of the philosophy you choose and how it connects to your examples are essential to the assignment.