What is the difference between a food web, a food chain and an energy pyramid?

A food web is multiple food chains and an energy pyramid shows how energy moves through trophic levels.

A food chain is the most basic representation of what organisms consume what. For example, grass gets it energy from the sun, the deer eats the grass, the pack of wolves eats the deer. This is an example of a food chain. It starts with a (organisms that produce their biomass from inorganic compounds; almost always through ), then we have a primary consumer that is a , and finally we have a secondary consumer that is a carnivore.

A is a more realistic representation of how the world works, as it includes multiple relationships. The grass may be consumed by deer and other organisms and the deer may also consume other plants such as shrubs or other grasses. Thus, are more complex and show multiple relationships.

Finally, an energy pyramid shows us how . , with primary producers as the first trophic level and the base of the pyramid, primary consumers as the second trophic level and second level of the pyramid, and so forth.