What is mass communication?

Answer the question below.

1) What is mass communication?

2) What is Computer Mediated Communication (CMC)?

3) What are some of the positive effects of CMC?

4) What is social cognitive theory?

5) What is social responsibility theory?

6) What does it mean to be platform agnostic?

7) What is ambient advertising?

8) What are some of the downsides of social networking?

9) What is FOMO?

10) What is transactive memory?

11) What is synchronous communication?

12) What is asynchronous communication?

13) What is the Goldilocks effect?

14) What is Facebook Envy?

15) What is media literacy?

16) What is agenda-setting theory?

17) Name three things Jane McGonigal says work does not provide but video games do.

18) When discussing media literacy in video games what do we need to focus upon?

19) Avoiding to the article read on ballet, name two negative impacts social media has had on ballet.

20) What is fact?

21) What is an assertion?

22) What is an opinion?

23) Why can’t we view Sean Hannity Show or Rachel Maddow Show as news?

24) What is “Fake news?”

25) What did the Dannon Yogurt company do incorrectly causing them to get caught and pay a fine?

26) What are the functions of mass media?

27) In 2018, what percentage of the media is controlled by what number of companies?

28) What is an In-Group?

29) What is an Out-Group?

30) What is collectivism?

31) What is individualism?

32) What is high context?

33) What is low context?

34) What is power distance?

35) What is social identity theory?

36) What is identity recognition theory?