What is a 10-K report?

Use the reading “How to Read an Annual Report” to answer the following questions. Submit to me via Canvas by the due date.


  1. What is a 10-K report?
  2. What is the purpose of the “Letter from the Chairperson”  ?
  3. Which section of the annual report may include industry trends, favorable and unfavorable?
  4. The ten-year summary can give the reader a good idea of?
  5. Identify two company risk factors that may appear in an annual report.
  6. Which section of the Annual Report provides management with an opportunity to voice their views on the company’s financial trends?
  7. Which section of the annual report discusses the products and services the company provides?
  8. Describe the CPA opinion.
  9. List the four documents related to Evaluating Financial Performance.
  10. Identify two “red flags” that a reader should look for?