What Can We Do to Stop and Help People Who Abuse Drugs or Indulge in Unnecessary Sexual Activities?

What Can We Do to Stop and Help People Who Abuse Drugs or Indulge in Unnecessary Sexual Activities?

Drugs abuse refers to use of illicit drugs for unintended purposes. Sex is a sacred thing that is only reserved for recreation role. Indulging in unnecessary sexual activities is uncalled-for. These activities are no doubt inappropriate. Therefore, it is noteworthy to offer guidance that would make my friends avoid them at…

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An Analysis of the Alternatives to Dispute Resolution Methods

Conflicts exist in people’s lives. It can be present in a place where people work, at home, school, agencies, countries, etc. The primary source of conflict is a disagreement. It occurs when the two or more differing parties cannot find a standard solution to their ideologies. Therefore, to find a conjoint solution, the par…

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Native Americans as Equal Beings in William Apess’ An Indian Looking Glass for the White Man

Religion can be explained for everything in the Universe. Everything that happens is significant in some way and all who believe it will often dedicate their lives to it which is why it is used as a perfect leverage to gain trust or give others the ability to see life in a whole new perspective. Even in modern times, reli…

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The Societal Advantages of the White Race Over the Minority Race in Peggy McIntosh’s White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack

“White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack” by Peggy McIntosh is about the dominant white race having societal advantages over the minority race. White privileges are known for having favorable advancements to white people and particularly men in that category. For those who receive benefits due to their origins of…

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A Research on the Goals of the Women in the Black Panther Movement

As prominent Black Panther, Angela Davis, once said, “Black women have had to develop a larger vision of our society than perhaps any other group. They have had to understand White men, White women, and Black men. And they have had to understand themselves. When Black women win victories, it is a boost for virtually every s…

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The Influence of Peer Pressure on Children and Adults

Read this Essay; Everyone’s Doing It For a while now, many school districts across the country are striving towards making sure the children attending understand and are aware of the phrase “peer pressure”. Peer pressure is when someone is influenced by others into doing or saying something that they would not normally do…

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The History and Variety in the Use of Marijuana

Long before the prohibition and criminalization of cannabis,also popularly known as marijuana,and before it was even a drug, it was once the most popular agricultural crop in the world. Even to this day, cannabis is the number one biomass source on earth.Cannabis has a notably wide variety of uses. Cannabis was first used i…

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All Lives Matter: A Misconception and Insult to the Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter is a national organization working for the validity of black life. The movement was created in 2012 after George Zimmerman was cleared of the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. The movement was quickly theorized as being anti-police and opposed to all lives matter. People have totally taken this statem…

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Understanding the Reality of Racism Through the Black Lives Matter Movement

Often times we perceive All Lives Matter as being associated with criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement. Although most times their judgment is based upon assumptions, false accusations and mostly misunderstandings. In the book I Don’t See Color: Personal and Critical Perspectives on White Privilege, Bettina Bergo and…

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The Oppression of the Disabled Individuals and the Sociology of Disabilities

Our world is not one sided, black and white, or one dimensional. Our world and the people in it make up a melting pot of color, backgrounds, and human variation; and is how the “we” as collective you become an individual. Although none of us are perfect, structures have been put into place by fellow non-perfect humans in at…

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The Changes Influenced by Social Media in Don’t Be a Stranger, a Persuasive Essay by Adrian Chen

Growing up in the 21st century, technology is the key and foundation to our society. Many individuals have an established viewpoint on how technology influences people via today’s media interactions through various networking. Chen’s purpose was to persuade the intended audience to see that we still limit ourselves and our…

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Racism and Its Impact in the United States of America

Racism in America for African Americans is as common the air we breathe. Fear often keeps people from embracing each other and becoming one, and is the cause for racism and discrimination. “But race is the child of racism, not the father,” Ta-Nehisi Coates claims in his letter to his son Between the World and Me. Americans…

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Moral Issues, Economics, and Political Control in Relation to Slavery as Primary Reasons of the Civil War in the United States

Cause of Civil War: Slavery There are many factors between Americans that intertwined and led to one of the bloodiest war in U.S. history. The Civil War cannot be discussed without the slavery which is the primary cause that led to the conflicts and sectionalism between the North and the South. Moral issues, economics, a…

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Loneliness and Its Effects on the Elderly in Canada

The webinar presentation, loneliness among older adults in Canada presented by Professor Norah Keating. The presenter began by defining what loneliness was using various geriatric theories about the aging process. Prof. Keating described the difference between being alone and being lonely. During her study, she wanted to re…

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A Report on the Diversity Brought by Immigration in Canada

Can you imagine yourself migrating to a different country, adapting to the change of climate, adjusting to the different culture and learning how to speak English is a way of survival? Throughout the history of Canada, immigration has become a part of our country’s fabric, which began centuries ago. Canada is a country wh…

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Is Feminism Really a Fight for Equality?

The dictionary definition of feminism is the belief that women should be allowed to the same rights, power and opportunities as men, and be treated in the same way.but, Feminism is not about equality and it hasn’t been for a long time. Lots of feminists do not care about the issues that men have. They can hardly give an exa…

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Are Hispanics a Race or an Identity?

The essay chosen for this analysis describes how the United States Census Bureau does not classify Hispanics as a race but more as an identity. Out of the people who do identify themselves as Hispanics, they categorize themselves as white, black, multiple, or other for their race. Jeff Jacoby, the author of the essay analyz…

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Women Leadership and Gender Roles in the Workplace in Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid

Gender Roles in The Workplace and Women in Leadership In Sheryl Sandberg’s book, Lean In: What Would You Do If You Weren’t Afraid, there is much discussion of men and women’s roles in the workplace. Sandberg tells the story of her grandmothers determination to get an education when it wasn’t viewed as important for women t…

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A Comparison of the Prisons in Scandinavia and in the United States and a Debate on Whether It Would Be Better if America Adopted Scandinavian Prisons

Without a shred of doubt, the Scandinavian prisons goes against the perception that people have with regards to how prisons should look like. If one would be asked to describe what a prison is, they would use all sorts of harsh words. Well, this is a common thing considering the fact that it is a correction center. Therefor…

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Economic Inequality as One of the Primary Factors That Stagnates America From Succeeding

Economic inequality Abstract Little information is known with regards to the issue of economic inequality and how America is being affected by it. Certainly, there are several other economic problems that flow under the bridge, which perhaps makes this issue unnoticeable. However, economic inequality is one of the biggest…

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Should Boys and Girls Be in the Same Team at Playing Sport?

Should Boys and Girls be in The Same Team at Playing Sport? Did you know that at the rarest occasions girls like playing sport boys play and would like to be in the same team with boys? However, did you also research about the percentage of females who play co-ed sports that ended up with concussions afterwards? Boys and…

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Does Marijuana Have More Harmful or More Beneficial Effects?

It essential to establish that out to some biases especially in focusing on the benefits of this drug and ignoring the dangers that the public may be exposed to when this drug is legalized. There is a need to be cautious on prescribing marijuana to the public since its misuse may result in grievances. In addition to this th…

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The Karakul Fur Trade, the Purpose of the Trade, and Its Impact on the Helpless Animal Species

Take a deep thought of you locked in a wired cage with no food and water for survival. This to you has turned to be your home, with the filth your food only for the purpose of rearing to gain a commodity precious to many by the name fur. Halt your thought at this stage and take a deep breath since one day the traders show u…

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The Crime Spree in a Neighborhood in Oakland and the Need to Provide Role Models for Its Children

My neighborhood in Oakland has gotten worse because of the crime .my neighborhood is always on tv. It’s on tv so much everyone knows about it. So many people are very scared to come close. Even the cops are scared to drive throw it so when they come for a call there it’s like 10 cops the show up. And that’s makes it bad for…

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An Analysis of the Contrasting Arguments of the Authors of Zoos: Myth and Reality and Zoos Connect Us to the Natural World

The author of “Zoos: Myth and Reality” believed that zoos were harming the animals, more than it helped them. The author of “Zoos Connect us to the Natural World” believed that not only do zoos help animals, but they help the community as well. Even though the authors of “Zoos: Myth and Reality” and the author of “Zoos Con…

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