Weighing Which Babies Get a Costly Drug

Weighing Which Babies Get a Costly Drug

Take a look at WSJ – Weighing Which Babies Get a Costly Drug and write an analysis based on what you currently know about the health care industry.

Follow this format –

The paper should be 1 page, double spaced, Arial 11 font, 1 inch margins.

1.  Begin the paper with a BRIEF summary of the article – about 1/3 of the content.

The rest of the paper should be your analysis of the article – 2/3 of the content.

2.  Address these issues –

A- Comment on the concept of cost / benefit analysis

B- Comment on the use of protocols to determine who should & shouldn’t get the drug

C- Comment on the role played by both insurance companies & drug companies in this issue

D- What if anything would you do differently if it were your job to establish a policy in dealing with this issue?

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