Week 3: POS 500 250 words/one reference: ASAP How did Brown v. Board of Education change public education? Has the promise of Brown v. Board of Education been realized? Support your position with reference to a current event. Remember to keep your post academic in nature and relevant to the question. 250 words/one reference: Due Monday Night In the assigned readings and videos, the Heritage Foundation and Peter Sagal seem at odds in their respective positions toward the 14th Amendment and the evolution of equal protection. How do you reconcile equality versus equity in public education today? You must support your position with examples from case law, the U.S. Constitution, or other readings. In a 500-750-word essay: Due Wednesday Night Research the implications of equal protection for K-12 students within the following groups: a) Classifications based on English language learners; Address the following for the group that you have chosen: 1. Summarize the factual background on how the students are classified; 2. Identify the legal issues presented by these classifications; and 3. Describe what equal protection requires. Include at least five references in your essay. At least three of the five references should cite U.S. Supreme Court cases.