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  please review the following questions and apply each to the following videos and articles included below.  There is no limit to the length of a response for each question.  However, each response should be no less than 1 1/2 (one and a half) full pages of double-spaced text.  

1.  How do these articles and videos shed light or make a comment upon urban and reservation Indian communities?  What, in your evaluation, and based upon previous research, would these commentaries be from both an Indian perspective and non-Native perspective?

2.  What do such issues articulate about the larger non-Native American cultural landscape and it’s understanding of Native Peoples, histories, and cultures?  Use the articles and videos to help define your points.

3.  What is the meaning of an “Invisible Culture”?  Who does this term operate – or does it? – in reference to both an urban and reservation Indian identity/communities?  Use the articles and videos to help outline your points.


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