Using Human Resource Management to Create a Learning Organization

Using Human Resource Management to Create a Learning Organization

Human resource management oversees organizational culture and leadership. It is a process that helps in the management of the workforce in an organization through hiring, training, and compensating employees (Arthur, 1995). Basically, all the issues relating to people are a responsibility of human resource management. This…

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The Two Key Programs at Esterline Company for Staff Healthcare and Wellness

The productivity of a company or any business organization depends on the health of its workers. A healthy workforce will offer better services and the productivity will shoot high. Companies have taken incentives to make sure that they have healthy workers. Different companies do it differently. Esterline Company has two p…

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The Smart Techniques of Advertisers in Targeting Consumers

Sex Appeal When I hear the name “Burger King” the first thing that comes to my mind is a big greasy burger. After all, there is a reason the word “burger” is included in this popular fast food chain. It is a genius name for a fast food company to promote and advertise their famous item, the burger. But, nowadays that’s no…

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An Analysis of the Financial Success of Nordstrom, Inc

Decision-Usefulness An integral part of making an investment involves reading and analyzing a company’s financial statements. These financial statements should assist investors in determining an appropriate capital allocation. Furthermore, investors make decisions in part based on net cash inflows (payouts) and investment…

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An Investment Report on Nordstrom, Inc.

Integrated Reporting Nordstrom, Inc. After the financial crisis rocked both the United States and the world at large, it seemed we needed more transparent corporate reporting. But what could expand upon the standard filings required by the SEC? Integrated reporting may to be the solution. KPMG’s publication, “Does your A…

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The Key Factors in the Strategy of Santa Cruz Bicycles

Key Factor There were several things that Santa Cruz Bicycles did well in order to improve their process of testing, designing, and manufacturing bicycles. From the beginning explanation of the case study, it was clear that Santa Cruz was facing extreme hardship in their strategy and process for bike testing and design. It…

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The Correlation of Porter’s Five Forces With Zipcar’s Business Model

Porter’s Five Forces Zipcar has a very unique business model that relies on the automation of many tasks in order to create a personalized and easy customer shopping experience. The service utilization by customers is made very simple by this computerization, and both the business and its consumers are benefitted. Porter’s…

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Google’s IT Systems Strategy

Google’s IT Systems Strategy According to the case study, Google’s IT systems strategy is very crucial to their overall business strategy and much of the reason that they have been so successful for so long. Much of Google’s business strategy is to achieve market dominance in several key areas, and they have been able to d…

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Measuring and Evaluating the Success of the Coca-Cola Company

Coca-Cola: Measuring and Evaluating Success The Coca-Cola Company is an organization that has experienced a great deal of success over the several decades that it has been in business. Along with being a very longstanding company, Coca-Cola has experienced a number of ups and downs, due to changes in the market, good and…

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The Applications of Impact Evaluation in an Organization

Impact evaluation is a business practice that is unfortunately not used on a wide scale. While most businesses understand the benefits of evaluating various aspects of the company and its people, few carry out full impact evaluations, which are useful for a number of reasons. The following paper will briefly explore the con…

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An Analysis of the Return of Investment in Brent’s Music, a Music Shop

In the world of business performance, decision making is vital. While of course, it is impossible to eliminate uncertainty, especially considering how often volatile the economy can be, decision makers within organizations will do as much as possible to analyze the potential of future actions in order to determine which cou…

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The Importance of Evaluation to Any Business Organization

Evaluation Evaluation is a very useful tool in any business organization. However, many organizations don’t realize the true value of evaluation in an organization in terms of decision making. While it is true, most times, evaluation is used to assess the success of some type of program or implementation after it has a t…

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The Crucial Supply Chain Management to Many Organizations’ Operations

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a crucial part of many organizations’ operations. SCM promotes complete control and knowledge about one’s supply chain, making it easy to identify difficulties in its smooth transmission between nodes and how to cut costs in its use. While Supply Chain Management is traditionally applied to…

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An Examination of Several Aspects About the Code of Ethics

The book Case Studies in Business Ethics provides many real-world examples of companies that have had to focus on their ethical codes for one reason or another. One of the most compelling and valuable case studies offers an example of a technology company that found its code of ethics to be lacking in its application and us…

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Success Factors for International Business Marketing

In the process of improving performance, it is very important that the correct type of intervention is selected from the beginning. Choosing an ineffective intervention type can not only negatively impact the scope and nature of the intervention, but can severely hinder the success of the project by offering ineffective sol…

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A Case Study of the Oil and Gas Industry

Introduction The case study Effective Training: A Case Study from the Oil & Gas Industry covers the process of making a training video that promotes safety and correct procedure in the mining and drilling industry. The case study not only critically examines why the need for a training program is important to the industry,…

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An Analysis of the Benefits of Performance Dashboard to the Organization Apple Incorporated

The following paper analyzes a performance dashboard in terms of its benefits to the organization Apple, Incorporated. The paper first examines the needs of the technology company Apple before giving an overview of the performance dashboard and what it does. The following subject examines the resource requirement for implem…

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An Analysis of the Topic of the Human Performance Technology

Human Performance Technology is a relatively recent area of study and focus for business professionals. Because of this fact, the field is consistently developing and changing to adapt to a growing field. Intuitively then, one can assume that a good HPT professional keeps their knowledge fresh and up-to-date in their HPT ap…

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The Growing Field of Human Performance Technology

Human performance technology is a new, growing field that is showing itself to be very beneficial to a wide variety of organizations. Despite the clear value of HPT interventions, however, there are many companies that fail to utilize HPT techniques on a regular basis. One of the emerging goals of the HPT field currently is…

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The Solutions for Gaps in Performance That the Human Performance Technology Is Addressing

Human Performance Technology is about coming up with solutions for gaps in performance. While these solutions can vary from modifying the actions of an individual employee to changing an entire business process, it is important that the HPT professional identify the correct course of action with the first attempt. (Druckman…

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The Tools and Proven Techniques of Six Sigma

While many business people are familiar with term six sigma, there are also many among this group who are unfamiliar with the tools and proven techniques of six sigma as well. That being said, even education as to what the tools involved with six sigma are will not ensure effective application. One must know how to critical…

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The Importance of Knowing the In and Out of the Job Description to Improve Performance

For any performance improvement specialist, it is important for the individual to know every in and out of their job description. However, even the most detailed knowledge of performance improvement can result in fruitless interventions if there is tentative knowledge of the very basics. (Fuller, 1997) The following essay w…

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An Analysis of The Bad Decision of Quaker Oats in Acquiring Snapple

The goal of any sensible business is to be successful and to expand. Practically every small business owner starts out with the hopes of growing into a large franchise. However, this is not a simply achieved task in the business world. Even large, established companies have difficulty figuring out ways to grow. While compan…

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The Technological Shift that Helped Netflix Put Blockbuster Out of Business

Technological paradigms shape the way that humans consume and use technology. As society progresses, paradigms shift in response to development. Because of how fast technology changes and progresses, one can imagine how often paradigm shifts occur in regards to technology. For instance, as cell phones gain greater capabilit…

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An Analysis of Southwest Airlines in a Competitive Point of View

In the modern economy, competition characterizes the nature of business. Thus, any organization that wishes to be successful must also deal with competition. This involves not only taking into consideration competitive forces in the economy, but also differentiating one’s own company from others in ways that are viewed as p…

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