Understanding the Fundamentals of Equal Protection

Understanding the Fundamentals of Equal Protection

What is the context of Equal Protection? Equal protection has a multitude of definitions and implicated meanings. Although, what does it truly mean to the student community? Is equal protection even truly understood? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, it states that, “Equal protection is a guarantee under the 14t…

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The Use of Solitarz Confinement in Prisoners

Solitary confinement, or the segregation of convicts, has been increasingly used in recent years. Prisoners are placed in solitary confinement as a way to manage their difficult or dangerous behaviors. Prisoners living in isolated housing are subjected to spend several days at a time locked up in small steel rooms for 23-24…

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The Negro National League (NNL) and Its Importance and Contribution to the Development of Civil Rights Movement in America

Throughout American history, blacks and whites have always been separated in regards to pretty much every aspect of life. For instance, people use black and white in regards to differently treated classes of people. One of the things many people don’t realize about segregation is that even common things like the ‘American p…

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The Idea of Challenging Society’s Perception of Personal Identity in Spirited Away and the Reformation Brought by Martin Luther

Questioning values has become a norm in modern day society. Not only in America but in every country. People may not openly question values, they may just think it in their head. For Example in North Korea many people think in their head, “Man I sure hate this totalitarian dictatorship i’m currently living under”. But they…

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The Social Issue of Homelessness in Toronto

The social media covers homelessness in Toronto based on the image of a white single male wearing loose clothes and begging for money, which makes up 47.5% of homelessness in Toronto, they choose to ignore the remaining 52.5%. While many only observe a middle-aged man with some sort of a mental illness, addiction, or disabi…

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A Review of Jeremy Dowsett’s Claim on White Privileges

Pastor and author Jeremy Dowsett in his essay, “What My Bike Has Taught Me about White Privilege” , argues that white privilege is in fact an issue in America and how he came to this conclusion while riding his bike around in his town of Lansing, Michigan. Dowsett uses rhetorical devices such as the overall concept of the…

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The Police Typifications of the Idea of a Typical Criminal

One limitation of using official statistics to investigate corporate crime is that they are unrepresentative of the actual amount of crime that has been committed. Cicourel argues that the police have ‘typifications’ of their idea of the typical criminal, with a heavy bias against the working-class. The results of having th…

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Social Action Theories and Its Contributions

Assess the contribution of social action theories and research to our understanding of society. (33 MARKS) Social action theories are micro-level, bottom-up approaches which focus on the actions and interactions of individuals. As they are voluntaristic, they argue that individuals have free will and choice, which contras…

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The Link Between Social Class and Crime in Society

Using material from Item B and elsewhere, assess sociological explanations of the relationship between social class and crime. (21 marks) When looking at crime statistics, it is clear to see that social class plays a key role in who gets prosecuted for criminal activity, with some social classes having higher rates of cri…

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A Study of Different Reasons for Committing Suicide

Since Durkheim first tried to prove sociology to be a scientific subject, sociologists of varying perspectives have been trying to explain why people may choose to commit suicide. They may do this through various methods such as looking at official statistics, case studies, interviews of friends and families and also lookin…

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The Objectives and Influence of Pressure Groups

A major difference between pressure groups and new social movements (NSMs) is that the latter focuses on direct action instead of using their control of resources to take political action. This direct action may be in the form of demonstrations, protests, publicity stunts etc. As outsiders of the political process, NSMs are…

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The Importance of Cultural Factors That Causes Social Class Differences

Cultural factors causing social class differences include lack of adequate intellectual development, the language used in schools and the attitudes and values that are needed to do well in school. Material factors such as poor housing, bad diet and health and lack of financial support also cause these differences. Adding to…

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An Argument That the Patriarchal Family No Longer Exists

Assess the view that it no longer makes sense to talk about the patriarchal family. (24 MARKS) Over the past few decades, a new wave of family types has emerged/increased. For instance, gay/lesbian couples, lone-parent families, reconstituted families and people cohabiting. Although, traditional family types such as the…

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The Problems of the New Commonwealth Immigration to the Government in 1962

Explain why the new commonwealth immigration posed a problem to the government by 1962. (12 MARKS) One of the main reasons as to why commonwealth immigration was a problem is that public opinion heavily influenced the government. Most Britons weren’t used to the idea of people from other countries coming and living along…

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The Plight of the Liberal Feminist Movement on the Media

The Liberal Feminist perspective on the media Liberal feminism is a branch of feminism that is concerned with the human and civil rights of the individual, believing that both men and women (existing as equal human beings) should have equal rights. In liberal feminist discourse, irrational prejudice and stereotypes about t…

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The Early Life and Crimes of Alyssa Bustamante

Alyssa Bustamante was only 6 years old when she saw her mother overdose for the first time. In 1998, she was taken away from her mother to go live with her grandmother in hopes of a better life. Unfortunately, at age 13, Alyssa tried to kill herself by overdosing on pills, which lead to her getting professional help. Though…

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A Study of the Societal Impact of Barbie, a Toy Doll by Mattel

Barbie: Gender modeling or unrealistic body images? In order to understand Barbie and what she has become, one must first understand how and why Barbie was created. Up until the creation of Barbie, Children’s dolls were infants. While traveling with her family in Europe, “American Businesswoman Ruth Handler came across a…

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A Study of the Three Main Effects of Bullying

Bullying: The Aftermath According to a 2016 survey from the National Center for Education, “one out of every five students report being bullied.” However, bullying does not only occur in schools. It can happen anywhere at any time. Bullying is “using superior strength or influence to intimidate someone, typically to force…

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The Daily Lives of Women During the Renaissance Period

The Renaissance is the name given to a period that spanned the 14th to the 17th century in western Europe. Science and discovery underwent a “rebirth” following the Dark Ages. During this time there was significant cultural development which started in Northern Italy. Despite all the changes and new perspectives, however, w…

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An Analysis of the Changing Perceptions of Gender and Social Mobility in the United States and in Other Culture

Audience Analysis: A Shift in Perceptions of Gender and Social Mobility If you grew up and currently live in the United States, you are familiar with the American narrative of success. As a college audience, you are well aware of the economic purpose of being a student and the aspirations of social mobility we share. We…

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The Importance of Confidence and Standing Up in Women of Today’s Society

In today’s society, young girls are taught to be confident and stand up for themselves. In the article “Advice to Young Girls,” the author, Loung Ung believes young women should be confident enough to have their own voice and speak up for themselves. “When working with female students, I advise them to learn to argue well…

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The Intelligence on the New Weapons of Terrorism and a Personal Reflection on the Social Issue of Terrorism

Just recently, US intelligence agencies as well as law enforcement groups have reason to believe that ISIS and other terror organizations have developed methods to plant explosives inside electronic devices that can evade common airport security protocols. Intelligence believes that the terrorist organizations have stolen a…

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A Study of the Causes and Effects of Child Abuse

Child neglect and abuse are the main factors affecting the smooth
transition of children from childhood to adulthood. Others include
organised sexual use, domestic family violence, victimization and natural
disasters. During the early years, children experience several factors
related to maltreatment that has adverse effect…

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The Role of Public Opinion in Society

Public opinion plays an essential role in today’s society because I believe people are the prime source of power and change. If there is a big enough group that comes together and agrees or disagrees about an issue, they can potentially change the result. Public opinion refers to the feelings and positions that Americans…

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A Study on Workplace Harassment

In the business world, there is a large amount of non-physical harassment circulating among the work environment. These occurrences are at times, difficult to witness as a result of the immense amount of coverage these harassers receive as a result of their high positions within the corporation or proprietorship. A recent s…

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