Understanding the Different Types and Effects of Addictive Personality

Understanding the Different Types and Effects of Addictive Personality

Drugs: types, effects, possible uses An addictive personality is a type of personality that includes certain traits that makes a person susceptible to being addicted to things such as: gambling, food, pornography, exercise, work, and drugs. These traits include impulsiveness, excessive self-monitoring, low self-esteem, and…

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A Criticism of Margaret Thatcher’s Argument About There Being No Society

Sociology Term Paper Prompt: Margaret Thatcher said, “There is no such thing as society; there are individual men and women, and there are families.”  Why is this viewpoint limiting in the study of sociology? Within Margaret Thatcher’s argument, lie many different flaws, which both limit the study of sociology, as well…

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How Issues Surrounding Muslim Americans are Similar to African Americans

Sociology Second Term Paper Prompt: How are issues surrounding Muslim Americans similar to and different from those that have traditionally surrounded people of color? The problems surrounding Muslim Americans in society are very much similar to those of blacks and Hispanics. Primarily, there is an atmosphere of suspense…

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Addressing the Vacancy Rates in Regards to Housing in the County of Kentucky

Introduction Overall, our main goal is to address the vacancy rates in regards to housing for each county within the state of Kentucky. This intent of our map is not centered on total houses for sale or for rent, but rather the amount of those houses in relation to the entire house total of the county. This map is most use…

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The Use of Electronic Surveillance for World Security

The use of Electronic Surveillance for World Security The U.S. receives thousands of threats of violence per day because they are one of the most hated countries in the world due to their history of war. The world is a dangerous place to live and no individual is guaranteed to show up tomorrow. Many people have died from s…

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The Discrepancies Between the Working Wages of Women

The Wage Gap In this paper, I will be covering the discrepancies between the working wages of women and the working wages of men. This paper will look into gender, but will also focus on race and class. I will be looking into the wage difference between women without considering men, and women’s wages while considering me…

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Laurie Shrage’s Argument and View on Prostitution in Her Article Should Feminists Oppose Prostitution

Shrage’s Short Sighted Arguments on Feminism and Prostitution In this paper, I will be looking at Laurie Shrage’s article “Should Feminists Oppose Prostitution?” and interpreting her argument and her view of prostitution with the lens of a Marxist view of capitalism and assorted feminist theories. The main issue I wish to…

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The Increased Power of Feminism During the 20th Century

The Radical Feminization of the Twentieth Century Modernism’s paradoxical curse is that of one who strives to separate themselves as far as possible from the status quo, while still having to keep in mind and point to the antiquated status quo to measure their progress. This plagues all aspects of the twentieth century; mu…

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The Rule of the Thumb in Lanval

In response to Prompt #4: “Women operate in fascinatingly varied ways in the largely male‐dominated societies we see in these texts.   Using 2 female characters from different texts, answer this question: how are your chosen characters both obeying certain social rules while also pushing back against social rules that circu…

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The Importance of Rules in Societies in Rule of Law by Cass Sunstein

Rhetoric 10 Week 10 Response Cass Sunstein, in his Rule of Law, makes the explanation of why rules are important in societies, further discerning rules into five different classes. Rules are an integral part of societies because they balance conflicting interests between various parties, providing a guideline by which inte…

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Peter Singer’s Arguments on Unethical Meat Production in “Equality for Animals”

Peter Singer, in “Equality for Animals?”, argues that the industrial production of meat products is unethical, but meat consumption can be ethical in certain circumstances. Singer begins his essay with the assertion that in cultures where it is necessary to hunt for one’s dinner that the consumption of meat is ethical becau…

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The Ethics of Consuming Animals

Discussion 10 The ethics of consuming animals extends far beyond the environmental costs of meat production, which Peter Singer discussed in his essay “Equality for Animals?”. Others choose to comment on the ethical debate that occurs regarding the idea that life is sacred and should therefore be spared when farming to s…

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The Issue of Gun Control

Lets start off with some critical thinking, Imagine yourself in the following situation. Gun control is established and the ownership and concealed carrying of firearms are prohibited. You are going to the movies with your friends. As you enter the movie theatre you hear automatic gunfire. People are hit and dropping all ar…

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Why Rape Culture is Prevalent to Today’s Society

Equality among the sexes is a generally new idea. Even though women can vote, many are still criticized, abused, and sexually assaulted. Rape culture is prevalent in society, though mostly overlooked by figures of higher authority: politicians, leaders, even fathers all promote the ‘Rape Culture.’ Marina and the Diamond’s s…

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A Look at China’s Struggle for Success in Modern Day Society

China’s Struggle for Success in Modern Day Society Today, as the world’s largest exporter and importer of goods, China is one of the fastest developing countries with the world’s second-largest economy by both nominal GDP and purchasing power. For centuries, however, China has been ruled by hereditary monarchies that have…

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Augustus’ Revival of the Importance of Family and Religion

Augustus’s Revival of the Importance of Family and Religion In ancient Rome, the Romans valued their family and religious faith significantly. When Augustus comes into power, he implemented Roman religious and family values that were lost over time. To reassure that he is able to implement these values while also taking so…

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Minority Groups in Old South Churches

Minority Groups in Old South Churches Over Spring Break this semester, I went to my grandmother’s church in a small town in Alabama. While I was there, I experienced prejudices that I have only read about in text books. To be fair, I also experienced some of the nicest and most welcoming people I have ever met. In this ess…

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How Repressive Laws and Police Brutality Against Mexican Americans Stigmatized the Race as a Whole

Edward J. Escobar’s The Unintended Consequences of the Carceral State: Chicana/o Political Mobilization in Post-World War II America, which appeared in the Journal of American History, examines how repressive laws and police brutality against Mexican Americans stigmatized the race as a whole, but also fueled an aggressive s…

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Community Service and Inequality in Animal Care

Community Service and Inequality I visited an animal shelter for my community service. I saw and learned things there that relate to our class discussion of inequality and social norms. Specifically, I want to talk about puppies and kittens being adopted more, and animals with “defects” being adopted less. I’ll tell you…

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Drug Money and Drug Cartel as Tools for Stimulating Mexico’s Economy

Drug Cartel’s and Police Corruptions Necessary Influence on the Mexican Economy In Enrique’s Journey a boy from Honduras travels the dangerous immigration trail all the way through the United State and he does not complete the journey until his 7th attempt. On his journey he experiences the horrors of immigration first han…

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Gender Inequality in the United States Army

American Lit and Comp. P1 Decreasing combat effectiveness of the world’s most powerful military Women not being able to participate in most military combat roles has been in place since the start of the United States. Currently we have the largest military spending and largest military force in the world. Congress has a…

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The Issue of Imbalanced Students Gender Ration in Universities

The Imbalance Gender ratio in the universities
The imbalanced students gender ratio in universities has now become an
issue to be concerned. Often we talked about the unemployment rate in our
country but seldom do we discuss the fact that the proportion of guys who
drop out of school at various stages is co…

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Revolution: An Ultimate Social Leap

“When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” ― Nelson Mandela We are raised to believe that social changes must always occur within the parameters of peace and steadiness. Rapid abrupt changes become the cause of a dysfunctional society, strikes and civil disob…

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Issue of Slavery and Racism in the United States

Chapter 2 – A People’s History of the United States Analysis Slavery has been a major part of the United State’s history for hundreds of years. Since around the time when the Europeans first set foot on the shores of American soil, slavery has been in the United States. Slavery arose from the need of the settlers to fulfil…

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The Importance of Care and Love for Children When Young

Motherhood The state of being a mother; maternity, is the definition of motherhood. Having a baby doesn’t necessarily make you a mother. If you do not do the things a mother would do, you’re not a mom. Making sure you child has clothes on his or her back, food in his or her mouth, and a roof over his or her head makes you…

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