Understanding Ethics and How the Golden Rule Works in Business in Ethics 101, a Book by John C. Maxwell

Understanding Ethics and How the Golden Rule Works in Business in Ethics 101, a Book by John C. Maxwell

Ethics 101 is a small book that is filled with important information for anyone that really wants to understand ethics. The back of the book says “John C. Maxwell shows you how the Golden Rule works everywhere, and how, especially in business, it brings amazing dividends” (Maxwell, 2003). This is kind of crazy to me. It’s l…

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The Ways to Improve Management Skills in Ferdinand Fournies’ Coaching for Improved Work Performance

Before reading Coaching for Improved Work Performance by Ferdinand Fournies I have a preconceived idea that it will be a book about improving management skills. I think that it is a good idea for all managers to read this book before stepping up to the management role. It also seems like a book that managers should keep loo…

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The Ethical Practices in the Business Sector in Modern Economy

Business Ethics in Modern Economy Prosperity of modern business is more intricate than decades earlier. Previously, an entrepreneur only neeeded to manufacture or source merchadise and and retail at high traffic points, but due rising agent-customer problems the market grew more concerned about quality of services and good…

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An Analysis of the GAIA Hypothesis and Its Similarities with the Concept of Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Maximum Entropy Production

Convincingly, the GAIA hypothesis attracts significant social,
scientific, and inductive justifications. According to Proser (2007),
strong atmospheric composition establishes a chemical disequilibrium on the
high concentration based on atmospheric oxygen. Thus, the scientific
justification encourages an inductive and socia…

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A Case Study of Effective Communication Strategy for Organizations in Managing Internal Conflicts

The contemporary working environment consists of diverse cultural, ideological and hierarchical compositions. In this environment, conflicts and tensions will always arise between the different persons or groups as they interact within the work place. Therefore, even the best working environment and organizations, no matter…

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A Case Study on the Successful Customer Service of Nordstrom

Introduction The Nordstrom’s case study entails the description of a unique retail store that has become successful on a customer relationship basis. A discussion of the factors that have contributed to the success of the retail store for their long-term reputation has been included in the case study. Nordstrom began as a…

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An Analysis of the Market for TFE Brands in New Zealand

This paper sets to analyze the market in the New Zealand which may offer an opportunity for one of the TFE brands to venture. The hotel and hospitality industry is a lucrative industry in Australia, Sydney and New Zealand. It is again growing at a tremendous rate given the fact that those country are great tourist destinati…

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An Analysis of Different Styles of Leadership

Leadership is very important in today’s society. Without leaders and facilitators, things many not run as smoothly as they are supposed to. In this paper we will explore different leadership styles as well as provide real life example for you to understand the concepts better. The specific styles we will be exploring are: D…

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The Best Way to Promote Organizational Learning

The process of generating, documenting and imparting knowledge inside an organization is called organizational learning. There are multiple ways by which managers can promote development of organizational learning. In organizations, managers belong to different business units. Such managers also have employees reporting to…

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A Study on Organizational Development and the Decline of Business Organizations

  1. How do evolutionary change and revolutionary change differ? 2. What is organizational development, and what is its goal? Organizational development is a process that enables an organization to improve itself by introducing changes in its policies, leadership, internal controls and job redesign. Organization development i…

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Wireless Electricity and the Advantages of Wireless Power Transfer Technology by WiTricity

At the current technology it is no longer that we can have wireless electricity. Researcher at MIT allowed to extend the concept of Wi-Fi. Now the MIT scientist have performed the research on WiTricity, here they have successfully powered the 60-watt light bulb. The practical benefit of his research is huge, we can charge m…

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A Case Study on the Necessary Steps to Execute a Successful Business Strategy Execution

For an organization’s development, it is required formulating many factors which can be beneficial for the growth of the organization. The prime important aspects are the organization’s performance in the employee’s work; an employee’s work performance determines many aspects which are highly beneficial for the purpose of l…

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An Analysis of the Use of Bowman’s Strategy Clock in an Organization

Leader is a person who always be like a role model to every employee in the organization. There are some smart goals to be developed as a leader. According to my point of view to become a strategic thinking is a best smart goal. Because, leader should always think for the success of the team and organization. Action plan re…

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A SWOT Analysis of the Coca-Cola Company

SWOT analysis stands for a holistic study of STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS for an organization. The terms refer to the following: Strengths: The internal strong points of an organization are enumerated. These are the facets of the organization which provides it with a competitive advantage. Weakness: In…

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A Research on the Efficiency of Technological Systems Wjen Implemented in the Organizational Setting

Over the years, researchers have explored the efficiency of
technological systems when implemented in the organizational setting. In
many cases, researchers concentrate on the operations that can be improved
through the adoption of technological devices. The advancement in
technological devices results in changes in the rol…

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A Study of Inventory Management and the Importance of Logistics

Inventory is considered a tangible resource a firm holds in stock
intending to sell it or transform it into a more valuable state. These can
be raw materials, purchased parts, components, work in progress or finished
products. The aim of controlling and managing the inventory is to track the
inventory to ensure they have be…

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An Analysis of the Strengths and Weaknesses of Safaricom Limited Company

Safaricom Limited Company is one of the largest telecommunication network providers in Kenya covering wide geographical landmark with its headquarters in Nairobi. It was incorporated as a private limited company in 1997 and later reconverted to public limited in the year 2002. Currently, it is holding an approximate number…

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A Study of the Implication of Using Incentives as Motivation

In the recent corporate world, a lot of ethical implication has been seen in companies that have decided to strip off the bonus payment to their clients, especially in the wake of economic stability. However, there is no express agreement on the issue of a bonus as some argue on the basis that it is a rewarding financial in…

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The Nightmare Behind Consumer Electronics

Since its founding in 1976 by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, Apple Inc. has grown to become a multi-billion dollar technology company known globally for their high-quality design and incredible attention to detail. Currently ranked as the fifth-largest Fortune 500 company, the tech giant has recently reported the largest an…

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An Analysis of the IT Strategy of E-Trade Corporation

E-Trade Corporation is an electronic company that was established in 1982 by individual investors known as William Porter and Bernard Newcomb. In comparison with the organizations that deal with the online financial services and brokerage industries, E-Trade Corporation is among the leading. The company has its headquarters…

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A Feasibility Study of a Tele-Consultation Facility in the Healthcare Industry

Technology has been heart of improving the provision of health services in the 21st century (Bunnell & Brate, 2001). As you may all understand, we must be able to implement non-face-to-face consultation if have to improve the way we make decisions, monitor and examine the treatment of the patients. Here am talking about int…

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The Concept of Advertising in Sprint Global Technology

Advertisement A form of audio or visual marketing communication that works to promote or sell a product, a service or an idea and employs openly sponsored and non-personal messages is known as advertising. Businesses or firms that wish to make their products known to their products to their customers are known as sponsor…

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A Study of the Issues Surrounding the Halifax Seaport Farmers Market

Any goal that involves the provision of goods or services with the aim of making a profit is described as a business. Sometimes, the operations of a business firm can fail to yield the intended outcome. This can place the firm in a financial crisis that needs an immediate solution, or otherwise the business will collapse. T…

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An Overview of the Market of Nike Inc.

Nike Inc. The company is an American global cooperation that is design, development, manufacture, distribution, and sale of athletic apparel, equipment, footwear, accessories and services all over the world. Our headquarters are in Oregon, USA. Nike is the world’s large supplier of athletic footwear all over the world with…

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A Study on the Current State of e-Commerce and the Future of the Industry in the Next Five Years

Electronic commerce, also referred to as e-commerce, is basically the
use of internet to aid businesses and sales transactions. As internet grew
from its nascent stages to the complex cobweb that it is today, e-commerce
grew at a similar pace side by side. This essay will illustrate the current
state of global e-commerce an…

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