Topic: intelligent Robotics Safeguarding

A term report consisting of at least five pagesof double spaced, typed material (excluding the Title page and table of contents) about a recent technological breakthrough, or an innovation in Robotics or Material handling. 

At least four references needs to be referenced for this paper. Paper need to consist of title page, table of content, introduction, body of the paper, conclusion, and references.  Reference must be cited in the literature. 

Any direct citation should be indented – consult APA manual for more information. 

The paper must be presented in the class (10 pts). 

The ‘Research Paper’ component of this course requires that each student selects a research topic that directly involves robotics and/or materials handling .The student must submit their topic to the instructor for approval.For writing the research paper, students will have to address the following 3 key questions…

A.What is the history of the technology?

B.How is it used today?

C.What are some possible future developments for the technology?