Thoughtful and thorough answers to the case questions utilizing the articles you read and researched.

Comprehensive Assignment 

I need thoughtful and thorough answers to these questions using the attached links to the articles below. Please cite the correctly. 

1. How has CVS handled its ethical challenges?

2. Evalute CVS’s decisions to no longer sell tobacco products.

3. What is the future of CVS in positioning itself as a health care company based on its decision to be socially responsible?

Article One

The New York Times. (2015). How CVS quit smoking and grew into a health care giant. Retrieved from

Article Two

Howland, Daphne. (2016). CVS closing 70 stores in early 2017. Retail Dive. Retrieved from

Article Three

CVS Health. (2015). CVS health and Target announce completed acquisition of Target’s pharmacy and clinic businesses. CVS Newsroom. Retrieved from

Article Four

HNGNews. (2016). CVS announces $50 million plan to combat smoking in youth. Retrieved from