This homework is for my daughter’s 9th grade World Studies class

Continuing our coverage on the eastern front we are going to cover the seige of Leningrad, one of the harshest environments during the war. 

Using the information from And, answer the following questions:

1. How soon after the Nazis began their attack on the Soviet Union did they reach Leningrad?

2. How many people lived in Leningrad at the time?

3. Describe the general conditions of the city during the Siege.

4. How many died during the months of January and February 1942?

5. Did the city shut down during the Siege? Why not?

6. What was the “Road of Life,” and how did it get its name?

7. How did people protect many of their treasured works of art?

8. How did the composer Dmitry Shostakovich honor the city during the Siege? 

9. How many people died during the Siege? What percentage of the original population was lost?

10. Where are most of the victims of the Siege buried?

11. Describe the problems Leningrad and the rest of Russia experienced just after the war.