The Ways in Which Corus, a Steel Company, Achieved Kaizen on Continuous Improvement

The Ways in Which Corus, a Steel Company, Achieved Kaizen on Continuous Improvement

As one of the biggest steel companies in England and the Netherlands, Corus, a company with Tata Steel group had to face a challenge when the Royal Navy had contract talks with them to build ships. In this paper, we will discuss the different ways on how Corus achieved Kaizen or continuous improvement. They improved in many…

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Hidden Truths of Beauty Companies

There is a present day hype with beauty companies everywhere, some of the most well-known brands are MAC and Milani. More often the most we are blinded to the hidden truths of some of these companies. These makeup companies may be beneficial in terms of coverage and beauty however, there are also many cons to the products s…

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The Importance of Skills in Producing Success

In today’s society, we often think of what business owners are looking for in their future employee’s. Do they want someone who is very knowledgeable in their profession who already produces skill, or do they want a person who is willing to work hard, and potentially go above and beyond. In today’s world, success holds a di…

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A Study on the Growth of the Private Motor Insurance Market in the United Kingdom in 2015

After several years of continued decline, the private motor insurance market in the UK saw growth in 2015. This growth was driven by increased GWP (gross written premiums) as consumers are forced to adopt comprehensive cover with providers exiting the basic third-party cover sector. Comprehensive cover has become more costl…

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A Report on the Low-Cost and Differentiation Strategies in the Hotel Industry and among Clothing Retailers

Abstract Keywords: LOW-COST; DIFFERENTIATION; SATISFICE. This paper will show an example of hotels and clothing retailers that utilize either low-cost strategies or differentiation strategies. It will also show an example of the latest decision made in the workplace, or school place, and if that decision was optimized or i…

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The Difficulties in the Workforce Caused by the Language Barrier

There are times when people of different cultures, races or ethnicities may not see eye-to-eye. This can cause some social tension between people. At the very least, this can make for an uncomfortable situation or one in which it is difficult to communicate with one another. This might happen because of cultural differences…

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The Importance of Ethics in Conducting Business

The way we conduct ourselves is what determines the success of any business, establishment or institution. The concept of “right and wrong” is a subjective one, but still relatively similar from person-to-person. Ultimately, how we make decisions regarding the moral and proper way to do things is determined by our inner cod…

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An Essay Analyzing the Claim of Rusi Taleyarkhan

When we think of misconduct, the thought of inappropriate workplace behavior comes to mind. This can entail sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior or dishonesty. The very last aspect can especially be applied in terms of academic misconduct. One of the most common means of acting improperly in an academic or research set…

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A Company Overview of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

The company brand known as the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is headed by CEO Vincent Kennedy McMahon with its main service being “Sports Entertainment” specifically superstars/wrestlers. Due to the corporation multidiverse talent, the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has several products which include but are not…

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A Business Analysis of Votorantim a Brazilian Cement Company

Votorantim is a Brazilian family owned industrial conglomerate. It has benefitted from Brazil’s emerging global stature, with the country rising to one of the largest cement consumers internationally. The cement company is not only significant to the group’s accounts, but also holds a considerable market share in the Brazil…

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Machiavelli’s “Divide and Conquer”: An Effective Leadership Strategy?

“Divide and Conquer”: An Effective Leadership Strategy? According to the Collins Dictionary, Divide and Conquer is “a concept that refers to a policy intended to keep someone in a position of power by causing disagreements among people who might otherwise unite against them.” This idea is a historical political strategy…

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A Research Study on Apple Inc.’s Decline in Customers

Abstract The decreasing number of customers in an organization is an important issue that needs to be approached carefully. The most important part of an organization is its customers. Consumers are those that provide the organization income via purchases they make online and in-stores. The research study is conducted to a…

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A Research Study on Data Collection, Data Analysis, Testing Hypothesis, Summary of Findings, Future Strategy Implements, and Recommendations

Research Study The research study consists of the data collection, data analysis, testing hypothesis, summary of findings, future strategy implements, and recommendations. The objectives were fulfilled through data collection and data analysis, which answered what were the causations that resulted in a decrease in the numb…

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An Analysis of the Decline of the Number of Consumers of Apple Inc.

Abstract Apple Inc. is a high competitor in the technology world. They are looked upon to provide the people with the upmost products and services. These devices include our well-known iPhones, iPods, iPads along with the popular operating systems OS X operating systems, iOS, and iCloud (Ferrell, 2015). Along with these ne…

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A Case Study on the Concept, Problems, and Solutions to File-Sharing

The concept of file-sharing may not be one that exists in the minds of 70 million people on Earth, but they would notice if it were not around. Websites such as Spotify, Pandora, Rdio,, and more have created the fastest growing way to access music around the planet, and it’s often free and illegal. In fact, accordin…

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The Three Types of Non-Profit Organizations and Their Roles within the Community of Lander, Wyoming

Lander, Wyoming has more non-profit organizations than one would imagine a town of 7,000 having. The three different types of non-profit organization are well represented within the town. This paper will provide examples of organizations fitting the three different types as outlined in Murray’s text, describe their roles wi…

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An Industrial Analysis of Yahoo, Inc. and a Perspective of the Internet Service Industry

Abstract Yahoo Inc is perhaps one of the leading global internet services
providing company. The firm offers various internet service products for
its world wide market. However recent technological and other aspects have
made the company lose its profitability index. This paper is an industrial
analysis of Yahoo.Inc….

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An Analysis of the Business Environment, Market Segmentation and Strategies of Apple Inc.

Abstract Apple Inc is a company based in the United States of America dealing
in the manufacture of information technology products; its products include
ipad, iphone Smartphone. Entry of other players in the market has greatly
affected the popularity of the company. This papers explains Apple’s

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Creating a Risk Management Plan for a Company in the Electronics Industry

Introduction With a budget of $100, 000 and a period of six months to accomplish<br /> risk management plan certain aspects surface. The purpose of risk plans<br /> for organizations is to assists calculate probability of events that might<br /> be a risk. With respect to this eventuality, risk management teams in<br /> organizations always…

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An Investment Strategy Plan for LAE Enterprises

Introduction The case on LAE is a report based on information received from the
managing director of HBS investors. The corporation is a well established
venture capital firm that deals in mezzanine and early round financing. The
report comes as a culmination of twelve-page sheet information in which jay

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An Examination of Various Considerations in Implementing the Government’s Million-Dollar Grant for a Leadership Academy

Abstract Leadership in public organizations takes various angles. For a public
organization to work effectively certain leadership traits of managers is
of important consideration. This paper explores various considerations in
implementing the government’s “million-dollar” grant for a leadership
Academy. It concentrat…

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A Branding Strategy Plan for Toyota, the Leading Brand in the Car Manufacturing Industry

Introduction Toyota is a leading brand in the car manufacturing Industry. The<br /> company has been a leading player in providing vehicles to different<br /> classes of individuals. Toyota for decades has been a player in the<br /> manufacture of heavy trucks, family cars as well as luxury automobiles.<br /> With respect to branding of prod…

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An Overview of the Four Key Strategies of Lean Six Sigma

What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean six sigma focuses on key strategies that help companies develop connection with their customers, where they expect professionalism. This method is mostly used today for quality improvement. The four keys to Lean Six Sigma are used help companies solve problems with their customers. Lean Six sigm…

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A Report on the Bribing Scandal of Koch Industries

My report will be on Koch industries. Koch is ran by 2 bothers who inherited the company from theirfather when he passed away in 1967. The company had no history of wrong doing up until the brother’s took over.They have established themselves in the business world by creating items that make our everyday lives easier, such…

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A Case Study of the Marketing Strategy of Microsoft

Looking at our competition Apple would be our biggest competitor. One large reason why teaming up with Microsoft. Microsoft is a huge company with a lot of customer loyalty just in the first quarter of 2013 they sold about 900,000 tablets. Making it a top competitor with Apple. Working with them will help push our customer…

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