The Value of Teams: Stages of Team Development and the Art of Managing Virtual Meetings

An Evaluation of the Performance of Business Units in Airbus Company Based on Financial and Non-financial Measures

Financial and non-financial measures Introduction This research paper critically evaluates the performance of some of the business units based on financial and non-financial measures. It lays a clear focus on the performance of the business units in Airbus Company. Equally, it elaborates on the success of the business and…

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The Value of Teams: Stages of Team Development and the Art of Managing Virtual Meetings

The Value of Teams The four stages of team development seem simple, but are more involved than you would think. First in the development of a team, is to “Form” the team. Set a mission, decide on a team leader, set goals, establish each member’s role on the team, and build trust between members. It all sounds simple enou…

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The Social Impact of the Brand name Syndrome: Comparing Brand Names to Their Store Brand Counterparts

The Social Impact of the Brand Name Syndrome: Comparing Brand Names to their Store Brand Counterparts In today’s world, brand names are everywhere in our lives. Consumers
buy brand name foods, and they recognize certain products as their
favorites while neglecting “store brands” such as Richfood or Shopper…

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A Biography of Bill Gates, a Co-Founder of Microsoft and a Person Who Made a Big Difference in American History

One person who made a big difference in American history is Bill Gates. He was born on October 28,1955 in Seattle, Washington and his real name is William Henry Bill Gates III. Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen built Microsoft, the largest software company. In Bill Gates career, he tried to become a millionaire at 30 bu…

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The Church Should Not Provide Contraception Coverage Through the Insurance They Provide For Their Employees

Birth Control Exemption Bill, the ‘Blunt Amendment,’ killed in Senate On March 1, 2012 an article was published on The Washington Post website by N.C. Aizenman and Rosalind S. Helderman about the rejection of the “Blunt amendment” by the Senate. The amendment was developed in response to the controversy over the new health…

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The Dangers of Buying Counterfeit Luxury Goods to Flaunt Iconic and Recognizable Fashion Brand Logos

Dangers of Counterfeit Fashion In today’s society, the fashion industry has encouraged American consumers to purchase name brands in order to flaunt iconic and recognizable fashion brand logos. The fashion industry has also encouraged American consumers to constantly purchase cheap and new clothes. The desire for logos cou…

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Detroit Riots and Its Effects on the Auto Industry in Detroit, Michigan

The prosperous auto industry hub that is Detroit, Michigan has taken a decline. Due to race riots, corrupt politicians, and many other terrible business practice the city had to declare bankruptcy in 2013. While this came to a shock to many citizens and people throughout the country, many saw this coming since 1943. The ban…

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The Merging and Acquisitions of the Companies Alstom and General Electric and It’s Effects

INTRODUCTION Mergers and Acquisitions refer to general terms, which are employed to explain the concept of consolidation of various companies. Precisely, it means more than two companies joining harms for a better functionality and operations that could be determined towards higher profit margins and competitive advantage…

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A Discussion on the Importance of Personnel Evaluation for Carrying Out a Critical and Sound Assessment

CRAFTING A FAIR AND RELAIBLE PERSONNEL EVALUATION Introduction Personnel evaluation is very much important and potential in carrying out a critical and sound assessment. The evaluation methodology will always enhance and facilitate better performance. Further, the subject being evaluated will be better positioned to under…

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A Report on Foreigners Distributing Products on the Egyptian Market

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – BUSINESS LAW Introduction Dennis & Sons is an Egypt-based company, which has been in operation for a couple of years now since its establishment in 2003. We cherish and champion the manufacture of fast moving products such as chocolates, chewing gums and biscuits. The company has always been functio…

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An Analysis of the Interview Response Involving Walter Anderson Incorporating His Views on His Company and Other Business Aspects

BUSINESS-BASED INTERVIEW Business-based interview entails much as it critically presents and
analyzes the scope of given business ideologies under the interviewing
panel. This paper intends to analyze an interview response involving
Walter Anderson, the CEO of the General Electric Corporation. The paper
will incorpo…

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An Examination of the Goals and Objectives of the Security Initiative of RobCo

RobCo Security Initiative RobCo is an already large, rapidly growing global ecommerce company with six locations globally. RobCo currently hosts two websites, and will be acquiring Med-Tek in the coming months. Neither company currently has a security policy in place, signaling the need for this paper – a security initiati…

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The Importance of Ethics Over Profit in a Business Organization

Case Study: Ethics vs Profit Recently, throughout the business world, companies have been forced to decide between outsourcing and receiving the cheaper item or being more earth-friendly and supporting the local company. Some feel by going with the cheaper option they are supporting the harsh working conditions overseas. O…

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The Career of Michelle Zdrodowski, a Successful Public Relations Practitioner

Interview Assignment: Michelle Zdrodowski, Executive Director of Communications At the Detroit Public Schools After graduating from Michigan State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications in 1989, Michelle Zdrodowski has worked in nearly every section of public relations. In 1997 she held a position she…

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A Critical Evaluation of the Aspect of Safety in Career Development

SAFETY CAREER SAFETY PAPER Introduction Being safe is one thing people could not afford to tamper with because it all comes with costs, responsibilities, and measures at hand. Many people could consider safety as a carrier while othe…

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An Explanation of Cost Control and Budgeting and an Analysis of Cost Variance

This document will explain the concept of cost control and budgeting. Cost variance analysis will be discussed in relation to managerial
judgment and strategy. The performance of the Radiology department manager
for a hospital is being evaluated. The service unit or output for this
department is the number of procedures…

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The Recommendations for Improvement of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Abstract One key factor that is thought-provoking that details the company’s
commitment to excellence and quality is it’s support and involvement in
several community outreach programs. One key factor that immediately calls
for attention on the homepage of the BCBS of Texas website is the claim
that the company received t…

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The Different Factors Affecting an Employee’s Behavior Inside an Organization

Organizational Behaviour Emotional labor can be described as a form emotional rules or
regulation where employees are expected to show different emotions in order
to meet certain organizational goals. These emotions are intended to create
a perception towards clients, customers or other relevant people to a

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The Ethical Implications of Globalization and Its Impacts on Corporate Social Responsibility of Starbucks Corporation

With reference to one organisation that you have studied, discuss the ethical implications of globalisation and how it impacts the corporate social responsibility of the business. Globalisation can be defined as the growing integration and interdependence of the world’s economies. It is becoming more common in businesses…

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The Importance of Quality Human Resources Management in Successful Business Organizations

Quality human resources management is at the heart of successful companies and for good reason. Human resources covers a variety of aspects of any particular company, but of all regulations that the human resources has had to deal with over the years, those relating to the legal environment and Equal Employment Opportunity…

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The Benefits of Yield Co, the Energy Financing Model of the Future

Yieldcos: The Energy Financing Model of The Future? Introduction:        Yieldco’s are publically traded companies that are focused on returning an above average amount of their income or cash flow as a dividend to their investors. The yieldco model is the newest form of yield-based investment vehicle that joins Master Li…

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A Formal Memo to the Management Team Requesting the Improvement of Three Areas of Management and Communications

The objective of lesson 8 assignment is to “write a two page formal memo to your management team requesting improvement in three areas of management and/or communications.” “You are the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a company that is similar to a company featured in an Undercover Boss episode that you have just watched…

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A Report on the Marketing Strategies of the Company American Eagle Outfitters and the Changes Made to Appeal to the Customers

April Economics Literacy Project In the article, Jason Bloomberg discusses how American Eagle Outfitters, a retail industry, is focusing on developing a new mobile application for their consumers. Since more than 50% of consumers use their phones when they are shopping, the retail industry wanted to take advantage of this…

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A Presentation of the Search Policy and Procedure for ACME’s Workplace and Workforce

“Employers should be proactive in understanding their rights and obligations in respect of workplace searches in order to adequately address privacy concerns and avoid potential liabilities resulting from improper searches.” ~ Brandin O’Connor, Shields O’Donnell MacKillop, LLP Introduction One of the most difficult ch…

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A Discussion on the Importance of Various Values and the Code of Ethics for a Company

Value: Service Description: High quality service is one of the most valuable things that our company can offer to our customers, and our goal is to go above and beyond expectations to deliver a fantastic experience from start to finish. Value: Competence Description: Our staff is dedicated to high-level training standa…

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