The Validity of Simulation in Predicting Job Performance

The Validity of Simulation in Predicting Job Performance

Article Review Statement of Purpose: The topic of employment testing and selection is extremely important in the workplace. The use of simulations in the hiring process helps the employer predict and measure how effective the employee will be in their new position, and whether they are indeed the best hire. Additionally, e…

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The Effective Balance of Work and Life Activities

I chose the topic of balancing work and nonwork demands. I chose this because this is something I struggle with personally every single day. I consider myself an employee. I work for a telemedicine company where I am the Marketing and Communications Coordinator, which comes with a great deal of responsibility. I plan and at…

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Which Three Skills Does One Have to Have to Be Successful in Conflict Management?

Dispute Resolution Essay After picking through the many options of essays at, I
ended up choosing an essay titled Without these Three Skills you may Fail
at Conflict Management; by Dr. Rick Voyles in “Essay Index Four, Dialogues
and Essays.” Dr. Voyles began the essay on the basis that the majority of

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The Importance of Organizing in the Article What is Organizing? by Marshall Ganz

What is Organizing? In this weeks readings, I have chosen to discuss the article “What is
Organizing?” by Marshall Ganz. In this article Ganz (2002) highlights the
importance of the role of an organizer through his perspective, and views
this role through an eco-map approach sector of organizing. According t…

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The Big Four in the Music Inustry – Electric and Musical Industries Ltd, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Warner Music Group

The music industry can be defined as people who work in record labels and dedicate their lives to recording, producing, publishing, distributing, and marketing music to promote the work and talent of themselves and of other musicians. Four market leaders known as the “Big Four” have shaped the industry today and are in cons…

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The Value of Sabermetrics and Its Practical Applications

This article provides in-depth insight into the value of sabermetrics and the wide array of applicable areas it has. Anyone who has ever heard of sabermetrics knows that the most common use is to ascertain the amount of runs a team will score a game—and through the course of a season. For example, a team that scores the sam…

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The Importance of Efficient Record Keeping in the Construction Industry

As-built documentation that captures as-progressed construction records has great value to building owners and managers for the operations and management of the buildings. A large number of construction records (e.g., schedules, construction methods, cost data, daily reports, site photos, shop drawings, and change orders) g…

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A SWOT Analysis of Saudi Aramco Oil Company

I. Introduction Saudi Aramco is one of the world’s largest oil companies. Based in Saudi Arabia, the company has taken the initiative over the years to put their money into the country. Recently, the company has been struggling to maintain the infrastructure they have built, and the projects people are still demanding the…

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The Goals, Strategies and Targets of the Michael Kors Company

Michael Kors came into the retail industry in 1981 and has been known for its luxury goods in accessories and ready-to-wear. You can find their products in prestigious Michael Kors stores all over the world, as well as in many other high-end department stores. Their products are very chic and trendy and appeal to many ages…

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Application and Interview Processes Should Be More Intense in Order for Companies to Find Good Workers

In the past couple of years, companies have begun to ensure that they are hiring good employees by making their applications and interviews more intensive. It is becoming more and more prominent to have personality questions involved in the application process to make sure that they are hiring people that will be a good fit…

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The Importance of Image for the Way One Presents Oneself to Colleagues or Other Professional

Besides experience and skill, your professional image and etiquette are easily one of the most important factors that can influence if you receive a job or not – in any field. The way that you present yourself to colleagues or other professionals is important because it leaves a long lasting mark on that person’s impression…

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The Factors That Could Influence a Rain Boot Business in India

India is one of the rainiest countries in the world, and it’s city Mawsynram currently holds the record for the largest rainfall in the Guinness Book of World Records(Davies). What a perfect place to create a rain boot business, right? Maybe, but there are many factors that go into recognizing a good market for certain prod…

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Getting Ahead in the Race for a Job by Job Networking

The job market can be competitive and stressful but there are a lot of different ways that you can help yourself get ahead in the race for your ideal career. One of the most valuable skills to have when preparing to enter yourself into the job market, is job networking. Many professional jobs are not posted on the internet…

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Assessment, Planning, and Implementation: Three Ways Case Managers Deliver Help to Clients

Dealing with people under mental problems seems to be a hard duty for case
managers. One of my principal tasks at work is to advocate for the clients.
I am not a case manager, but I always assist them when they come to the
programs that at I work for. Based on my knowledge, the case mangers could
process in three ways to de…

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The Unrivaled Success of Nike throughout History

Ever since Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight founded Nike in the late 1960s, the company has thrived economically because of the pristine image it has maintained in the public’s perspective. The company has built a strong reputation of honesty, integrity, and social responsibility. Nike encourages consumers to look at themselve…

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The Effects of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) rose to international prominence in the early 1970’s as it began to exert economic and political strength in the realm of world politics. In 1973, OPEC’s member countries took control of the petroleum industries and acquired a significant say in the pricing of cru…

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The Important Considerations When Setting Up an International Business

Before setting an international business sets foot on foreign ground, they should be aware of the risks and restrictions that are set upon them. Many of these implications come from the government of a country. They may set restrictions out of self-interest, to protect their citizens or even to boost the country’s economic…

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The Concept of Differentiation and the Benefits of Outsourcing

Differentiation and Its Importance Differentiation can be defined as the process of making a product or services distinguished from competitors for targeting a particular product and making it more attractive for the customers. This process involves differentiation from others as well as from own products as well. This con…

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An Overview of Mental Oppression from Peers

Oppression: the dictionary constitutes it as maltreatment, prolonged abuse, or control. It’s a term most are familiar with, but do not necessarily associate with ourselves. When people think about oppression some will directly associate it with literal physical maltreatment, abuse, or control. But what I am going to be refe…

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An Income Statement and Balance Sheet Analysis of the Bank of America Corporation

Bank of America Corporation as on 31st of December 2015 Balance Sheet Analysis: The Bank of America Corporation had total assets of $ 2,144,316 million including $ 159,353 million of cash and cash equivalents, $ 407,005 million of total debt securities and other assets. The total assets of the last year was of $…

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An Overview of the Bank of America Corporation’s December 31, 2015 Balance Sheet and Income Statement Analysis

Bank of America Corporation as on 31st of December 2015 Balance Sheet Analysis: The Bank of America Corporation had total assets of twenty one lac forty four thousand three hundred and sixteen million dollars ($ 2,144,316 million) including one lac fifty nine thousand three hundred and fifty three million dollars ($ 159,3…

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A Case Analysis of the Ethical Issues and Problems in the Corporate World

Chapter 6: Ethical Issues and Problems in Business Ethics & in Corporate World A Case for Analysis Case 1: The Case of a Malicious Manager Strike, Inc. is a well-known company in the field of Information Technology (IT). It has been the main and primary producer of educational software and business operational progress l…

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The Definition of a Business and Its Processes

Some people do not know what business is. Other people have an idea on what business is. The other percentage of people just think they know what business is or what it’s about. But do they really know what business is ? Or what business is about ? I really do not think they do because some people; If not most people only t…

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The Sustainability of the Sector Matrix Model for a Business Analysis of a Firm’s Supply and Demand Linkages

The traditional productionist chain concept of activity through which firms develop sustainable competitive advantage and shareholder value has recently been challenged by the sector matrix model established by Froud et al (1998). Indeed, “drawing upon the unstable and unpredictable nature of modern business” (Teece, 20…

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An Account of the Benefits of Taking an Information Technology Course and the Hopes for Future Career in Marketing

This course is designed to teach students more about information technology and how it can be used in the real word, such as in the business market. Students should apply what they have learned in this course into the workplace. Up until now, we have learned about information systems, the components of a computer, types o…

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