The Use of Network Metrics, Degree and Eccentricity for Improving Bankruptcy Prediction Models

Different Aspects of Effective Saving and Investments

Investment returns cannot be up at all time due to so many reasons and
our economy also makes it too hard. Here we describe some of the aspect
for efficient saving and investments. Wealth creation Grow up your saving so that whenever you need, you could use it. But,
you can achieve this goal by complete planning and perse…

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The Use of Network Metrics, Degree and Eccentricity for Improving Bankruptcy Prediction Models

Abstract The potential of a company going bankrupt in the near future is a crucial aspect when making business decisions. Although this topic is widely studied, typically financial data is used to make predictions. This leads to a problem that the predictions are not up-to-date as financial statements are published long af…

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The Importance of Effective Listening and Communication Skills for a Practice Manager

2.1 Effective listing and communication skill are highly beneficial to the practice manager. The communication process in the organization should be top to downward or downward to top to effectively communicate about the organizational process and goals effectively. The manager is able to obtain information for written rep…

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The Influential Power of Great Team Leaders Among Their Members

Some good team leaders get a lot done, but their team members don’t like their job. Other good team leaders make their members happy, but don’t get much done. Only great team leaders make their members happy and get a lot done. It’s easy to be a great team leader—when the job is easy and there are no problems. But what a…

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Website Factors and Their Influence on Consumer Behavior

Abstract Consumer behavior refers to a discipline that consumers purchase and use
the goods and services provided by the companies in the relative
activities with the various behavioral and psychological
characteristics. In the context of the virtual environment of the
Internet, activities undertaken by consumer have chan…

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An Analysis of the Most Suitable Business Development Scenario for Healthy Portion

According to the successful operation of the existing business, healthy portion is considering to expand its scale. Basing on the SWOT analyze, this article would elaborate three possible business development scenarios namely expanding business only focus on local market, acquisition another new products or the concentrate…

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A Case Analysis of Al Zawawi Company

Al Zawawi family is ranked as the most admired company in Oman in terms of different stakeholders and the chief players in Oman’s business land. There are plenty of reasons that contributed and led the company to achieve profitability and growth. If the company wants to retain its viability and have competitive advantages,…

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The Importance of Motivating Employees in the Al Zawawi Company

Al Zawawi family is ranked as the most admired company in Oman in terms of different stakeholders and the chief players in Oman’s business land. There are plenty of reasons that contributed and led the company to achieve profitability and growth. If the company wants to retain its viability and have competitive advantages,…

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The Role of Supply Chain Management for Many Companies

The network created amongst different companies producing, handling and/or distributing a specific product. Specifically, the supply chain encompasses the steps it takes to get a good or service from the supplier to the customer (Mills, Schmitz & Frizelle, 2004). Supply chain management is a crucial process for many compani…

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An Evaluation of Different Components of the Strategy of Walmart

The company that I chose to evaluate based on their marketing strategy would be Walmart. As far as we all know, Walmart is known for its low prices from large volume of customers around the country. Through this segment, I will explain the different components of the strategy that they use to makes one of the top competitor…

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The Relation Between HR Factors and Organizational Commitment Factors

Abstract Past researches have pointed out a strong and positive relationship
existing between organizational commitment and the overall performance
of the organization. The primary objective of this paper is to explore
the degree of organizational commitment in real estate companies of
China, as well as the key variables t…

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A Company Overview of Southwest Airlines

About the Company Southwest Airlines has been a competitive leader in the industry since the company’s beginning. The Company was initially incorporated as Air Southwest Co. on March 15, 1967 by businessmen Herb Kelleher and Rollin King. In March 1971, Air Southwest President Lamar Muse sold promissory notes to cover airc…

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The Link Between Corporate Strategies and Human Resource Management (HRM)

This essay aims to demonstrate the relationship between corporate strategies and human resource management (HRM), which it will first interpret the definitions of those two terms and then describe their relationships. The relationship between these two theoretical terms will be that, HRM is an essential influential factor t…

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Qualities of a Great Leader

The focus of my leadership paper is my high school Marketing teacher, Debra Wilson. During the four years of my high school education Mrs. Wilson was teacher. She always acknowledged what a great leader should be, not only at school or in the classroom, but also outside of school campus. She was my instructor for my Market…

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The Disadvantages of Farming and Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is the inhalation of gases induced by slowly sizzling tobacco in cigarettes. Smoking was first practiced by the native people of the Western bisection. Later smoking became a widespread practice by late 1500s. Smoking has been part of our life for so many centuries. Cigars have been reconstructed from simp…

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The Importance of Good Nursing Leadership Skills

A very important asset in life is leadership. Great leaders have helped society forward and throughout life they have been responsible for articulating and accomplishing their visions or dreams. Leadership is an important role in life and an(omit) even more important role in the success of a nurse. To be a leader one must b…

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Conflict Management in Family-Owned Businesses

Most family business begin with the best intentions although as time goes by most family members learn to work together although emotions from time to time may obstruct business decisions. Conflicts possibly will arise as the family members see different growth perspectives in the business. Conflict distresses the daily ope…

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The Transition in the Marketing Strategies of Apple Inc.

Introduction Overview Apple Inc. has experienced an active management reorientation. This may
be linked to a number of transitions in the marketing strategies
exhibited by the firm. The diverse level of competition that faces its
products is also, partially, related to the noted transition in
strategies. The Market C…

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The Dangers of Work Place Stress to Our Health

Purpose: To persuade my audience that work place stress is dangerous to our health. Thesis Statement – As citizens who value their overall well-being we can see that work place stress is very dangerous to our health. Introduction How do you feel at work when your boss is yelling at you, you have loads of jobs that need…

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Civil Cases and the Factors That Motivate Business Organizations to Appeal

A civil case is a legal dispute involving two or more parties whereby one party has wronged the other party. A procedure for settling a civil case begins when the aggrieved party presents the case before the court that has jurisdiction to settle civil cases by detailing the offense of the other party who is called the defen…

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A Study on My Ability to Assess, Plan and Modify a Management Plan as a Podiatrist

Section 1: Statement: Provide evidence demonstrating your ability as a podiatrist to assess, plan, and modify a management plan aimed at the facilitation, restoration or maintenance of limb viability and/or function for a client with a long term condition (2b.3; 3a.1 HPC; LO1,2,5,7) Evidence 1.1Case based assignme…

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A Report on the Umbrella Design of Jonas and the Clean Water Project

General Questions: How will Jonas measure its social impact? How will it vet the nonprofits it relies on to provide clean water solutions? What do you think is the best way to provide the world with clean water? How do you keep the customer engaged past the initial buy and lookup nonprofit experience? If the umbre…

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Minimum Wage and Its Effects on Employees

Abstract Abstract to be provided once final paper revisions are complete. Introduction Minimum wage is generally categorized as the lowest remuneration an
employer may pay to an employee for work performed. The laws that
govern minimum wage bring about the legal definition for wages that are
paid to specific groups…

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The Importance of Moral Responsibilities to the Success of Businesses

The interpretation of moral responsibilities of businesses are interchanges day to day from difference point’s view. Moral responsibilities of a foreign business has become a hot topic in the United States and around the global as of late. This has resulted in growing interaction between governments, businesses and society…

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The Effects of Human Resource on the Decision Making in the Industrial Sector

1.0INTRODUCTION 1.1Background The development of HRA can be seen as a part of and a response to the changes and developments at societal and the enterprises, to which enterprises must adjust. According to Douglas McGregor (1960) human capital can be approached through two ways, that is, the theory X approach where peo…

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