The United States War on Terror and the Prevalence of Islamophobia Among Americans

The United States War on Terror and the Prevalence of Islamophobia Among Americans

The War on Terror and Islamophobia American foreign policy bears an infamous reputation amongst world leaders for it’s imperialistic approach to world issues through heavy use of brute military power to enforce Western ideals of democracy. Such intervention has historically proven to generate more harm than good, usually i…

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The Community Policing Since the 1980s

Community Policing Since the 1980’s, community policing has been on the rising – in most neighborhoods, on most streets, in most towns. Police everywhere have shown that getting to know their community and taking the time to understand its needs can really make a difference. According to Peak (2015), “… the community can a…

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London Bridge Attack

London Bridge Attack Recent years have witnessed atrocious events. In particular, the
issue of terrorism has emerged as a troubling global problem as waves of
violent attacks are carried out. Even some of the supposed safest places on
the planet can no longer guarantee the safety of people and properties, as

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The Abortion Debate and the Planned Parenthood Movement

The Abortion Debate One of the most divisive issues in our country is over abortion and a woman’s right to choose. There is a large portion of the United States that call themselves “pro-life.” Pro-choice movement also known as the United States abortion-rights movement is a sociopolitical movement in the United States s…

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The Oppression and Discrimination of the LGBTIQA Community

Activist Activity All over the world, including in the United States, people face discrimination, inequality, and violence based on who they are. When people face these abuses, their ability to be safe, work, receive health care, get an education, start families, and pursue their goals in life are jeopardized. LGBTIQA pe…

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Do British Crime Rates Suggest a Moral Decline and a Police Force Who Are Unable to Deal With It?

Refer to all sources and use your own knowledge in answering this question. To what extent do you agree that British crime rates suggest a moral decline and a police force who are unable, or unwilling, to deal with it. You might consider: The effects of migration on rural and city communities Underfunding…

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Sabrina Tavernise’s Issues of the Demographics in America

In her article, Sabrina Tavernise raises the issue of changing demographics in America. Statistics from the 2012 census clearly show why we have reason to worry, and the current generational divide and soon-to-come tectonic shift are serious issues that require attention. These issues could soon have severe consequences for…

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The Americans on the Highest Cases of Gun Deaths

With Americans having the highest cases of gun deaths for the last decade, the government has been alarmed severally to put more restriction on the ownership and usage of these guns. This has come in the form of gun-control laws that have been passed in the recent years, but this doesn’t seem to be enough. The gun control l…

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A Study of Ethical Issues Surrounding Correctional Facilities

Part 1 Introduction The society relies on state and federal correctional facilities, county jails and prisons to assure the public of safety in the operation of secure facilities. The officers at the correctional facilities are aware that their duty is of public service in addition to that any unethical conduct takes away…

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The Understanding of the Difference

Understanding difference From the first contact between English men and the Africans, skin color struck as the first issue creating the primary difference between the two. Calling the African color black to distinguish sub-Saharan Africans to the North Africans who were rarely enslaved because their color was abutted diffe…

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The Issues of the Gender Identity

Introduction Gender has a very crucial role in the rates of crime; statistics show that crime rates show the variances between men and women concerning crime. The male population has been discovered to be much stronger as compared to the female people in the country. Thus it is the nature of the male population to be viole…

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The Racial Inequality and the Awareness Through the Communication

Racial inequality The following are some of the policies as cited by Gallagher and Lui to counter racial inequality in order to have a balanced or equal society: Increased awareness which is achieved through communication to other people over racism and without judgment making an inquiry of the shared thoughts and the rea…

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The Right of Every Man and Woman to Have Babies

“People do not have a right to a baby” Discuss… (12 marks) I am fairly neutral with regards to the statement, because I think that people have the right to a baby if they intend to take care of it while it nurtures, however on the other hand, I don’t think that we people with bad intentions for the child have a right to it…

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An Argument in Favor of Using Violence to Resolve Disputes

‘Violence is never the answer to conflict’: Discuss (12 marks) My initial reaction to the statement is that I partially agree because as a Muslim, I believe that sometimes by using violence in a conflict, it shows that you’re passionate to wanting to do what you feel is right, for example, even the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)…

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The Struggles and Obstacles of Being a Woman in 2017

The Struggle of Being a Women in 2017 Now I know what you’re thinking… Another 2017 feminist speaks out on why women don’t have equal rights. Well, if you thought so you are most definitely wrong. Being a feminist does not mean I believe women are more inferior as a human race than men. I believe that even though as a…

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Behind the Murder of JonBenet Ramsey

Behind The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey On December 26th, 1996, the all American pageant child, JonBenét Ramsey was found brutally wrapped in a blanket with a garrote strangled forcibly around her neck. The events that took place ten hours prior remains a mystery the CSI has yet to uncover. At 5:52 a.m., Patsy Ramsey, the…

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A Modern Immigrant’s View on Obtaining the American Dream in the United States

Modern Immigrant’s Perspective on Achieving the American Dream Obtaining the “American Dream” as an modern immigrant may be reality for some, but nearly all see this dream as an misconception that proliferated. Whether the journey traveling to the United States was classified legal or illegal, all foreigners seem to fac…

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The Issues Women Face in the United States and Around the Globe

Feminist Activism – 2/8/18 In Crenshawe’s studies from a LA shelter shows that at the shelter, it is primarily minority women that are seeking help from the shelter. Her intersectional approach to the issues being seen here at this shelter really informs her work. It helps her see that all these aspects that make these w…

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Do Immigrants Take Jobs Away From Americans?

Over the years, Immigration has been a big concern. Until this year, a lot of people though that immigrants were more a solution than a problem to the United States. In the article, “Study Says: Immigrants Are More a Solution Than a Problem,” Two of the most constant questions asked for people are “Do immigrants take jobs a…

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Refugees as a Part of the Diverse Groups Within the United States Student Population

Diverse Groups within the U.S. Student Population #1: Refugees Refugees are a population that is increasing each day in the United States. As war-torn countries, such as Syria and Iran, continue to send citizens fleeing for safety, stability and basic resources, many families are relocating to the United States and refugee…

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The Mexican Drug Trade in El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency, a Book by Ioan Grillo

Overview El Narco: Inside Mexico’s Criminal Insurgency is a work written by Ioan Grillo. In El Narco, Grillo develops an in-depth analysis of the Mexican drug trade, its background and describes with great details the future of the drug trade in today’s international politic environment. It traces the origins of drug tra…

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The Difficulties and Effectiveness of Limiting Gun Ownership to the Mentally Ill Americans

The events that have unfolded over the past few weeks, months, and years have once again brought the issue of gun ownership, violence, and necessity to the table for a brief period before being forgotten. One of the issues that has been brought to the forefront once again is whether those with a mental illness should be all…

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Stereotyping and Discrimination in the Media

The enemy of real truth and equality is stereotypes. Stereotypes are a “widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing” (Stereotypes). Stereotypes judge people solely on their gender, age, race, and skin color. Then Stereotypes categorizes people into this box with those who l…

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A Social Action Project on the Issue of Poverty in the World

For my social action project, I’m choosing to look at the overwhelming levels of poverty in the world. Poverty is a term for people who are unable to afford the basic necessities a human being needs in order to live like food, water, shelter, and clothing. This is a basic description but in reality, poverty is a much deeper…

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The Recruitment Process in the Police Force

Police officers come from all walks of life, yet it takes a lot to recruit someone into becoming a police officer. Often, there are many methods, challenges, and problems that arise during recruitment. Throughout the journey, there is a strict screening process, a lot of physical training, and even some politics that many p…

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