The Tainted Truth behind the Glitter of a Diamond

The Tainted Truth behind the Glitter of a Diamond

Everyone knows about diamonds. You may or may not own one yourself, but I’m betting you have definitely heard of them. Magnificent and lustrous when expertly polished, yet scarce and painstaking to locate in quantity, it’s no wonder why diamonds are so sought after and highly valued. But are diamonds truly deserving of thei…

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A Study of the Role of Women in Japanese Society

The topic of the role of women in Japan can be a thorny issue. Several cultural barriers, such as the Japanese tendency to not openly complain about problems, often stop the subject from even being broached, much less discussed at length. However, once we begin to actually look at the roles that women serve or are assigned,…

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The Different Reasons Why People Break into a Company Database

There is an assortment of motives to hack into different organizations or companies, and almost all of them will get you in trouble. These motives consist of making money, gaining access to top secret information, or for personal enjoyment. Fulfilling these motives can be accomplished in a few different ways. Three of these…

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An Analysis of the Writing Style in From Fly-Girls to Bitches and Hos by Joan Morgan and Bros before Hos’: The Guy Code by Michael Kimmel

Option 1 “From Fly-Girls to Bitches and Hos” and “’Bros Before Hos’: The Guy code’” are both studies of what influences us to live how we do. Joan Morgan’s “From Fly-Girls to Bitches and Hos” is a personal essay on what the widespread appreciation of rap has done to the black community and Micheal Kimmel’s “’Bros Before Ho…

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On the Equality of the Sexes by Judith Sargent Murray: Education for Women

“On the Equality of the Sexes” Starting in the 1790s, the issue of women’s rights began to be heavily discussed again. With the expansion of the public sphere, women were beginning to enjoy more opportunities through the form of writing, participating in the discussion of politics, reading the newspapers and listening to…

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Gender Identity in Transgender Individuals in Native American Culture and Modern American Culture

Cultural relativism allows us to view culture believes within their learning content. For centuries, anthropologists have used cultural relativism as a tool to produce information in different culture beliefs, such as gender identity. A belief system influences how people also think a culture includes all the rules and regu…

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The Factors Affecting the Deliverance of World Peace

There are many problems and questions to which the great minds of our civilizations have pondered and found answers. One question today is if world peace is possible. The sad fact is that world peace is not possible because of the constant presence of disputes over territory and religious differences, and the fact that the…

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Society Should Be More Open and Accept Everyone with Prejudice

In the documentary “Daddy and Papa,” we see many different family structures that vary in race, sexual orientation, and single or two parent households. The two men referred to as “Daddy and Papa” are in a mixed race and homosexual relationship who decide to adopt an African American son. In another case, a single man nam…

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The Benefits of Public Transportation in the Greater Eugene Area

Benefits of Public Transportation in the greater Eugene Area Public transportation has been an ever-growing industry since the first creation of a similar form using horse drawn ships on cannels in 17th century Europe. Since the first creation of this system, it has slowly worked its way forward into each different time…

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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Social Class Today

Structure of Social Class Our modern day society is faced with so many different problems and social stands that people disagree on. A very common disagreement among our society is the status of your social class and how you are situated within society’s lay out of importance. With one single mention of where an individ…

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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting Gender Roles in Society

Gender Roles in Society Society since the beginning of time has set very distinctive rules and expectations up for each gender. These rules throughout time have stuck clear to what is expected of each gender. There are many distinct and different expectations that are unique to each gender; males are often times loo…

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An Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict The Israel-Palestine Conflict is going to require a lot of compromise and heavy negotiations to be resolved, if it is even possible. First off, a truce must be established with the nations. Although various terrorists may still try and defy the opposing nation, they should be heavily puni…

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The Events of the Stonewall Riots and Its Impact on LGBT Movement

The Stonewall Riots and the LGBT Movement The Stonewall riots of 1969, located in Greenwich Village, New York, were the spark that started a revolutionary movement. The Gay Rights movement – to be specific – has evolved greatly since these 1969 riots. In fact, this act of defiance not only marked the start of a rebelli…

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The History of Divorce and Its Impact on Asian Countries

Divorce is such a sensitive topic. I am quite thankful that I never had to go through the idea of my parents divorcing, as they are still together. However, that isn’t always the case. Divorce in many countries, cultures, religions, and time periods vary greatly, as they all have something different to say. People in China…

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An Analysis of Different Ethnicity in the United States

One very distinct ethnicity in the United States includes the African-American Family. One thing that there is no such thing as the African American family, any more than there is the perfect white family or the perfect Latin American family (Henslin, 2011). James Henslin also said “the primary distinction is not between Af…

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A Discussion on Theories That Influence Families, Communities, and Societies

Families, communities, and societies can be influenced in a great number of ways, as far as micro-level of influence, mezzo-level of influence, and macro-level of influences. There are numerous theories that influence families, communities, and societies including the structural functionalism theory, conflict theory, social…

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A Discussion on the Impact of Recession on Poverty in Society

The recent recession has changed the face of poverty quite a bit in the last decades. It wasn’t always the people that have always been struggling, but also changed to new people. A man named Billy Schlegel went from his middle class status making $50,000 a year as a surveyor and slid into poverty as quickly as it took for…

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A Discussion on the Structural Strain Theory and Achieving Success in Life

The structural strain theory, in the words of Robert Merton, is defined as “the frustrations people feel when they want success but find their way to it blocked.” Merton mentions that it is very easy to identify with the certain mainstream norms when they help people achieve success and get ahead in life, but when they don’…

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The Abuse of David in the Book A Boy Called “It” by David Pelzer

The author of “A Boy Called ‘It’”, David Pelzer, depicts the atrocities of child abuse occurring at his home (Pelzer, 1995). Lockyer states that neglect is the lack of adequate food, clothing, shelter medical care or supervision (Lockyer, 2003). Physical abuse are bruises, burns, abrasions, lacerations or swelling caused by…

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The Effects of Consumerism on the Modern Chinese and American Family

Consumerism and Its Effect on the Modern Chinese and American Family
America’s post-World War II success has come at a price. Many Americans
have dug themselves deeply into debt and have become disconnected with
their families because of their inattentiveness to the importance of
family. An unhealthy focus on material wea…

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A Study of the Consequences of Heavy Drinking during College

Argumentative Paper Abstract: Excessive drinking in college has lifelong consequences that can greatly affect college students. While it is common knowledge that drinking can be a problem on college campuses, I wanted to understand the scope of the problem. Binge and heavy drinking lead to poor academic performance, vio…

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The Importance of Celebrating Thanksgiving with Family

Usually over Thanksgiving break it is just me, my mother, and aunt at the dinner table. And that “dinner table” is actually the coffee table in the living room. It seems quite different from the generic thanksgiving dinner setting, with the whole family congregated around the large table in the kitchen, yet it does not phas…

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The Real Meaning of the American Dream for Immigrants

In a society with few barriers, the American dream is more than a feasible reality. All it takes is hard work and determination. Also, when it comes to the notion of success and prosperity, people could have many different ways of how they view the certain subject.Whether or not you obtain the American dream would all proba…

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The Decent of Vaslav Nijinsky to Madness in the Secrets of Nijinsky by Joan Acocella

Dancing Mad: Critiquing “Secrets of Nijinsky” by Joan Acocella There is an aura that’s undeniably sexy when it comes to scandal. Public consciousness is drawn to the celebrity train-wrecks, sex tapes and tabloids that prevail through pop culture and surround our favorite stars. It has almost always been this way, too. Even…

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The Different Causes of Hunger in the World

Why is there hunger in the world? Hunger is a very broad issue. People everyday say things like, “I’m so hungry” or “I’m starving,” but in reality this comes nowhere close to what other people are feeling in the world. Everyday people have to worry about what they are going to eat next or if they even can afford to eat…

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