The Rise of Spiritual and Religious Organizations and Movements in Modern Day Society

The Rise of Spiritual and Religious Organizations and Movements in Modern Day Society

Assess sociological explanations for the increasing number of spiritual and religious organisations and movements in society today. The main types of organisations and movements are churches, denominations, sects and cults. Troelstch identifies churches as being universalistic with bureaucratic hierarchies and claiming mon…

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A Sociological Views of the Link Between Crime and Deviance and Ethnicity

Assess sociological explanations of the relationship between crime and
deviance and ethnicity (40 marks) According to official statistics in 2000, 26 white people were arrested per
1000 of the population, with 113 per 1000 for ‘blacks’. According to the
British Crime Survey the majority of crime is intra-racial, with 88%…

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The Advantages of Home Economics to Feminists in Kitchen Controversial, an Article by Rebecca Traister

Text Analysis In the article, “Kitchen Controversial,” Rebecca, Traister discusses the benefits of home economics to feminists. Rebecca argues that feminists should support the teaching of home economics and that both girls and boys should be taught the course. Given my experience as the stay-home father, I agree with Rebe…

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Th Birth of the Dumbest Generation in a Fast-Paced Society

The Dumbest Generation Calls Other Generations Dumb With each decade that passes, a new generation is introduced to a new medium for expressing thought: American colonists read the newspaper, the people of the Roaring Twenties listened to the radio, and those who lived in the 1950’s saw the introduction of modern televisio…

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A Critique of Money and Class in America, a Book by Lewis Lapham

In Lewis Lapham’s book “Money and Class in America,” he asserts the theory that American “faith in money” has caused American people to grow a love and a need to raise themselves above others in society and win the feeling of social superiority. He links money and class together as if the amount of wealth of an individual l…

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An Analysis of the Arguments of Peter Singer

Argumentative Essay Peter Singer claims that spending money on anything but the necessities of basic survival is wasteful, and that the money that is currently being spent on “luxury”, as Singer views it, would find better use if it were given to charity instead. At a first glance, Singer’s argument appears to make sens…

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The Messages of the Humorists

Humorists definitely serve a vital function in society, but not as much as they did in the early 1900s. In today’s society, we spend most of our time on the internet, which is often highly polarized. The internet enables us to speak with and connect with people with similar mindsets, but often at the cost of being trapp…

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The Challenges That Immigrants Faced in America

Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor The Statue of Liberty came to be a shining beacon of light for new arrivals entering American for better hopes. The gift from France had not the proposed intent which it came to symbolize, however, Emma Lazarus known for her beliefs about immigrants and refugees saw her (the statue) as a welco…

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The Unrealistic Projection of Body Image by the Media

Fashion, Models, Runways, and Naomi Campbell: These are first thoughts that slip into our mind and are associated with body image or the media. Body image has been a controversial topic lasting through the decades. Due to this fact, many think the issue is outdated and no longer as prevalent. Although the issue is not just…

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The Jagged Truth of a Celebrity Lifestyle

Celeb LifeStyle Not as Pretty as it Seems We all have a favorite reality tv show, for example: Bad Girls Club, Keeping Up With Kardashians, or the Real World. For an hour, we get to see what occurs in their lives and the things they do, good or bad. We also have social media, where we can see everything that celebs post. F…

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Our Voice Should Be Heard to Stop Child Labor

Child labor is a major problem in the modern world. People have tried to resolve it for generations, but despite their efforts, children are still being taken into slavery and servitude against the law. We can’t put an official end to it, but if everyone contributes just a little, we can make it easier. There are a few ways…

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The Behavior of Disobedience in the Nature of Man

It is in the nature of every man to argue, fight, and disobey. It is through this sort of rebellion against government, conventional ideal, and other people, that progress is able to be made and people have the chance to improve. Civil rights movements and literature throughout history all come in favor of this claim. Human…

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A Discussion on the Question Whether Abortion is Moral or Immoral

Abortion The question of whether abortion is moral or immoral has attracted various views over time. Scholars and religious leaders have expressed their views regarding the moral aspect of abortion. For instance, as seen in part one and two, Marquis Don and Warren Mary have expressed varied views regarding morality and ho…

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Is the #meetoo Campaign Making Men Look Like Predators?

The rising controversy regarding the #metoo campaign which was launched as a way for women to demonstrate how widespread sexual abuse in our society is and the magnitude of the problem facing women. Consequently it has sparked the question, “Is the campaign more damaging then helpful?”. In response Wendy squires argues with…

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Sarah Edelman’s View on the Euthanasia Debate

In response to the rising euthanasia debate in Australian politics Sarah Edelman argues within her opinion piece published in The Sydney Morning Herald January 17th 2017, that people with terminal illness should not have to suffer. Her arguments centre around the call to action being unheard by MP’s regarding the legalisat…

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How are Women’s Public Speeches Associated With Their Sexuality?

Annotated Bibliography Elk, Martine V. ““Our Praises are our Wages”: Courtly Exchange, Social Mobility, and Female Speech in The Winter’s Tale.” Philological Quarterly, vol. 79, no. 4, 2000, pp. 429, Periodicals Index Online, Van Elk focuses her analysis on the…

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An Investigation into the Death of Sigrid Stevenson

Sigrid Stevenson: A Musical Soul Tragically Snatched Away On the night of September 4, 1977, Trenton State College (now the College of New Jersey) campus police officer Steven Kokotajlo noticed an unattended bicycle chained up by the college’s Kendall Hall, a building typically used for music and stage productions. Th…

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Was James Kenneth Stephen Jack the Ripper?

James Kenneth Stephen – Was He Jack The Ripper? James Kenneth Stephen was an English poet. He was born in 1859, in London, to James (a barrister) and Mary Stephen. He died in 1892 at the age of 32, confined in a mental hospital. He has also been put forth in the last century as a suspect for the Whitechapel murders, commit…

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Understanding the Fourth Amendment and the Right Against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures in the American Constitution

The Fourth Amendment allows for people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. This gives citizens assurance that authoritative figures such as police officers cannot search them without probable cause or a search warrant. To gain a warrant, law enforcement off…

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The Right to Freedom of Religion in the First Amendment of the Constitution

The First Amendment, added to the Constitution in 1791, contains guarantees of freedom of religion. Why did the Founders think freedom of religion was so important? The establishment clause of the first amendment prohibits the government from making any law “respecting an establishment of religion.” It also forbids the gov…

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The Roots of Violence in America

“Violence is as American as apple pie”, that’s not just an abstract statement, but a piece of reality. Violence is woven into the very fabric of the system as a whole, and calling for gun control won’t fix the poisonous roots of the problem: capitalism-imperialism. The essence of what exists today, worldwide, is not a syste…

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The Positive and Negative Aspects of Foster Care and Adoption

The question of whether or not parenting should be regulated or licensed is a difficult one. On the one hand, the number of children who end up in foster care because of incapable parents is staggering as is the number of children from broken homes who are unable to regain their lives after being abused. Even more staggerin…

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The Reasons Why Teenagers Should Obtain Contraceptive Upon the Approval of Their Parents

Over the past few years, there has been increasing demand for contraceptives among the youths particularly teenagers. With the ever increasing unwanted teenage pregnancies, activists have been debating the need to introduce contraceptives to the youths. While many might argue that allowing and or introducing contraceptives…

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A Critique of Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?, an Article by Susan Moller Okin

The concept of multiculturalism is one that has burgeoned in recent years, as the extensive migration patterns from country to country have increased significantly. Whereas in the past it was commonplace for individuals migrating to a new country to adopt the norms and values of the society they were going to reside within,…

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An Analysis of Immigration Issues in America

In recent years, one of the most prominent and crucial topics of debate and discussion among political officials has been that of immigration. With the economy showing instability in providing work for an array of immigrants, the job market becoming increasingly competitive, and the nature of immigration taking on the perce…

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