The Rise of School Violence and the Solutions of the Government to the Problem

The Rise of School Violence and the Solutions of the Government to the Problem

Violence is a term referring to the use of physical force with the
intention of damaging property, harming someone, among others. On the other
hand, crime is an illegal act that can make someone punishable by the
government. Today, high rates of violence/ crime in society exist. Some of
the violence/ crime in society includ…

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The Yearning for a Community Not Bound by Race or Color

I think of community in a planetary sense. I realize that we are a community of humans and that we are not defined by our borders. To get me to narrow my communal sense to my immediate surroundings requires a lot of micromanaging on my part, something I don’t really enjoy doing. But if I can think about people that actually…

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Sontag’s A Woman’s Beauty and the Documentary Miss representation: Women’s Efforts to Achieve Beauty

Sontag explores the history of women’s efforts to achieve beauty. She stresses the fact that the word “beauty” is only associated with women (and not men) in today’s American society. She describes the criticism that women are faced with- and the self-objectification that impacts the way a woman views herself and her value….

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Hate Speech Should Be Strongly Discouraged in Society

As a kid we were all taught a lesson; if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. Now as adults we tend to say things without prior thinking about it and in some cases we know exactly what we’re saying it; we aim to offend. People use our first amendment as a cloak which covers them and allows them to say what they…

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The Converse All Star as a Pop Culture Sensation

The Converse All Star as a Pop Culture Sensation The Converse All Star is a model of sneaker that became a pop culture icon in the 20th century; its unique style has remained a symbol of fashion and sports through the decades into the present day. According to Mary Gottschalk, Converse’s famed sneakers have been “riding th…

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Is Stalking a Violent Crime?

Introduction The essay question I have chosen for this assignment is, “Is stalking a violent crime?” I will define stalking, harassment and violence and indicate several types of stalking. I will explain the motivation behind stalking and describe the environment that would indicate stalking as a violent crime. I will crit…

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Restorative Justice and the Australian Implementation of Conferencing as a Means of Reducing Juvenile Recidivism

There has been considerable interest in Australia since the late 1980’s in the use of restorative justice as an alternative to court proceedings. In particular, conferencing has been identified as a viable tool to reduce the seemingly proliferating level of offending amongst juveniles (Alder & Wundersitz, 1994), and indeed…

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The Issue of Juvenile Delinquency and the Developing Brain’s Influence on the Engagement of Criminal Activity

Juvenile delinquency is a widely researched field as forensic psychologists seek to find answers to why many adolescents commit crime and to understand the connection with the cognitive developmental process during adolescence. This paper will address the issue of juvenile delinquency and focus on how the developing brain i…

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The American Dream and Reality: The Issue of Wealth Inequality in the United States of America

America: Land of the Trapped, Home of the Divided The “American Dream”: an ideology recognized around the world symbolizing the ability to make something of yourself through hard work and determination. Ironically, those that seek this honorable ascension of the social ladder are often told to look elsewhere. America no lo…

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The Issue of Homelessness in the United States

Homelessness inside of the United States is a serious problem that needs to be stopped. When walking the streets of Manhattan sooner or later you will see a homeless person on the street begging for money. You might ask yourself why is this man homeless? This question seems like an easy one to answer but in reality there ar…

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Filling the Void of Stereotypes and Prejudice in the United States

This paper is titled “Something to Fill the Void,” a phrase of ambiguity that may be as vague and unclear without context as the topics contained herein. On a somewhat immediate level, it refers to the void that has been left to grow in our predominantly white society once African-Americans and other minorities were given…

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The Criterion of Being an Educated Person Portrayed in Popular Culture

Fulfilling the Checklist School, the one word that will make any child cringe. Hundreds of hours sitting in classrooms, countless essays written, and numerous trees worth of pencils all spent in the teaching of a student. Twelve grades, more than 2,000 days, and 26,000 hours spent in the learning and memorizing of material…

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An Analysis of Martin Luther King Jr.’s Response to the Alabama Clergymen in the Letter from Birmingham Jail

Opposite Forces: Freedom for Violence versus Violence for Freedom In the public statement “A Call to Unity”, the Alabama clergymen criticize the civil activists’ goals to stop segregation and racial superiority because the organization is disobeying the protocols that are enforced in Alabama, Birmingham. Specifically, the…

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A Report on Daniel Sui’s A Tetrad Analysis of Geographic Information Systems and Society Using McLuhan’s Law of the Media

GIS Analysis of McLuhan’s Law of the Media A tetrad analysis of GIS and society using McLuhan’s law of the media by Daniel Sui explains the growth of GIS technologies and the effect it has on society. Through the 4 laws theorized by McLuhan, Sui attempts to inform the reader of the progression of society through the pers…

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A Critique of Ryan Anderson’s Article Physician-Assisted Suicide Is Always Wrong

“Physician-Assisted Suicide is Always Wrong” “Dr. Death Strikes Again” proclaimed TIMES headlines in 1991. Dr. Death, or Dr. Kevorkian as this case may be, divided the nation on a topic that had priorly been virtually unheard of: policies regarding physician-assisted suicide, or in layman’s terms, the process of a doctor…

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The Importance of Prisons in the United States

Introduction 2.4 million. That’s how many people are currently incarcerated in the U.S. That number is about the same as the population of Chicago (Klein and Soltas). The United States currently has the world’s largest prisoner population; Louisiana alone has an incarceration rate 3 times higher than Iran’s (Chang and Davi…

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A Report on a Study of the Application of Logic by Third Graders

The Little Scientists Society labels groups of people in a hierarchy of acceptance and
tolerance. A group that encompasses one of lowest levels of that hierarchy
is children. Whether a child doesn’t want to eat his/her vegetables or
throws a fit in a public setting, the child causes annoyance to his/her

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A Report on the Sociological Study of Crime in America and the Characteristics of Criminology

Sociologists and American Criminology (Marshall B. Clinard) James L. Vrtis The United States has one of the highest crime incidents in the world. Although, the United States has an awareness of its crime, other countries on the other hand, may have lower crime rates, but they do not take as many precautions or measures t…

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A Reflection on the Impact of Family on an Individual’s Personality and Social Development

The Roots and the Branches: Reflection Paper of Family and Social Development Whether to deny or accept this particular fact, family has a huge
impact on one’s personality and social development. Since family has a huge
impact on one’s social development and personality, one compasses…

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An Analysis of Steven Shelov’s Argumentative and Persuasive Essay Parents Should Not Be Allowed to Opt Out of Vaccinating Their Children

Vaccination Saves the Lives of the Innocent Children In his argumentative and persuasive essay “Parents Should Not Be Allowed to Opt Out of Vaccinating Their Children”, Steven Shelov expresses his stance which he encourages vaccination for the youth. As a professor of pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Shelov h…

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An Analysis of the Method of Governance of the Shawnee People, a Native American Tribe

The Shawnee people Before the European contract, a king was the head of the Shawnee people where kingdom consists of five principal Septs, which known as the Chalagwata, Thawegila, Maykujay, Peckuwe, and Kispokotha where each Sept is acting like a tribe of its kind. Also, each Sept has their head chief and council of elder…

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The Characteristics and Types of Socialism, an Economic and Social System

Socialism The designation form of socialism or progressive socialism is an idea of development or modernization. Though the goal of national socialism is a socialist community, its practical task comprises of developing an industrial society under the restriction that socialist is the only one to do it and not anyone else…

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The Stress of Confinement to Wild Animals

Effects of Animals’ Captivity Zoos and water parks are essential in the current society where animal are reared in the zoos and act as a source of entertainment to the visitors thus one way of earning revenue to the government and some individuals. Besides, there are numerous problems arising from the cases of animal confi…

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The Issues of Domestic Violence in Kuwait

Domestic Violence in Kuwait Domestic violence is a pattern of actions which involve violence or any other abuse by one individual against the other in a local setting such has in cohabitation or marriage. Also, violence requires an intentional use of force in solving conflicts between members of a family or society which l…

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The Impact of Demographic Trends in Promoting Social Changes

Demographic Trends Demography is the study of the population grounded on various factors like sex, economic status, age, race, and the level of technology, the level of income, the level of education, employment, and so forth. Demographics are primarily used by the governments, non-government organizations, and corporati…

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