The Relationship Between the Employer and the Employee and the Employee’s Benefits Entitlements

An Idea to Create a Potless Water Heater

This essay is about the description and development of a new product that is yet to be introduced to the market. My idea is creating a potless water heater which will be a convenient and quick way of heating water. I argue that my idea creates unique value for whom because this product does not exist in the market. I propos…

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The Relationship Between the Employer and the Employee and the Employee’s Benefits Entitlements

The employee is valuable asset to the company. Being part of the organizational family, the employee contributes towards the accomplishment of the goals and objectives of the company, and by extension enabling the business realize its vision and mission. This chapter highlights the relationship between the employer and the…

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A Report on Planning a Corporate Event

Introduction Event planning involves creating programs that address the purpose,
message or impression that the clients are trying to communicate (Halsey,
2012). An event planner may work for long and non-traditional hours as he
plans and executes every bit related to different meeting formats such as
multi-cultural w…

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The Importance of Effective Management of Cash Flow in Business Company

Availability of cash is essential to the company since it contributes to the long-term survival of the business. Improper policies and procedures in the management of accounts receivables lead to shortages in cash flows and consequently leading to the inefficiency of the company. This chapter summarizes the various control…

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The Benefits and Advantages of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Process

BENEFITS OF CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) process is a technique used in enhancing corporate ethics, strategic management including the corporate culture; but there is no agreement on research concerning the relationship between CSR and competitive advantage. The research has examine…

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The Key Approach Towards the Future of Leadership Development

Approach towards Leadership Development Leadership is a key component towards development in every institution. The future of leadership, which entails leadership development, is hereby a crucial segment that requires proper implementation. According to Dugan (2011), leadership development does not necessarily entail train…

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The Importance of Cash Flow Management and Analysis in Business Organizations

Cash flow management is a process that enables the company monitor, analyze and optimize the net amount of revenue relative to the expenditure. Cash flow management is a key indicator in determining the efficiency and productivity of the business, and consequently the financial health of the company. This chapter highlights…

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An Analysis of the Income, Changes in Equity, and Annual Financial Reports in the Company’s Financial Statement

Analyzing Financial Statement Introduction Financial analysis is a process that a company adopts to review and analyze its financial reports and statements to make appropriate economic decisions regarding the company’s operations. The reports and statements used to analyze the business include; the income statement, a s…

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A Recommendation for the Improvement of Blue Diamond

Real Choices at Blue Diamond Blue diamond company is faced with the decisions on how to keep the momentum continuing with their brand. They have been doing a significant job with marketing of new flavors, and advertising neat slogans for them as well. However, can such flavors be limitless? Can the company keep producing…

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A Critique of Different Cars in an Auto Show

Auto show Report Honda Step Bus is one of Honda’s vehicles that adopted Hybrid
system. It was designed in Japan; therefore, its steering wheel is on the
right side. This car concentrates on flexibility. According to assistant in
Honda booth, the car can be best described as “Man maximum, machine…

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Chemo Pharmaceuticals and the Services Outsourced by the Global Pharmaceutical Company

Chemo Pharmaceuticals Introduction Chemo pharmaceuticals is a global pharmaceutical company which has featured in the world’s most innovative companies top list. The pharmaceutical business industry is among the fastest growing business industries. According to Pisani, pharmaceutical industry research and development is v…

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A Study of a Marketing Concept for Myopia

Marketing Myopia. The marketing concept is an approach that organizations use to satisfy customer’s needs, boost sales, profits and increase their competitive advantage over their competitors. This concept states that in order for a firm to realize its organizational objectives the firm needs to understand the customer’s n…

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A Study of the Significance of Practicing Ethics in a Company

Ethics and the Protection of Assets Ethics refer to the moral rules and ethics that control a person’s conduct. Violation of an organization’s ethics by its members poses security issues to it. This essay aims at analyzing the reasons why security executives require a clear understanding of the importance of ethics in a c…

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A Study of the Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy of Kohl’s Corporation

Kohl’s Integrated Marketing Communication Kohl’s Integrated Marketing Communication Kohl’s Corporation has become one of the largest discounted department stores in the United States. Located in nearly 41 states, they have over 730 stores. Kohl’s generally targets midd…

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The Practices of High-Performance Work and Performance Management in Organizations

High-Performance Work and Performance Management Practices Introduction The advancement in technology that has led to globalization has increased competition in the business environment. Many firms are identifying better ways to remain competitive in the market and still remain profitable. According to the research carri…

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A Study on the Use of Quantitative Methodology in the Analysis of Improvisation of Internal Control

Research Methodology Quantitative Study Kothari (2004) defined primary research as the first-hand collection of data by a person investigating something. One of the main merit of primary research is that the data collected having specific to the research since the researcher full control over the methods used. This resea…

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The New Trends of Business of Mergers and Acquisitions in the European Union

Mergers and acquisitions are the new trends of business, especially at international levels. Over the last decade, companies have adopted this move as a way of minimizing competition, expanding trade and meeting the diverse customer needs (Coyle, 2000). The extension of this move to international level has attracted the int…

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The Mission of the Wendy’s Company

The Wendy’s Company is a fast food company operating 6,600 quick service restaurants within the United States. Among the products served within the restaurant are soft drinks, salads, desserts, chili, sandwiches, French fries, kids’ meals, chicken nuggets, wraps, burgers and fries among other dishes. The company is famous f…

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The Competence and Effective Management of Morgan Stanley Company

I chose this company as the target employer because of its position in the financial market. Since it was founded in 1935, the company has been trending among the leading investment backs offering various financial services within America. The company was formed by a partnership of JP Morgan & Co, Harnod Stanley and Henry…

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A Financial Analysis of the Year 2017 for the Company Financial Report of Debenhams Plc.

Debenhams Plc. is among the oldest chain stores in UK and Ireland. The company has adopted franchising form of operation, dealing with a wide variety of beauty products, electrical, fashion, and furniture. Debenhams Plc. operates 240 stores in 27 countries. The study is a financial analysis of the year 2017, based on the co…

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The Key Factors That Affects the Management of Any Business Organization

Management is among the pillars that determine the progress of any business organization. The allocation of resources, coordination of business activities and the aspect of productivity are all run by management (Stevenson & Hojati, 2007). The management stands as the head of the company, establishing the company goals, vi…

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The Importance of Ethically Managing Businesses by Good Leaders

Ethics Business People live in the city, and they are working in the companies, that related people with business together. Good business could help people to have better life because they not only give people opportunity to make money but also pay attention to protect the environment and help communication. Therefore, et…

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A Case Study on the Marketing Strategy of StarKist

StarKist Case StarKist is a food company focused on healthy, shelf-stable seafood products in the United States. StarKist was the first brand to introduce single-serve pouch products. As America’s favorite tuna, StarKist represents a tradition of quality, consumer trust and a pledge to sustainability. In the year 2000, S…

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A Case Study on the Business Strategy of Gibson

Industry Introduction Companies in this industry are mainly involved in the manufacturing of musical instruments. Major companies include Fender, Gibson, and Steinway, which are all based in the United States. These companies design, manufacture, market and distribute various musical instruments. The global market for au…

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The Benefits of Implementing Work-Family Programs

Many employers are now making work-family programs one of their top priorities. Implementing these programs can not only benefit the employees but also the company it self “Implementing work-life programs has a positive effect on company stock prices” (Casio). Having an employer help an employee out during struggling, rough…

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