The Question of The Values and the Service of the Transactions During the Marketing Concepts

The Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Business Strategy of HAPPY Organization

Organization Background HAPPY organization was founded in the year 2015,the mission of this organization is to promote healthy lifestyle among community members. The organization have carried out various projects collaboratively with other similar organization with main purpose of improving and building the healthy gener…

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The Concept of Intelligence Among Leaders and the Impact of Intelligent Leaders on the Society

Leadership is a complicated process, which results from the interaction between a leader, follower and even the circumstance. All three of these components are key towards the leadership process. According to any social phenomenon, usually, culture strongly influences how one leads and what people anticipate of their leade…

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The Cases of the Time Management in the Professional Environment

Management is the science that includes the planning, organization and coordination (Said, 2014). Time Management is a way to develop and use processes and tools for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity (Said, 2014) . Lack of time management can cause one to be stressed, unorganized, and not getting things do…

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The Evolution of Effective Leaders in America

The Evolution of Unforgettable Leaders The outcomes of effective leadership are endless: peace, freedom, an organized community, and positive change. However, the outcomes could, also, take a 180 degree turn if ineffective leaders obtain leadership roles; these outcomes include chaos, unhappiness, worry, fear, and the dest…

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Missing Data After Screening

The data was screened in SPSS (IBM SPSS Version 23.0, 2015) to check for missing data, univariate and multivariate outliers, and for whether the assumptions of linearity, homoscedasticity and normality were met (Hills, 2008; Tabachnick & Fidell, 2007). The sample size was met as per Stevens (2002). However, sample size did…

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The Problem of the Client Who is Struggling to Manage Responsibilities

The client has been referred to the counsellor due to increased stress levels over recent weeks. Due to an increased workload from University, part-time work and home life, the client is struggling to manage responsibilities and is becoming overwhelmed with the situation to a point where they would do nothing productive at…

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A Research on Consumer’s Value in General Practice

There has been a growing interest in recent times on what consumer’s value in general practice (GP) from an academic, political and economic standpoint. Thus, it is imperative for all stakeholders to gain an understanding of what is valued by consumers in GP and what their general experiences of GP are. Identifying importan…

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The Role of an Executive Manager in a Company

The term executive manager refers to people in senior level management positions in a particular organization. The primary role of these managers is to oversight the firm’s functions as well as enforcing the company’s vision, mission, and set objectives. The most crucial duty of top managers is the ability to make manageria…

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The Business of Adam and Laura

A business organization is an entity of one, two or many individuals with a commercial or non commercial aim. Businesses are of different nature and it’s their configurations that define the business structure of a specific business. The structures include sole proprietorship, partnerships, companies or corporations. Busine…

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A Company History and Responsibility of 7-Eleven

History of 7-Eleven and Responsibility of Merchandiser Did you notice that 7-Eleven (seven-eleven), an American-Japanese international chain of convenience stores, have 64,319 branches in 18 countries around the world (December 2018) which consider as the most successful as a small size retail store and Thailand was rank i…

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Big Businesses’ Way Into Social, Economic, and Political Matters of the Late 19th and Early 20th Century

The late 19th century and early 20th century was a revolutionary time of growth in industrialization. Business start-ups realized the potential of industrialization, and quickly, corporations grew significantly in number, size, and influence in the United States. The big business people, industrialists, now held the power o…

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The Incentive That Can Boost Employee Loyalty and Commitment

Some employers reward members of staff for their exceptional contribution to the company by giving them extra money. This practice can act as an incentive for some but may also have a negative impact on others. To what extent is this style effective? Are there better ways of encouraging employees to work hard? Companies…

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An Overview of Bayer and Its Different Products

Introduction For over 150 years, Bayer has been a notorious company that has based their strengths on agriculture and health. This life science company has continued to contribute to society by designing products for the better good and work to provide major solutions to some sizable challenges. According to the Bayer webs…

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The Way in Which Coca-Cola Has Marketed Their ‘Healthier’ Alternatives to the Iconic Drink

Every second of everyday day, thirteen thousand people in two hundred countries around the world consume a Coca-Cola product (Bodden, 2008). This adds up to more than one billion Coca-Cola products being consumed daily. The brand is worth over one hundred and seventy billion dollars and it is argued to be the most recogniza…

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Mass Customization and Its Importance in a Company

Mass Customization Mass customization produces custom products on the same scale of standard mass production. Customization produces a custom product for a much smaller customer base. Customization can take a long period of time and is not ideal for large amounts of customers. Mass customization expands the ability to prov…

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An Analysis of Supply Chain Management and Strategy

Supply Chain Strategies Supply chain management is a very involved topic, and the selection of a supply chain strategy can significantly impact a company. The strategy varies depending on the type of products a company produces. For instance, a computer manufacturer and an oral hygiene product manufacturer would have two c…

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The Pros and Cons of Using Robots in Companies and Factories

Nowadays many companies and factories have robots and machinery to run the place rather than humans like the old times. People believe that this is the main reason for joblessness. However, is there anything that can be done about it? Robots are taking over the world and it has helped further grow most businesses. Robots ca…

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A Strategy for Solving the Economical Problems of Bombardier

Executive Summary (Andrew) Bombardier is a multinational corporation specializing in manufacturing of aerospace and transportation mobility. Bombardier employs over 38,000 workers ranging from low skilled to high knowledge positions. Bombardier has seen financial and production success in the past years. However, with rece…

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An Overview of the Centurion Project by the ABC Company

Project Overview The Centurion Project entails the development of the new tractor, and
the ABC Company performs it. The ABC Company is situated in the Northern
American, and it is a public corporation that is involved in designing,
manufacturing, and even distributing the agricultural solutions. This risk

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The Application of the Scientific Method in Making the Decisions and Solving the Process of Developing the New Product

Abstract The scientific method entails the process of the scientific discovery
or the inquiry, and it is the model used to guide the choices and the
decisions. It is critical to solving the problem and even making the
decision in various fields. The Scientific method includes the systematic
observation, assessment or…

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An Analysis of the Market Situation for Cellular in Kazakhstan

Beeline and Tele2 in Kazakhstan For this essay, I would like to take a situation on the market for cellular in Kazakhstan. At the beginning of 2017, two largest mobile connection operators – Beeline and Tele2 have risen prices for their services by 10%. For example, Beeline increased the subscription fee for the “All M ” t…

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The Quest of Solving Problems

In the quest of solving problems, whether personal, professional ones
(like doctors when diagnosing patients) or organizational ones, it is
advisable always to find the root cause that is behind the problem as a
whole. This involves a repeated process of finding the cause of an effect
by moving “down the ladder” as you find…

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The Marketing Mix Summary of McDonalds

Marketing Mix Summary Every person in the world is a consumer in one way or the other. This
is because everyone is in need of products to meet their needs or wants.
These products are either tangible or intangible, and bear attributes
peculiar to the firm offering them such as the branding, packaging, color,

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The Question of The Values and the Service of the Transactions During the Marketing Concepts

Introduction The question of where value derives from in-service transactions during the marketing of services have been much debated and explored in various perspectives. The questions range from whether the value of the services provided derives from the service provider, to whether it is the participation of the custome…

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The Reflection of the Collective Action

Have you ever tried to accomplish a big goal in one day? Did you succeed or did you just burn out and give up? I believe big long term goals require consistent action for the goal to be successful. That consistent action is called “collective action”. It’s a series of small goals that are completed that ultimately contribut…

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