The Pros and Cons of the Stereotype of Baristas

The Pros and Cons of the Stereotype of Baristas

The Misjudged Barista Today in our society there are a lot professions have a inconspicuous double standard on gender. For example, you go to a doctors office and you are treated by a male nurse, almost immediately you unconsciously make a pre-judgement on the male because of his profession. With this in mind a Barist…

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Shoba Narayan’s Experience of the Advantages and Disadvantages of Assimilation in American Society

Every culture has advantages and disadvantages when the person decides to embrace, or enfold themselves into their cultures unique and remarkable attire. That being said, Shoba Narayan experienced several advantages, and disadvantages while exhibiting her with a Sari for a whole month. Shoba was often tired of trying to f…

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An Argument in Favor of Abortion as a Right of Choice by Parents

Abortion Rights “Abortion is a question of choice”, as quoted by Robert Casey. Humans should have the right to life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To be against those is unconstitutional. A women has right to control her own body, money, personal life, future, health etc. Also it has been proven to the…

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The Value of Religious Diversity in a Workplace

America has long been referred to as the “melting pot”, a country brewing with different races, languages, and most importantly religions. It is vital to understand that not just for the financial wellbeing of businesses and firms, but also for the greater whole of society, such differences in religions (especially in the w…

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The Unique Perspective of Life in South Boston in Michael Patrick MacDonald’s All Souls

Michael Patrick MacDonald’s All Souls exposes a way of life, and a tragic acceptance of death, that few in South Boston were willing to accept as true during the 1980s. MacDonald, like many others from Southie, developed a great sense of community pride and saw his neighborhood as an idyllic home even in the face of the ce…

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A Review of the Modern World of Teenagers in the Book Hurt 2.0 by Chap Clark

Chap Clark in his book Hurt 2.0 provides the reader with a vivid and insightful view into the world of today’s teenagers. From topics such as peers, school, family, sports, sex, stress, and other relevant topics that impact teenagers today. Clark divides Hurt 2.0 into three separate sections. Each section of Clark’s book is…

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An Analysis of the Effects of Absent Fathers on the Self-Esteem of the Adolescent Male

For years, social science research on the family has attempted to prove the hypothesis that, when it comes to child well-being, it is the internal dynamics and processes of a family that matter most. The argument has been that love, not the family structure, is what makes a “family”. This attempt to prove this hypothesis ha…

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Bystanders and Indifference to People in Need in Sarah’s Key and Old Nothing

Indifference Imagine a scene of a group of people attacking someone, while you and others watch on. You want to help, but others seem to not care. They are indifferent to what is happening around them. People respond to injustice when they feel the need to act, or when it can benefit them. Some examples of how people are b…

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The Jewish Ethical Views on the Topic of Abortion

A Jewish Ethical Approach to Abortion One of the most regularly repeated and valued ethical principles stated in the Jewish religion is life and its demand to be respected and honored. Multiple Commandments discuss the importance of life through the topics of murder, criminal behavior, and interpersonal respect. Ulti…

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The Moral Issues of Same Sex Marriage in the United States

Same sex marriages have been a huge controversy in the United States in the last couple of years. There are two sides to the debate there are those who agree that they should get married, and there are those who disagree and say that it is an immoral issue. Marriage is defined to be a union between a man and women that are…

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My Portfolio on the Gender Wage Gap

At first, I was rather intimidated when I was presented with the portfolio. It was about to be the largest and most extensive writing project I had ever been tasked to do. My professor recommended that I choose a topic I was interested in learning more about. Eventually, I decided on the gender wage gap. It was a pretty eas…

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My Arguments Against Gun Control

If you were a thief, would you rather steal from people with guns or without guns? I’m here to persuade you that gun bans are not what will protect Americans. My main points will be as follows: guns allow law abiding citizens to protect themselves, murderers don’t have any qualms about breaking a minor law such as buying an…

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Defining Race, Language and Identity and Their Importance in Society

Race is a compilation of people who share more in common than just skin color. While ethnicity may play a role, racial unity is achieved through common experiences and a shared, unique form of language. A group of individuals develop a sense of unity when they share common experiences. For instance, Du Bois shares his enco…

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A Comparison of Andrew Carnegie and Robert Reich’s Idea of Wealth

Wealth is an indicator of being rich. It is scattered around us and individuals accumulate it to either save or spend it on something productive. The way in which people do this shows the nature of how they live. It depends on how people manage their wealth so that it could benefit others. But, there as some who are just bo…

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The Issue of Gender Binarism and Inequality in America

We obsessively attempt to fit every person and every object and every idea into a specific category and attempt to define even ourselves as one or the other, and so it goes: male and female. The categories which gender binarism define are two distinct, opposite, and disconnected forms of masculine and feminine, a void which…

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Edward O. Laymann’s The Social Organization of Sexuality: Male and Female Sex Drive

Sex drive, also referred to as a “libido”, is a term used to describe the urge a person has to have their sexual needs satisfied by any means. The mere existence of a universal term for such a thing seems to indicate that there is an overall acceptance by the general population that the sex drive really does exist and encou…

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Understanding the Difference Between Sex and Gender in Modern Society

Sex, Gender, and the Social Structure of the West It has long been held in modern society that sex and gender are one in the same. Each a term more interchangeable than the other, which define to us what the difference is between a man and a woman, a male and a female, a boy and a girl. As humans, we crave order. We obsess…

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Discrimination of the African American Soldiers

Discrimination and stereotyping occurred in several different ways. The Army War College, African Americans were “careless, shiftless, irresponsible and secretive” and “unmoral and untruthful.” This was documented and presented as facts and reinforced the treatment of African American Soldiers. Consequently commanding offic…

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The Importance of Personal, National, and Global Security

Individual Rights Vs National Security Is national security more important than individual privacy? How far
should the government go in gathering intelligence information on any
possible threats? Well, there has always been a tag of war between the
term security and liberty. Security can only be defined international…

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The Issue of Gun Control in the U.S.: Guns Should Never Be Completely Banned

The United States of America, The most powerful nation on the face of the earth, but also a nation that is run by a different set of rules than most other nations. One of these rules falls under a law that was written at the birth of the country, the 2nd Amendment of the Bill of Rights. This Amendment allows the people of A…

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A Discussion of the Negative Implications of Patriarchy on Society in Bell Hooks’ Understanding Patriarchy

In Understanding Patriarchy, bell hooks discusses the negative implications of the patriarchy on society. One striking quote she uses to help her argument is, “Patriarchy requires male dominance by any means necessary, hence it promotes, and condones sexist violence. We hear the most about sexist violence in public disclosu…

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The Origin and History of Feminism

Use Passion, Not Action “All men are created equal” is the immortal declaration written by Thomas Jefferson in the United States’ Declaration of Independence of 1776, yet the United States’ government followed the British Empire’s footsteps and hypocritically limited the rights of women. Women never had any rights…

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A Personal Experiment on Deviant Behavior by Breaking Social Norms

While deviant behavior is looked upon by society as wrong, and in some cases dangerous, it is necessary at times for clarifying societal expectations. Without examples of deviant behavior, children would not have the proper examples needed to be molded into acceptable and productive members of society. But for those whose b…

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Black Women Empowerment in the Book Black Statue of Liberty by Jessica Care Moore

Liberation and Empowerment of Black Women Black women in America have struggled tirelessly through history to receive the recognition they deserve. One of these women is Jessica Care Moore, author of Black Statue of Liberty. Moore is a world renowned poet, publisher, activist, musician, playwright, and actress. Born and…

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The Issues Surrounding the Concept of Gender and Inequality Towards Women

A major issue affecting individuals currently is gender discrimination and inequality towards women. Over time, stereotypes and gender roles have been developed and set for men and women. There are many levels of femininity or masculinity that one can express within the gender spectrum, however we have developed the concret…

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