The Pros and Cons of raising children as a Single Parent, Writing Assignment Homework help

The topic is:  “The Pros and Cons of raising children as a “Single Parent”     with a 20 minute power point with slides 

ELP “experimental learning project” write a 15 page written research paper.  which the research paper is based on a 5-7 page annotated bibliography which both of which must conforn to establish MLA standards of docemmentation.  for the annotated bibliography, each annotation should take the form of a 2-3 sentence synopis of the item which was researched.  by following the template , your bibliography should then incorporate 20-30 sources, nothing less. 50% hard copy items such as texts scholary, peer-reviewed jpurnals, periodicals films and recordings, and the other 50% can be taken from internet sources.  

Then I have to do a oral presentation on this research paper so i need all the information. 

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