The Pros and Cons of Modernization to Society

The Pros and Cons of Modernization to Society

Rise of Modernity: New Ways of Organizing Society The modern world and their development owe a lot to the Europe foe they played a significant role in the process of formation that led to the new modern societies. Modernity developed from the 18th century and began from a group of key thinker in Europe who recognized the n…

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The Pros and Cons of Playing Computer Games and Its Adverse Effects on the Studies and Health of the Young Generation

In recent years,  children’s play of computer games has become a matter of heated debate among scientists and parents alike. While some people claim that game playing on the computer is helpful, others believe that this has a detrimental impact on children. This essay will look at both sides and argue that computer games ha…

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Gender Roles in The Haves and the Have Nots, an American Drama Series

Gender roles in the haves and the haves not The haves and the haves not is a soap opera TV series by Tyler Perry and focusses on the different social classes in the world: the rich and the poor. The TV series rotates around the lifestyles of three families,” two of which are black American and one which is a white family:…

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The Controversy of the Debate on the Importance of Multicultural Equality and Intellectual Quality

The Canon Wars Revisited: Equality vs Quality By the end of the cold war, a new topic arose that sparked debate and controversy everywhere throughout the world. The Canon Wars, which split between the two sides, diversity/equality and bias/quality. It asks the question whether the past fifty years has contributed to inte…

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The Impact of the Media on the Awareness on Child Abuse and Neglect in the Society

The Media on Child Abuse and Neglect The media plays a significant role in creating awareness on child abuse. The way the media structures its reports on the vice creates awareness to the general public on the extent to which it is engrained in the society. Significantly, the media has in the past been used to voice concer…

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The Formulation of Strategic Policies to Guide the Merger of UWEAR and PALEDENIM

Policy Development The running of a business entity should be regulated by set standards and policies. Where there are such standards as well as policies, there are high chances that the business will remain focused on its goals and agendas. On the other hand, where a business is not run based policies, it is bound to lose…

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An Evaluation of the Extent of the Impact of Martin Luther King on Civil Rights for Black Americans

How much impact did Martin Luther King have in changing civil rights for Black Americans? Between the years 1955-1968, Martin Luther King had a controversial impact in changing civil rights for Black Americans, as there are moments when he did not have much impact e.g. The Little Rock Arkansas yet there are also events…

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Gender Gap in Education and Its Negative Impact on Girls and Boys

The education gender gap is bad for girls as well as boys More girls are applying to university this year: 62000 more of them to be exact. To anyone who has followed the steady rise in girls’ educational achievements over the past few decades, this should come as no surprise. While boys may be gaining ground in recent ye…

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The Opening of Job Opportunities and Employment of Women During the Market Revolution

WOMEN The market revolution was an era that expanded the marketplace through the construction of roads, canals, steamboats and railroads which connected communities and created new job opportunity. The market revolution did more than expand America economically; it also held changes for women in society. One great change…

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The Stories of the Homelessness and the Homeless Shelters

Have you ever thought about the stories behind homelessness? Amultitude of causes of homelessness exist, and homeless shelters have been created.However, do they reach out to all homeless individuals, includingpeople with a substance abuse problem? Mary’s Place does state that many of the homeless people consume drugs, but…

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The Social Issue of Stereotyping Among the Middle Eastern Countries

Stereotypes Vs. The Middle East: Turkey & Iran What is a stereotype? The dictionary definition of a “stereotype” is, “A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing”. Stereotypes amongst the Middle Eastern countries and their cultures happen quite often. The issues surroun…

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The Importance of System Thinking in Solving Sustainability Challenges on the Example of Homelessness in Australia

Systems Thinking is Critical in Developing Solutions to Sustainability
Challenges Sustainability has gained attention from scholars and practitioners
and has proven to be an important concept (Aras and Crowther, 2012).
Sustainability can be defined as the adoption and incorporation of

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An Evaluation of the Connection between the Concepts of Gift Exchange and Taboo to the Spiritual Power and Danger

A taboo is an action that is prohibited by social custom or religious
practice. Gift exchange is gift exchange is a mode of exchange where
valuables are not traded or sold, but rather given without an explicit
agreement for immediate or future rewards. Traditionally it was held that
Taboo and concept of gift exchange and mo…

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The Life and Abnormal Personal Characteristics of Jeffrey Dahmer, a Notorious Serial Killer

The Personality of Jeffrey Dahmer Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the most notorious American serial killers. During the late eighties and early nineties, Dahmer murdered over a dozen men in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Most of his victims were African-American and homosexual. The strange behavior this murderer exhibited, and his endur…

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The Transnationalism and Rationalization in the United States Migration

Transnationalism and Racialization within Contemporary U.S. Immigration(Patrici R. Pessar) Author is informing us that color immigrants face a lot of discrimination in the u.s.a and financially struggle to shelter their family due to the social boundaries they face. Blackness in America is considered to be bad because it’s…

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The Dangers of Heavy Alcohol Consumption on the Youth

It is very common for the nowadays youth to be drinking alcohol but not everyone drinks as much as they can handle or to the point where they become unconscious of what they are doing. In most cases, people are not aware of how much in danger their life is when they start drinking more than they should be. Alcohol drinking…

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The Importance of Islam to the Racial Equality Mission of Malcolm X

Malcolm X’s trip to Mecca have drastically changed the way he thought about people, the way that they interact with each other, his life and others like him in America, and religiously/politically. His trip to Mecca has made him come to a revelation about how he viewed race and religion back when he was just in America comp…

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The Importance of Being Vigilant and Aware of the Racial Oppression and Prejudice Against African-Americans and Minorities in Modern Day America

Oppression, corruption, prejudice, and abuse are deeply embedded in the history of America. From slavery to Jim Crow to mass incarceration and to the many injustices that still flood our society after slavery, are still prevalent, even more so now that Trump is president. In this day and age, what I, a young black woman, ca…

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Feminism: The Answer to Gender Limitations in Society

In our society, we have various things, ideals, ideologies that we all hold. Some can be deemed masculine and some can be deemed feminine. But with the way each of the sexes are treated in our society, due to the way we are looked at as humans and the way we react to humans, there tends to be a disparity in the way women ar…

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An Investigation of Average Life Expectancy and Child Mortality in Japan, South Korea, and Trinidad and Tobago

Child mortality is an unfortunate event that happens to all countries and it heavily affects the life expectancy of a country. Child mortality and life expectancy are two measures that are closely related. When there is a large number of children dying, those who live to old age will be canceled out when calculating the lif…

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The Caste System in India and the Issues Regarding the Oldest Form of Social Stratification

In recent times, India has been getting more frequent coverage of a woman getting acid thrown in her face or getting sexually assaulted by a group of men. These egregious crimes have been highly publicized in the local and international news making headlines all across the world. Laws have been put in place to protect these…

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The Call for an End to Racism, Discrimination, and Segregation

In 2013, Brad Paisley and L.L. Cool J came out with the song “Accidental Racist”. The lyrics state “Dear Mr. White Man, I wish you understood/ What the world is really like when you’re livin’ in the hood/ Just because my pants are saggin’ doesn’t mean I’m up to no good/ …/ dodgin’ invisible white hoods/ …/ conversate and cl…

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The Manifest of the Changes of American Identity

Americans of today’s society view their home country as a melting pot of culture, customs, and creeds. America has grown to be the most culturally diverse nation in the world but this feat did not happen rapidly. The most culturally diverse country in the world consisted, in its most ancient of forms, of untamed and pristin…

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The Link Between Stress and Suicide in Our Competitive Society

How Does Stress and Suicide Correspond with Today’s Society? According to David G. Myers and C. Nathan DeWall, stress is the process by which we perceive and respond to certain events that we asses as threatening or challenging. In today’s busy and competitive world, teens feel the need to become more competitive academi…

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A Sociology Experiment on the Responses of People on My Breaking of a Social Norm

Introduction: The sociology experiment I conducted involved me breaking a social norm and observing the responses I would get for doing something considered “not typical” by societal models. I monitored the responses of five unique groups all through the experiment to get the best outcomes. I rode the elevator five times,…

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