The Promise of the American Dream in the United States

The Promise of the American Dream in the United States

The early years of America contained a land of opportunity for all people. Authors such as Michel-Guillaume-Jean de Crevecoeur and Ben Franklin discuss that the American Dream promised foreigners with a subsistent lifestyle, which consisted of a fair job and a decent home. This lifestyle appeared as a successful one during…

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Socioeconomic Inequalities Faced by Minorities in the United States

“As I often say, we have come a long way from the days of slavery, but in 2014, discrimination and inequality still saturate our society in modern ways. Though racism may be less blatant now in many cases, its existence is undeniable.” ~ Al Sharpton Outline Introduction Socioeconomic Inequality Definition of socioecono…

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Disturbing Use of Rhetoric in Press and the Example of an Article About Terrorism Published in New York Times

“In America right now, we use words like ‘smart’ to talk about bombs. American rhetoric is grounded in ideas of capital-G Good, capital-E Evil, and it’s very clear who is on which side. But in a book you can do just the opposite. You can use all lower-case words.” ~ Jonathan Safran Foer Introduction Journalism is a tric…

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A Feasibility Study on the North Star Childcare Center in South Carolina

North Star Feasibility Study: Part I “Research has shown time and time again that infants who receive the high-quality child care and early education programs do better in school, have more developed social skills, and display fewer behavior problems.” Judy Biggert Product Description Daycare and other chi…

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An Essay Studying the Effects of Sacrificing Freedom and Privacy for Better Security

“People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” ~ Benjamin Franklin Introduction In the nearly sixteen years that have passed since September 11th, 2001, the world has experienced a much different version of international relations, military action, and liberal democr…

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A Personal Experience of Learning in a Small Group

According to the article, WHAT IS A SMALL GROUP?, the author Steinert states that the goals within a group are more direct than in larger groups. Generally, small groups are designed for an emphasis of learning rather than teaching as well as a more specific task objective. With the smaller groups, the goals given have more…

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The Marriage and Unification of Different Cultures According to Rossmery Oakes

In this Article “6 things that inevitably happen when you marry someone from another culture” the author Rossmery Oakes states that in this world that we live in, there are over 6billion people, they can all be culturally different, and that’s one reason for the existence of so many cultures. Over the past few years, interr…

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Why Are Young People Taking Too Long to Mature to Their Adult Life and How Can Parents Deal in This Problem?

People are born as children, and afterward, step by step changed to grown-ups. This shift, from Childhood to Adulthood is a frequently endless supply of variables, both inside and outside. The period where someone changes from childhood to adulthood is a sensitive and critical time. Albeit both are essential stages in life,…

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The Morality of Eating Animals and Using Animal Products: An Argument Against It

On the topic of the mortality of eating animals and using animal products at the expense of animal’s basic rights for human gain, it is of my opinion that it is for the most part unethical. First off and most basically most people probably agree that the torture or senseless killing of animals or any living thing is complet…

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Gender Neutrality in Sweden in the Article Boys Won’t Be Boys by Lisa Abend

Lisa Abend’s article from TIME magazine “Boys Won’t Be Boys” focuses on the erasure of gender roles and expectations in Sweden. The purpose driving this article is basically one of informing people about the possibilities and realities of gender neutrality in a country as a whole based on the efforts of people in groups wit…

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The Effects of Gentrification

Citizens Threatened By Gentrification The definition of gentrification according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of middle-class or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents.” The author of “Cities Mobilize to Help Thos…

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A Discussion on Gender Equality in Abend’s and Rosenberg’s Articles

On the Issue of Gender Issues of gender equality and gender expectations are ones that many people deal with all across the world every day. From transgendered people fighting to be seen as equals to other’s fighting to erase gender roles and make for a more gender neutral society. It is really the responsibility of people…

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The Housing, Education, Crime, and Socioeconomic Issues in the Brazilian Favelas

In Brazil, Favelas are houses similar to slums that the government built to accommodate the homeless, destitute, the old and the handicapped. People residing in the accommodations claim that they lack adequate electricity and water supply. Clearly, such individuals who cannot afford homes are destitute, so they lack educati…

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An Elaboration of Human Rights Considering National, Individual and Social Levels

Human rights entail freedoms applicable to all human beings in the world regardless of race, residence, gender, religion or nationality. Further, human rights as drafted by the United Nations are codependent and amalgamated whereby the international law sources guarantee their protection. Primarily, human rights provide equ…

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The Essence of the Legalization of Abortion Since It Is a Person’s Choice

Abortion involves termination of a fetus resulting in its death. The society criticizes advocates of abortion by calling them murderers of the innocent however there are concise reasons why people opt for the procedure. The controversial topic is debated by weighing the positive and negative sides of the surgery. In America…

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The Culture of Goth Teens and the Role of School Personnel in Identifying and Preventing Their Psychosocial Issues

School personnel are proven to be in a great position to identify, and assist the management of Goth teens at risk for psychosocial problems. Due to the hefty diversity in the Goth culture, it is very difficult to define. Although it is hard to define, there are many unique characteristics that help shape the image of this…

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A Glimpse at the Religion, Spirituality and Mental Health in the Prisons of America

Religion and spirituality has found its way into many peoples lives in many different ways. Some people grow up learning certain spiritual beliefs and categorized as a follower of a certain religion, while others stumble into it later on in their life journey. Although it does not affect everyone in the same way or at the s…

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The Decline of the Social Foundations of American Society and the Well Being of the Children and Youth in the United States

In the United States, the public believes that children are getting too little attention from their parents. One article rests upon a premise that the social foundations of American society are being weakened by two factors that include; growing inequalities and moral depletion. This article is called A Call to Civil Societ…

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The Role, Power and Advancements of the New Media, the Internet, and Social Network in the Arab Springs in the Middle East and North Africa Region

The unstoppable advancements of the Internet and social networks entered a society as an explosion in the early 2000’s. In Arab countries, these new developments were the trigger event that forced people to take the streets to protest the many factors hindering the lives everyday of the people such as; significant social di…

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Living the American Dream in Gated Communities in the United States

Buying a home and living in a privatized high-class residential community is a popular dream among many people in the United States. These communities are also called gated communities when surrounded by a privacy gate or fence separating it from the rest of the communities. Gated communities have been defined by many pers…

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A Response to Norcross’ Article on the Ethical Side of Eating Meat

In Norcross’ article, “Puppies, Pigs and People: Eating Meat and Marginal Cases”, he discusses how unfair it is that many people in society are meat-eaters. Norcross goes on to state, that if only the people knew what was happening on these animal farms where the meat they are earing is being processed and slaughtered, then…

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An Overview of Human Population and the Issues Surrounding Overpopulation

QUESTION 1: Define Population. Why is population an important topic? Answer: According to the textbook Human Biologywritten by Michael D. Johnson, population is defined as a group of individuals of the same species that occupy the same geographic area and interact with each other (Johnson 2014). The website, populationinst…

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In Highbrow/Lowbrow Author Lawrence Levine Argues That the Upper Class Is Always Trying to Make Itself More Elite

The United States unemployment rate is at a staggering 9.1% and people walk day in and day out of the Missouri Career Center empty-handed and feeling completely hopeless (Employment Situation Summary). They fail to pick up the countless pamphlets about how dressing appropriately can land you the position of your dreams and…

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People’s Attitudes Towards Sexual Orientation: an Interview Project

Sexual Orientation Homosexuals are often affected by the Halo effect as a result of individuals’ strong attitudes and opinions toward same sex relationships that are molded by ones’ morals, beliefs, and the ideologies at work. Homosexuality is a very controversial topic among society. Heterosexuals have been targets of s…

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A Cleveland Kidnapper’s Son’s Article about a Girl Abducted by His Father

Cleveland kidnapper’s son wrote article for school about girl abducted by his father On May 6th in Cleveland, Charles Ramsey was walking past his neighbor, Ariel Castro’s house. Ramsey had barbequed with Ariel before, and considered him a friendly, goodhearted neighbor. This changed when Ramsey heard a woman screaming wh…

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