The Promise and Effectiveness of Feudal Stratification in the Stability of a Growing Society

The Promise and Effectiveness of Feudal Stratification in the Stability of a Growing Society

1) Diamond says stratified societies must encompass certain means of distribution to support the social surplus. Feudal stratification was the most significant consequence of food production. Creating reliable food surpluses meant there were large amounts of excess and unused food stuffs to protect a society for unexpecte…

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The Role of Leaders in Stratified Societies

1) Every society needs groups that don’t produce and still receive a portion of the social surplus. Students, children, babies, people with disabilities, and more cannot produce yet it is essential to society that we have them. Caring for others, growing a larger population, and teaching the next generation are all vital…

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Understanding the Arguments on Marriage Equality in Argentina Based on Three Different Articles

Argentina legalized same-sex marriage on July 15, 2010. It was the first country in Latin America, as well as the tenth country in the world, to do so (Biglieri 2013, 146). The battle for equality was expensive and time consuming. It required several sources of support and influence to become successful. The three research…

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The Issue of Gang Violence in El Salvador

In Latin America, corrupt governments have historically reacted to social and political issues with brute force. Violence intensely pervades the region and remains to be a part of everyday life even still today. El Salvador is no exception; it is one of the least safe countries in the world. Gang violence plagues the small…

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The Life and Threats of Robert Hansen

Introduction This is an analysis of the threat posed by Robert Hansen. Hansen was an intelligent man who worked for the FBI for a period of 20 years. He was a clandestine source for Russian intelligence services. He mainly displayed cunning and very careful operation tradecraft. The intelligence he sold to Russians lead to…

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Examining the Potential Threats of the Sinaloa Cartel to the Kentucky Civilians and Police

Introduction This is an analysis of the threat posed by the Sinaloa Cartel. This cartel has been identified as a potential threat to Kentucky civilians and police. This Cartel poses a threat due to its influence on other areas of crime such as gang activity and other militia organisations. Drug cartels have always been a t…

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The Issue of Women and Gender Stereotyping in Our Society

A stereotype is a preconceived notion, especially about a specific group of people. Most stereotypes involve the topics of race, gender, and sexual orientation. In our society, the word stereotype often has a negative connotation. One example that most people can relate to is how men and women are typically stereotyped and…

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The Roots and Causes of Criminogenic Behavior in the Book Causes of Deliquincy by Travis Hirschi

The “social bond theory,” introduced by Travis Hirschi in his book Causes of Deliquincy, was publicized in 1969, offering a new insight into criminogenic behavior, its’ roots and causes. Based on the theories that I have read in this chapter, I could see this being a very likely and probable cause of criminal activity. In t…

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The Influence of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s I Have a Dream Speech to Equality in Our Modern World

Four scores and seven years ago, a great man entered into a white westernised world, this man came into mankind serving a great purpose for the future of humanity. When he spoke, his words changed many hearts, he rang the bell of human equality, waiting for a Day with all-white men and African-American man, will hold hands…

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A Discussion on the Distinction Between Gender and Sex

Sociology makes a distinction between gender and sex. According to
this field of study, sex can be viewed as the biological traits that are
used by the society to distinguish between male or female. It can either be
based on genitalia, chromosome, or other physical ascription. When engaged
in a discussion about the differen…

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An Analysis of the Effects of Drugs and Substance Abuse on the YPLL in the United States

Years of potential life lost is a mechanism that is used to
account for the age at which premature deaths occur. The approach gives a
greater emphasis on deaths that occur at a young age as compared to those
that occur at old age. YPLL indicator calculates the years of potential
life lost as a proportion of the total life l…

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The Factors That Affects the Self-Esteem of Women

Women’s Self-esteem Regarding your opinion of the development of healthy self-esteem in a woman, I am in a tandem with you on the factors that influence the healthy self-esteem development in a woman. Father’s acceptance and woman’s self-esteem has a strong relationship in that the father can negatively or positively impac…

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The Measurement of Diversity in Socioeconomic Status

Measures Diversity in Socioeconomic Status Diversity is the inclusion of people representing more than one color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin and socioeconomic status, etc. Socioeconomic status, on the other hand, can be idealized as the position of someone in the social structure. It is the position at w…

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The Effects of the Increase in Non-Marital Lifestyles on Family Structure

Non-Marital Lifestyles Non-marital unions have become a universal normality today since the actual meaning of a family has been distorted by personalized social values that have increasingly matured since the late 1940s. From research, it is noted that, marriage is no longer the consecrated, and long-lasting or permanent u…

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A Research on the Motives and Purposes of Humans in Hunting, Killing, Slaughtering, and Selling Dolphins

Dolphins by virtue of their life and character are a breed of special creatures and animals whose very existence and presence is attractive. These are large fish which live in huge water bodies and add variety and richness to the existing body of what constitutes fish. It is important to note and mention that dolphins are…

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The Reasons Why All Countries Should Outlaw the Death Penalty

There are various ways in which every government and especially the
states’ punish various crimes. Some crimes are subtle with regards to the
damage caused while others may cause catastrophic damage that might include
among others loss of lives for the citizenry. Such are the significant
misdeeds against human, but they sho…

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The Casual Factors That Impact Airport Ground, Apron, Fire and Rescue Services

Executive Summary Human factors have been identified as a ground, apron, and fire and rescue issue for which safety improvement action policies have to be developed. The primary objective of this paper is to give and elaborate on casual factors that impact airport ground, apron, fire and rescue services that are rendered o…

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A Discussion on the Issues of Elder Abuse and Prevention

Elder Abuse and Prevention Introduction Today, abuse of elderly adults is very rampant which always happens in their homes, in relatives’ homes, and may also happen in the care facilities expected to take good care of them. Most of the elderly population include the frail, older and vulnerable and cannot help themselves i…

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A Discussion on the Consequences of Elderly Abuse and Neglect

Consequences of Elderly Abuse and Neglect Regarding the risk mentioned above factors for elderly abuse, it is highlighted that based on a case comparison that suggest that abused elders face higher mortality that the non-abused elders. From current studies, it is deduced that self-neglecting elders were at five times great…

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A Discussion on the Causes of Elderly Abuse

Causes of Elderly Abuse Recent studies have based their research on the elderly abuse prevalence and incidence. It is reported that, community-dwelling persons of age 57 to 85 experience about three elder abuse forms within the past year. About 9 percent of the older adults indicated that they experienced verbal mistreatme…

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The Variables for Elder Vulnerability in the United States

Abstract From a review of the existing literature, it is deduced that, elder vulnerability is believed to be a combination of several factors that include health status, poverty, gender and disability, population growth, social support, and cognitive ability. Variables for elder vulnerability were recognized and applied to…

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Morality, Frailty and Assessing the Elderly

Outcomes of Vulnerability Mortality Exposure of the elderly to the above mentioned factors leads to a high chances of death of an elderly person. Based on age sex and frailty, every social discrepancy in its index is associated with increased chances of death over years. As people age, they tend to become more fragile an…

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Evidence-Based Plan for the Implementation and Evaluation of Care

Evidence-Based Plan for the Implementation and Evaluation of Care Based on research findings, it is deduced that, the number of elderly people were projected to be around 40 million and constituted 13 % of the American total population. It is expected to increase to about 75 million by the year 2030 and with the current a…

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Causative Factors to Vulnerability of the Elderly

Causative Factors to Vulnerability of the Elderly Poverty Poverty has been deemed as one of the biggest influential factor in evaluating the vulnerability of the elderly. When it comes to increasing vulnerability of the elderly, poverty is a significant factor and is common and identifiable within most communities around…

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The Negative Impact of Poverty on a Child’s Physical and Mental Development

On several occasions, federal politicians have vowed to end child poverty through several policy changes and amendments. Unfortunately, the child poverty rate has risen since 1989 according to Campaign 2000. Child poverty has several detrimental effects on the individual facing it. Not only does it color a person childhoo…

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