The Process of Skin Bleaching and Its Popularity Among African American Women

The Process of Skin Bleaching and Its Popularity Among African American Women

Skin bleaching refers to the application of ointments on one’s skin to lighten its complexion. It is a multi-billion global and cultural phenomenon industry that has intrigued black woman enough to have them invest in the product. Although a large population of the world spends on skin bleaching products, African women rema…

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A Study on the Subtitles of the Processes Used by Male Street Hustlers to Organize Sexual Transactions Without Exposing Their Identity

Thomas C. Calhoun, Male Street Hustling: Introduction Process and Stigma Containment This study focuses on the subtitles of the processes that male street hustlers use to arrange sexual transactions that focus on keeping their identities hidden. Male street hustlers suffer the stigma of both a sex worker and a homosexua…

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The Issue of the Negative Treatment of Albinos in Society

For many years, albinos have been discriminated against, bullied in school, and murdered. In Africa, many people don’t want to work or live alongside albinos because they believe that albinism is contagious. First of all, the assumption that albinism is contagious is very inaccurate and is only a myth. The people making…

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Inexplicable Habits and Salvation of a Homeless Dumpster Diver in the Essays Stuff Is Not Salvation and On Dumpster Diving

Unexplainable Habits The essay “Stuff Is Not Salvation” is about the author, Anna Quindlen, trying to explain unexplainable habits. But guess what ? Stuff is salvation for some people, like ones who don’t have nothing. In the essay “On Dumpster Diving” is about the author, Lars Eighner explains the life of a homeless dumps…

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The Different Time and Era of Racism

“Hating people because of their color is wrong, and it doesn’t matter which color does the hating. It’s just plain wrong” (Muhammad Ali). Different facts of racism occur in both my passages that I am reading “one crazy summer” By: Rita Williams-Garcia, and “Champion of The World” By; Maya Angelou. “One crazy summer” is se…

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The Right to Adequate Living Standards is Freedom from the Burden of Hunger and Sickness

The Right to Adequate Living Standards It is a known fact that a human cannot surpass three days without water and three weeks without food. The town of Flint, Michigan has been without safe and clean drinking water since April of 2014 with lead contaminating their water. Access to clean drinking water is a part of the m…

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A Persuasive Speech to Support the Right to Freedom from Discrimination

The right to freedom from discrimination is internationally recognized as a human right. Every human is born free and equal in dignity and rights. Freedom of discrimination is a very important human right  developed in the 1948. It is important to keep freedom of discrimination to stop people from publicly discriminating so…

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The Impact of Privilege to the Quality of Life in America

Quality of life : White Paper You have asked me to inform you about the quality of life and access to privilege of Hartford residents and current initiatives underway to improve quality of life in the city. Privilege is an act of having more unearned benefits than others.( Privilege became provocation) You can have thes…

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The Damages Caused by the Shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

Michael Brown was shot on August 9th of 2014 in Ferguson, Missouri.
The shooting was assumed to be racists by many radicals all over the United
States. The result was civil unreset and protests. The riots ignited by the
death of Michael Brown, the shooting of unarmed black criminal by off
Darren Wilson, police were highly s…

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The Social Memories of Juan as an Immigrant in the United States

Oral History Narrative: A Social and Cultural Analysis via Juan Some examples of negotiations Americans engage in at some point in their lifespan, according to Margaret Mead, a pioneer in anthropology at Columbia University include: reconciliations between beliefs of equality of man and equal opportunity with the negativ…

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The Importance of Understanding the Reasons Why People Are Afraid of Marriage

Abstract This particular paper discusses the importance of people avoiding commitment, particularly with marriage, and why it is becoming a common lifestyle for many individuals. My paper focuses on various findings that are also crucial to understanding why people are afraid to get married despite being in long term rel…

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The Concept of Segregation in Modern Day America

Segregation in 2016? Monday, May 9, 2016 Loretta Lynch stood before the American public to deliver one of the most powerful rejections against North Carolina’s anti-trans bathroom bill where she argued the North Carolina fight is more than where transgenders go to the restroom, it’s a battle over basic human rights. “This…

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Gender Labels are For Chumps

Gender Labels Are For Chumps (and Target Agrees) Girls are allowed to play with Nerf guns and boys are allowed to play with dolls. In Christia Brown’s article on the Psychology Today website, “Target is Right on Target about the Use of Gender Labels” brings attention to a decision Target made to get rid of their gender id…

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The Issues Surrounding the Privatization of the American Prison System

The creation of the prison system in America was done to ensure the safety of its citizens. In essence prisons serve as one of many checks and balances of society. Whether proven guilty or not in a court of law, felons are housed in state prisons to serve a specific amount of time. Probation also comes into play with an inm…

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The Importance of Love and Having the Same Rights as Men in the Life of Karen

Love or Right? Fighting for equal rights seems to be a nonstop movement towards human beings. All over the world people are fighting to have the right to practice their religion, go to the same places to eat and even fighting for a right to go to school. Men are fighting, children are fighting and in particular women….

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An Introduction to Bullying and the Key to Prevent the Social Problem

THE KEY TO PREVENT BULLYING AMONG STUDENTS IN SENIOR HIGHSCHOOL Intoduction The key aspect discussed is bullying as it is presented to be common in most senior high school communities. According to the dictionary of Merriam-Webster one of the definitions of the word ‘BULLY’ is defined as, “To frighten, hurt, or threaten (…

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The Issue of Equal Opportunities in the United States in Social Problems, a Book by Robert Heiner

Final Exam A. One of the social problems covered in Robert Heiner’s book Social Problems is the inequality of life chances in the United States, and more specifically the issue of inequality and gender. First, Heiner points out the difference between sex and gender. He states that “’sex’ refers to the biological difference…

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The Major Issues of Breaking the Human Rights

Human rights The problem: The Declaration of human rights was established on 10 December 1948. It was standardized document which describes human rights. In this declaration, there are 30 articles where is written about human rights, duties, access to education and medicine. The Declaration was written to avoid destruc…

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The Major Role of Stereotypes in Our Daily Lives

In our society, stereotypes play a massive role in our everyday life. People ranging from adolescents, to adults are influenced by a various of judgments passed on by previous incidents. A persons’ true identity is based on how they portray themselves. However, this can be easily tampered with due to the lack of confidence…

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The Issue of Unreported Domestic Violence Against Men

Why don’t men report domestic violence? Domestic violence is a method in which a partner demonstrates control and power over the respective other and has existed for as long as we know. Not so long ago men were allowed to beat a wife with a stick that is not thicker than one of his fingers. Nowadays any kind of violence,…

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The Pros and Cons of Hunting and the Controversies Surrounding the Practice of Killing or Trapping Animals

Formal Topic Proposal For my I-Search topic, I would like to research the controversy of hunting. This includes questions such as if hunting is helpful or harmful for animal ecosystems and if trophy hunting should be banned. It is a current issue with many controversies surrounding it such as the call for an end to hunti…

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The Importance of Helping the Homeless and the Mentally Challenged Individuals to Make America Great Again

Do you ever think about other people instead of you?” I strongly
think many people According to Encyclopedia, 25% of the whole world is
homeless, or have mental illnesses, but you can help them live a normal
life by donating money to them. To illustrate my point, there are many
natural disasters hitting all over the world,…

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Interracial Relationship in the Case of the Loving

The Loving’s Did you know that Barack Obama parents, Ann Dunham, an white female and Barack Obama Sr., an African male married in 1961. If the two had lived in one of the states that had the Racial Integrity Act; our country will not be the same. Do you ever wonder when it became legal to get married to a different race? W…

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The American Struggle with Racism

“Racism can be defined as beliefs, attitudes, actions or behaviors that are based on phenotypic characteristics or ethnic affiliation” (Patcher, 2010). Racism is a struggle that, to this day, has continued to be a major issue. The color of someone’s skin alters how a person is perceived by society. Race is a social construc…

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The Achievements of the Suffragettes with the Use of Clothing Choice, Role Colors, and Interpretations During the Woman’s Suffrage Parade of 1913

Abstract The resolve suffragettes had in their choice to contradict previous images of what an activist looked like played a major role in the longevity to which women reigned over the early twentieth century. In choosing a tricolor scheme to represent them, they were claiming a symbol for themselves, which would be paired…


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