The Problems and Solutions to Vulnerable Population

The Problems and Solutions to Vulnerable Population

Vulnerable population is a broad term. According to the text it includes people “… at a greater risk for poor health status and health care access” (Knickman & Kovner, 2015, p.151). These people are open to harm or easily harmed (Knickman & Kovner, 2015). They are considered vulnerable because they are in that state. Vulner…

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A Report on Epidemiology, the Ideal Test, Drug Rig, Publication Bias, and Ethical Issues in the Medical Field Today

The speaker says epidemiology is the science of how we know. Explain what he means. Epidemiology attempts to explain how we know something. We attempt to explain it by looking at facts, statistics and coming up with studies that can lead us to a better understanding of what we are studying. Epidemiology does not provide cu…

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A Study on Co-Occurring Obesity and Smoking Among Women of Reproductive Age in America and Its Association with Educational Attainment, Health Biomarkers and Outcomes

Title: Co-occurring obesity and smoking among U.S. women of reproductive age: Associations with educational attainment and health biomarkers and outcomes Citation: Vurbic, D., Harder, V. S., Redner, R. R., Lopez, A. A., Phillips, J. K., & Higgins, S. T. (2015). Co-occurring obesity and smoking among U.S. women of repro…

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The Concept of Disabilities in Stories and the Arts

Are disabilities often “used as a plot device, and the character of the person with the disability is not developed fully in the story” (Wedding and Niemiec, 2014) when represented in the arts? A major influence towards the way physical and mental disabilities are viewed by society is their representation in the arts, sp…

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A Research on the Mixed Method in Adolescent Alcohol Use Among Adolescents

The research topic for this article that applied the mixed method research approach is Adolescent Alcohol Use: The Mixed Method Approach. It describes the various qualitative and quantitative methods used to better understand alcohol use among the adolescents. The article has applied the mixed method approach of quantitativ…

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The Difficulties of Education and Military Oppression in Burma

EDUCATION DIFFICULTIES IN BURMA. We first start with problems facing the education sector in Myanmar. The lack of government support for learning institutions has made it difficult for low and middle income earning individuals to send their children to school, due to this, the percentage of children not going to school is…

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The Moral and Ethical Issue Surrounding the Use of Child Labor in the Global Economy

Throughout history we have seen the exploitation of children in the Global Economy. As countries advanced in the world they would not only have adults working but the children as well, countries like India, the United States, parts of the Middle East and Africa. Children were used in times of Industrial Revolution and in ti…

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Understanding the Real Idea of Feminism

The term feminism has a lot of misunderstanding and confusion many people think that the term Feminism or being Feminist is only for women . what they don’t know is that Feminism is the belief in the social, political and economic equality of the sexes. So many people don’t understand what feminism is and where the word…

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A Case Study of the 30 Day Limited Warranty and the Beltermine Drug

The iPad that didn’t work On June 30th, a new iPad Air was purchased for Shayna. However Shayna did not attempt to use the iPad until August 10, which is approximately 40 days later. Upon Shayna’s 1st attempt to use the iPad, the iPad did not work. Best Buy offered a 30-day limited warranty that allowed the purchaser to re…

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The Failing Prison System in the United States

When the TV comes on it is impossible to watch without seeing a report of a criminal activity that has taken place. The individuals that end up getting caught are arrested and put into a jail unit. With all the news of illegal activities going on and people getting arrested surely the cells of jails and prisons are filling…

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Racism in Society and the Influence of Current Issues

Racism: An opinion or prejudice that believes that physical differences between races affect people’s abilities and that certain races are superior to others. Racism is a worldwide problem caused by ignorance of people and this can be solved through continuous education.Those who believe and defend racism are called racist….

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The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Legalization of Euthanasia

Euthanasia; depending on the level of societal development that the medicine has reached, the patients who can not improve and can not provide a qualified life end by physicians their lives in the direction of their own desires. Since the emergence of euthanasia has caused many controversies. Some of the debates are related…

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The Increase in Poverty Rate from 2007 to 2010 in the United States

The official poverty rate in 2010 was 15.1 percent—up from 14.3 percent in 2009. This was the third consecutive annual increase in the poverty rate. Since 2007, the poverty rate has increased by 2.6 percentage points, from 12.5 percent to 15.1 percent. This is highly significant because there was approximately 310 million p…

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The Serious Problem of Depression and Suicide in Our Society

Depression and Suicide Danielle was a normal happy seventeen-year-old. She played soccer, volleyball, and was in the band. She was a straight A student who was always hanging out with her friends. Lately, Danielle’s mother noticed changes in her daughter. Danielle quit the soccer and volleyball team, stopped going to band…

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The Benefits of Rehabilitation in Prison to Inmates

Can Rehabilitation in Prison be beneficial to inmates? A seventeen-year-old boy is arrested and sentenced to six years in prison for robbery. During the time he spends in prison, he will miss out on opportunities that a regular teenager would have. He will not be able to continue his education or have the resources to purs…

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The Changes in the Views and Treatment of Black Americans Throughout History

Keyword Essay In this class we have learned about a good number of things ranging from religion to racism through the culture wars. The culture wars were a conflict between traditionalist or conservative values and progressive or liberal values that people believe started in the 60’s, but still continue in small bits today…

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The Pro-Abortion and Anti-Abortion Arguments of Judith Jarvis Thompson

People always have and will always dispute over their position on abortion
because there are a lot of varying factors; their culture and their
environment which helped shape people into who they are today and how they
think. Thompson’s argument proves that to completely abolish abortion would
take away women’s individuality…

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Harassed Women in the Workplace in Ellen Bravo’s Sexual Harassment

The Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment, Ellen Bravo, 2006. In Sexual Harassment, Bravo speaks of
how women in the workplace have been harassed for decades and some still
are today. Overtime, not only have women been sexually harassed, but men
have been targets of harassment as well. People are not just harassed for

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The Sound of Disgust for Male Chauvinists and the Stand of Women in Silent Protest in Rebecca Walker’s Becoming the Third Wave

The New Wave Becoming the Third Wave. Rebecca Walker. 1992. Walker’s piece is about the
disgust she holds for male chauvinists who see women as property and not as
fellow human beings. Walker wants her fellow women to get angry by their
less than equal treatment by society and all the ways it brings down women.
Walker w…

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The Influence of Taking Women’s Studies on Perspective of the World in Lori Gross’ Real Life: Women’s Studies in Action

Life Real Life: Women’s Studies in Action. Lori Gross. 2000. Gross’s piece is
about how having a degree in Women’s Studies changed her perspective of the
world for the better. Woman’s Studies enlightened Gross about the working
of the world towards the female gender. Women’s Studies also taught Gross
of how many unackno…

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Puppy Mills: The Dirty Secrets of Money Making

Paying Big Bucks for Dog Abuse Have you ever wondered where the pet stores get their dogs from? They come from puppy mills which are horribly dirty and crudely constructed places for pure bred puppies. The Puppy mills stack over crowded pens that are constructed of wiring to allow feces and urine onto the floor and causes…

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A Research on Police Supervisory Styles, the Influence on the Behavior of Patrol Officer, and Its Implications for Departmental Policy and Practice

Main Ideas “How Police Supervisory Styles Influence Patrol Officer Behavior,” by Robin Shepard Engel is a research that is based on data from the Project on Policing Neighborhoods, a 2-year research project sponsored by the National Institute of Justice that broadly examined policing issues, especially the effects of commu…

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The Factors Affecting Police Discretion in Police Discretionary Behavior: A Study of Style by Laure Weber Brooks

Main Ideas Police Discretionary Behavior: A Study of Style by Laure Weber Brooks, examines what factors affect police discretion. Research has focused primarily on the characteristics of the situation in which police act, characteristics of the police organization, characteristics of the environment or neighborhood in whic…

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The Power Dynamic Between Men and Women in Their Homes

My topic was exploring the power dynamic between men and women in their homes, communities and their churches. My question is how did men and women influence each other in regard to public situations (in anything as big as politics and as small as normal conversation)? In general, early colonial women were supposed to car…

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The Link Between Substance Abuse and Mental Illness Leading to Homelessness

According to the article, “The connections between substance abuse and mental illness”, it says that one of the biggest connection between substance abuse and mental illness is self-medicating. People want to medicate or numb the issues they are facing by using drugs or alcohol. The article gave an example that a depressed…

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