The Prejudice and Discrimination of Colorism Throughout the History of the Black People in the United States

An Overview of the Childhood, Life, and Crimes of Charles Manson

Charles Manson Charles Manson was born on November 12th, 1934 in Cincinnati. From the very beginning, he was lonely. His mom, Kathleen Maddox, was only 16, unmarried, which made her feel very alone and overwhelmed. The father of Charles Manson is Colonel Scott, who had only known Kathleen for short period of time, wasn’t a…

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The Prejudice and Discrimination of Colorism Throughout the History of the Black People in the United States

How do you define one being light skin or dark skin? What is the big
deal over it? Why one can’t just be considered black? In 2014, the
beautiful Lupita Ny’ongo won the best Supportive Actress in a motion
picture. When she won, the crowd went wild. Claps came from everywhere,
praises from black, white, Latino, all kind of p…

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A Study on the Correlation of Gender and Violence in Personal Relationships

Gender and Violence: Violence by the Numbers Violence comes in many different forms. Often it’s disguised and difficult to identify, making it even harder a problem to remedy. When gender comes into play, violence is even further masked behind the acting out of gender roles within personal relationships. Anyone can be a pe…

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The Concept of Family Conflict in Growing Pains: Going Beyond One Big Happy Family, an Essay by Andee Hochman

People are bound to end up in conflict. Humans are human; they make mistakes and they will act upon emotions and what is more comfortable to them sooner than rationalized thought. So, when people are confined to conventions such as a family, an establishment both primal and modern where its members are forced on one another…

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Slaughter’s Viewpoints on the Positions of Women in the Workplace

What tends to come to mind when you hear the words, “Why women still can’t have it all”? First thing that comes to my mind is that men tend to have a higher salary than women. But in this article, Anne-Marie Slaughter feels women can’t have it all when it comes to women having higher positions in the workforce and trying to…

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The Important Role of Family Dynamic in the Social and Emotional Development of Children

In modern society, the average family may not always be in the best of
circumstances. In most cases, there is a fairly equal balance of negative
and positive aspects in each familial unit. Family dynamic plays a
significant role in the social and emotional development of children.
Depending on the family…

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The Use of Literary Elements to Make a Persuasive Essay in Does Gender Matter?, an Article by Ben Barre

Ben Barre’s Commentary, Does Gender Matter?, was written with a
female audience in mind. His article makes (somewhat) logical and
passionate arguments that women tend to be socially oppressed in many
fields of life, such as careers, academia and sports. His passion and use
of the pathos is what makes his arguments resonate…

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Assisted Suicide: The Controversial Decision to the Right to Life and the Sacrament of Life

Assisted Suicide Essay If you were suffering from a terminal illness, would you like the option of
assisted suicide to be available to you? The controversy of this topic is
widespread all over the globe. Legal, moral, and ethical matters are
involved in the many aspects of this concept and its process. Assisted

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The Use of Women to Add the Sense of Sexiness and Softness in the Lives of Men

The idea that we can look at someone and simultaneously feel attracted to them is something that no one has ever questioned. We can look at a picture of a model and feel sexually attracted to them even though we have never personally interacted with the person him/herself. The people who make up the high society of Hollywoo…

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Sex Trafficking in London as the Modern Day Minotaur in The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon, an Article by W.T. Stead

The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon I; The Report of Our Secret Commission In this article. the Minotaur is a monster that is used by an ancient goddess to hunt and eat the children and young women she chose. These children and women were left in the desert to be devoured by this creature who craved the power and taste of…

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A Study on the History, Characteristics, Behavior, and Abusive Childhood of Serial Killers

The first documented serial killer had the name of Herman Webster Mudgett or the more common name of H. H. Holmes. Holmes killed an estimated 200 people in his “murder castle” over the span of 1878–1894. But the question at hand is why was Holmes compelled to kill so many people? Was he simply born with this urge to hurt ot…

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The Major Problem of Hunger and Homelessness in the Wealthiest Country in the World

In anticipation of the Thanksgiving Holiday, we all are salivating over the turkey and all the fixings we plan to stuff ourselves with while celebrating with family and friends. We all take for granted the roof over our heads and a refrigerator stacked with food. Whenever we get hungry we just go to the refrigerator and eat…

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Gender Blindness in Doing Household Chores Promotes Equality Between the Sexes in Girls Do Dishes and Boys Mow Lawns, an Article by Sue Shellenberger

Girls and Boys: Gender Imprinting and Gender Blindness In her article Girls do dishes and boys mow lawns, Sue Shellenberger says that parents should create a household where everyone is gender blind, to promote equality between the sexes. There are a few techniques that we can begin to use to promote this ac…

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Decriminalizing Drugs as a Right Way to Battle Drugs in America

Taking a look around the streets of America there will always be unfamiliar faces and untold stories. There is no way of knowing who is sick or being haunted by an invisible disease. People are walking around everywhere with conditions like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and addictive personalities. The only one that is widely…

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The Four Major Global Trends and Their Effects on the Population of the World in The New Population Bomb, an Article by Jack A. Goldstone

The article written by Jack A. Goldstone, “The New Population Bomb: The Four Megatrends That Will Change the World”, Discusses four major global trends and their effects on the Worlds population. In the introduction Goldstone points out that Paul Ehrlich predicted that the world would have mass starvation somewhere between…

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The Controversies and Issues Surrounding LGBT Rights in the United States

Contemporary life has many controversies that come in with many issues of different levels. One of the main controversies that occurs right now in the United States deals with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) rights. There has been a law recently passed by supreme court which legalized the marriage between same se…

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An Analysis of Terrorism in The Politics of Rage: Why Do They Hate Us by Fareed Zakaria

Fareed Zakaria opens the article The Politics of Rage: Why Do They Hate Us with the disclaimer that terrorists are simply the consequences of a collapsed social order. Condemning their acts as malicious ludicrousness instead of rational protests of anger, ignores the cause of terrorism and thusly hinders the ability to cre…

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Finding a Solution to a Sexual Abuse at Workplace Case in a Practical Example

A dear friend, who is also one of your best workers, comes to your office sobbing. Apparently she has been harassed by a senior manager for the past 10 months. It seems like blatant sexual harassment based on your modest knowledge of the area. First and foremost, given that after 10 months the dear friend has only just…

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The Role Model Qualities of Martin Luther King Junior: Leadership, Courage, and Self-Discipline

A King as a Role Model Have you ever had a mentor or role model? Everyone has had that one person they look up or want to be just alike. Usually, mentors and role models are the ones that are read in the history books or sometimes they can be a relative. My role model is Martin Luther King Jr. He was a civil right activist…

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Different Thoughts of People on America

Everyone Sees America as a Different Thought When you wake in the morning, what do you see? What is your view on this place we called America? How do you think other people feel about America? Could you see America as one whole? All these are good questions you should ask yourself. Many people have their own thoughts about…

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An Argument in Favor of Home Births and Against Giving Drugs to Women in Labor

I chose this topic for many reasons, one being that it is truly unecessary to be giving out pharmaceuticals to children or anyone for that matter who do not need it. I come from the standpoint of a Doula, many don’t know what that is or what they do but if you research it deeply you’ll come to understand why and how they co…

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The Characteristics of Crystal Meth Addiction and Its Implication to Families

Crystal Meth Addiction: A Deadly Disease Crystal meth is a deadly drug with deadly consequences. It rips apart
families, and after a while, the user starts to be a completely different
person. They have scabs all over their skin, sunken in and hollow looking
eyes, and pale, dry skin. Addiction is hard for everyone in the…

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The Reality of Discrimination against Women in Schools and the Workplace

Because the Civil Rights Act of 1964 legally protects females against discrimination, and 2/3 of current college graduates are women, previous movements seeking equal rights for women have obviously succeeded in some respects (National Center for Education Statistics). However, college degrees and laws cannot change the min…

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A Review of Lifeboat Ethics, an Article by Garrett Hardin

As the years goes on, it starts to become more and more clear that there is becoming a problem with over-population. Not only is this an issue for the more populated nations, but for every other nation. While some small nations may not currently be as close to reaching their land mass’s carrying-capacity as others, they, as…

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The Benefits of Changing the Way We Raise Our Children in Meredith F. Small’s Book How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Raise Young Children: Kids

Short Paper on “Kids” In the book, “How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Raise Young Children: Kids,” written by Meredith F. Small, Small argues that when it comes to child rearing, there are many different cultural perspectives on what is right and wrong, and whether or not the practices we use are benefici…

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