The Plight of the LGBT Community in Society Today

The Plight of the LGBT Community in Society Today

November 16, 2015 Finding a Safe Place The scariest moment of my life was the day I couldn’t answer a simple question; “Austin, are you suicidal?” As I sat in my car, choking on the sobs that racked my body, I clutched my phone to my face and begged my mom not to hang up on me. One week earlier, the announcement that I h…

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The Progression of Feminism throughout Time

In the annals of human history, few themes have been as consistently bitter, protracted, or wide-ranging as the subjection of women to patriarchal rule. Over the course of such struggle, modes of control have been developed and practiced by men to place and hold women in roles of political and cultural subordination, which…

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Dr. Martin Lither King Jr.’s Mission to Protect the Values and Rights of the African-Americans in Birmingham

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. narrates the relatedness of social and
racial injustice in the South, to his sentencing to the Birmingham jail. As
President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, he defends his
allegiance towards protecting the values and rights of its members. He
stands courageously to his claim that…

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The Social Issues of Injustice in American Slums in the Book, There Are No Children Here by Alex Kotlowitz

In the United States of America a child can become sucked into drug-trafficking gangs, witness their family be stabbed to death, or recieve a deadly wound to the head. Ordinarily, these types of occurances call defenders of righteousness to action, but in the neglected slums of America they continue uninterrupted. The Unite…

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The Strive for Gender Equality by the Feminist Movement in America

By definition, equality is the innate sameness of two things. What happens then, when two things that are inherently and undeniably different strive for equality? In the past 60 years, women across the globe- most notably in America- have fought for and received a number of civil and personal rights in order to be granted t…

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A Look at the Social-Environmental Factors Influential to Police Corruption in Latin America

The aim of this study is to understand social and environmental factors
that influence police corruption specifically in Latin America. The exact
question reads as follows: What are the social-environmental factors that
influence police corruption in Latin America? Sample There…

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The Influence of Poverty on Crime in the United States

Today, in America over one-half of the national prison population was
living in extreme poverty, making less than $10,000 the year before they
were incarcerated ( While this means that another 47% made
more than $10,000, it also shows a trend that does not even include every
person below the poverty line. Acc…

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The Effects of Emotional Aspects in Increasing the Complexity in Relationship Dynamics

Abstract The relational dynamics in the context of aged population changes over time. It becomes more complex and it is the purpose of this essay to highlight how emotional aspects would increase this complexity. Introduction Families relational dynamics will have an impact on aging and adulthood. There are many complex…

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A Sociological Perspective on the Difference Wealth Made for the Survivors of Hurricane Katrina in the Documentary Trouble the Water

The documentary Trouble the Water is the story of Kimberly Rivers Roberts and her husband, Ninth Ward citizens of New Orleans, as they survive Hurricane Katrina. The movie opens with footage taken by Kim before the storm actually hits. In it, she goes around asking her neighbors what they are doing for the storm to find out…

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The Types and Solutions to Modern Slavery in The Political Economy of New Slavery by Christien van den Anker

For most Americans, the term “slavery” instantly conjures images of
African people shackled in the inside of a ship destined for the “New
World,” of picking cotton in the fields from sunup to sundown, and of the
underground railroad. Slavery is considered an historical concept –
something of the past that is relevant for s…

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A Discussion on the Issue of Extreme Poverty and How It Could Be Solved

29,000 children under the age of five die every day from preventable causes (Pirozzi 1). This breaks down to around 21 children a minute. With rates like these, not taking action is not an option. It is important that as a society, we take steps to eliminate poverty from our lives. Even though poverty rates are on the decli…

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The Negative Effects of Captivity on Animals

The beating sun shines down on the glistening chlorine pools, ecstatic children running around pressing their faces against the glass to get a closer look at the large, black and white creature swimming in the tank with fatigued parents trailing behind them. The orca appears to be intrigued by the child and the visitors by…

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Corporal Punishment in America: Should America Ban the Spanking of Children?

As a child everything was new, every day felt like an adventure. As you got older though you decided to go on fewer adventures having less interest in the new things of the world. Imagine yourself at home, watching cartoons with your mother and you always desired to put something into the power outlet next to the TV but eve…

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The Issue of Sexual Assault in American Universities

With the recent amplified wave of media coverage and government concern, the appalling level of unwanted sexual experiences currently plaguing American universities has been the center of national attention. The majority of efforts targeting the issue by university administrations have proven ineffective, as the level of se…

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America Should Legalize Homosexual Marriage

Overview The category of homosexual Americans that are currently fighting for the right to be legally recognized with their partner exhibit behaviors of commitment and dedication to the wellbeing of their family and household and pose no threat to America by pursuing the realization of their right to liberty and the p…

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The Different Approaches to the Origins of Criminal Behavior in Criminology

The amount of publications created over the course of several centuries on the many proposed explanations of crime is nothing short of colossal. However, the world of criminology differs from other concentrations in its lack of concrete and accepted findings and premises. Countless theories have been developed targeting mul…

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A Study of Criminal Behavior, Risk Factors and an Analysis of the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program

  1. Critique of UCR The Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program was designed as a means of statistical research on criminal activity in the United States for law enforcement administration. The accumulated data is based on initial police reports of crimes at time of arrest and used by law enforcement researchers when conduct…

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The Path to Acquiring the Label of a Criminal in the United States

What exactly does the path to acquiring the label of a “criminal” entail in the United States? According to Merriam-Webster, a criminal is “a person who has committed a crime or has been proved guilty of a crime by a court.” The distinction between actually committing a crime and being determined by the courts of having com…

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The Consequences of Inequality in America

Overview The simultaneous impact of America’s economic and political systems has generated an inflexibly established socioeconomic class system and an impactful slew of repercussions that now threatens the nation’s identity and contradicts the values it was founded upon. Themes Identity: Economic inequality does no…

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The Struggles of the Minorities in United States, the Land of the Free

Overview Though major progressive events in recent American history have brought many to assume otherwise, observing the unequal distribution of wealth, the impairment of opportunity brought by disadvantaged education, and societal prejudice clearly demonstrated by the media, government, etc., as well as identifying the pr…

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A Comprehensive Analysis of Altruism and Helping Behavior, an Article by Martin Gansberg

38 Who Saw Murder Analysis Essay One jaw dropping incident that occurred in the streets of 1964 Queens left the nation shocked still to this day. An innocent woman by the name of Kitty Genovese was stabbed two separate times until a final dagger stole her life one late night coming home from work. The one small detail that…

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The Expected Role of a Wife in Why I Want a Wife, a Short Essay by Judy Brady

Why I Want a Wife Analysis The short essay Why I Want a Wife that was featured in 1972 Ms. Magazine, takes the idea of feminism to a whole new level. In a sarcastic and almost humorous way, Judy Brady exaggerates the expected roles of a common household wife in the 70’s. In doing so, she also takes jabs at husbands as a wh…

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A Discussion on Martin Luther King Following Machiavelli’s Advice of “It is Better to Be Feared Than Loved, If You Cannot Be Both”

Martin Luther King             Machiavelli’s advice of, “It is better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both,” would not have been helpful for Martin Luther King. Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian politician during the early 1500’s. Machiavelli was a very famous humanist from the Republic of Florence, Italy during…

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A Statistical Analysis of Germans in the United States

A Statistical Analysis of Germans in the United States The Germans have had a difficult journey since immigrating to the United States. Unlike other ethnic groups such as the Irish who already speak English and are more willing to assimilate into the American lifestyle, Germans have been accused of Nativism and being “fre…

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A Discussion on Celebrities Being Deprived of Privacy Rights

Privacy is a fundamental right that every person is granted. It provides a distinct line between personal life and the public eye. Celebrities, however, are common targets whose privacy are trespassed by society. Although privacy is a birthright generally accepted almost universally, celebrities should not have this right b…

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