The Origin of ISIS and Its Hidden Intentions on the Islamic Religion

The Origin of ISIS and Its Hidden Intentions on the Islamic Religion

The rise of ISIS among other insurgent groups in the Middle East is
mostly related to the 2003 U.S invasion into Iraq and also as a direct
aftermath of the Iraq war. The growing insurgency in Syria and Iraq has
been a headache to the whole world and in particular the Western
imperialists. The Frontline documentary on the ri…

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An Examination of the Concept of the Peace Studies Theory

Peace is a complex phenomenon that requires a close description and
analysis in its study. The study of peace requires a communicative
consideration in its moral discourse. Peace studies theory entails the
concept of promoting peace structures and the analysis of peace that exists
in absence of violence. Therefore, the pea…

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The Rise of ISIS After the War in Iraq

The Frontline documentary on the rise of ISIS presents a potent moment
of truth of what actually lays behind the unending war of terror groups
with the United States and Western imperialistic powers. The Islamic state
in Iraq and Syria has created a fearsome terror and extremism that has
become almost impossible to stop. IS…

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Human Nature and Male Domination in the World in the Film Documentary, The God of Our Fathers

The major theme of the Gwynne’s documentary is that the human nature is not fixed and also the male domination in the world is not natural but something that developed through a patriarchy evolution. The organization of human societies into mass societies through patriarchy is addresses from the ancient Egyptian villages. H…

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The Introduction of the Concept of Homosexuality to the Black Community by the Whites

Sexuality is a conception that is highly valued among human beings
since it leads to satisfaction of sexual desires as well as procreation.
However, the concepts of heterosexism and homosexuality are controversial
between the Whites and the black community. The Black community has a
strong objection for homosexuality, with…

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A Discussion on the Many Forms of Injustice in Five Faces of Oppression by Iris Young

Iris Young’s “Five Faces of Oppression” helps to address the many forms of injustice that occur both locally and globally. More specifically, he argues on exploitation, marginalization, powerlessness, cultural imperialism, and violence. One of the ideas that stuck out to me from his article is that oppression does not alway…

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A Discussion on the Issue Related to the Freedom of African Americans During the Reconstruction

African Americans were free during the Reconstruction. However, they were not entirely free. African Americans during the Reconstruction enjoyed only a small range of freedoms and faced constant and brutal racism during the Reconstruction, and for many years following the reconstruction. According to the 14th Amendment, whi…

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A Discussion on the Balancing Between Individuality and Conformity in Society

Individuals are constantly balancing between individuality and conformity. Although this balance constantly varies, individuality can’t exist without conformity and vice versa. An individual is a conformist who questions things, and comes to their own idea about something. An individual thinks for oneself and doesn’t let o…

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A Discussion on the Relation Between Appearance and Identity in the Article Tattoos Tell My Real Story by David Strohecker

David Strohecker in the article “Tattoos tell my real story,” suggests that a person cannot make conclusions about a person’s identity based solely on appearances, but also that appearances can provide a glimpse into their identity. Strohecker supports his suggestion by explaining how his identity is more than the stereotyp…

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A Discussion on the Positive Significance Small Actions Can Have in the Speech Of Snakes, Butterflies, and Small Acts of Kindness by Mawi Asgedom

Mawi Asgedom, in his speech “Of Snakes, Butterflies, and Small Acts of Kindness,” claims that individual people can impact large events or things in a significantly positive way with small actions. His speech is meant to inspire the audience to believe that they can change the world for the better, if they try, even if they…

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People Should Have the Right to Choose Their Ethnicity Regardless of Their Biological Background

People should have a right to choose their ethnicity, even if they have no biological connection to that ethnicity. A person can choose to be culturally black and without the ancestry to go along with it. However, people do not have the right to deceive others when it comes to their biological heritage. People have the ri…

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A Discussion on the Importance of the Past, Relationships, and Flaws of People for the Shaping of Their Identity

Identity is multifaceted. There are many factors that contribute to the construction of an individual’s identity. The largest factors that contribute to an individual’s identity are their past, the people they interact with, and their flaws. A person’s past plays a major role in the construction of individual identity. The…

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A Discussion on the Elimination of the Issues of Slavery and Human Trafficking

A fallacy that many Americans believe is that slavery ended in 1863 with the Emancipation Proclamation. The end of slavery in 1863 is just an illusion. Despite being outlawed in many places, slavery is a problem that still persists around the world today. Modern-day slavery is worse today than it was historically. For exam…

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A Discussion on Stereotypes About Muslims and Arabs and How Origin Doesn’t Shape One’s Identity

An individual’s true identity is often misunderstood because society tends to make assumptions about a person based off a single aspect of their identity. Appearance is a small part of identity, and often extremely inaccurate when trying to evaluate an identity. Despite this, it has a tendency to be used to judge a whole i…

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An Experiment on the Performance of Drivers Who are Talking on the Cell Phone While Driving

A majority of people are aware that talking on the cell phones is dangerous while one is driving. But if we want to know its effects on driving skills we are required to take a test by performing an experiment. To keep the test fair, we are required to test the right subjects using the right condition and with a control con…

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The Portrayal and Stereotyping of Convicted Women in the United States

Convict women have usually been portrayed as prostitutes and criminals. Prostitution among female convicts was a common practice in the new colony where women convicts were considered sexual objects for men. Most female convicts were punished with transportation when found guilty of their offences for the purpose of serving…

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A Strategy to Address the Problem of Commercial Female Sex Workers (CFSW), the Screening of Blood Pressure, Increased Sexual Activities in Teenage Males, and the Solution to Stop Domestic Violence

Another strategy for promoting long-term social change in post-funding
years is to set a program concerned with the welfare of the commercial
female sex workers (CFSW). We realize that in most communities, the CFSW do
not have anybody that looks after them. Most of the individuals who involve
themselves in this work are to…

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Two Effective Strategies in Fighting Veteran Homelessness in the United States

The two strategies for ensuring sustainability in post-funding years
in the public health program were forming coalitions and partnerships to
create a platform and using the media for conveying policy messages to
develop awareness among the public. I have used the above strategies
before. The first strategy takes more time…

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The Bad Behavior of Children Caused by the Immoral Contents on the Internet

The availability of immoral contents such as pornography on the internet has led to massive limits to children’s’ freedom of navigating the internet and acting on free will. The limitations that are implemented are as a result of the increasing use of the internet by both children, young adults, and older people. The curren…

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A Research on the Vulnerability of Elder People to Abuse Due to Dementia and Cognitive Impairment

Research Proposal of how Dementia and Cognitive Impairment makes an Elder Vulnerable to Abuse Abstract Generally, the older people are vulnerable to abuse due to the
impaired thinking capacity they develop. Vulnerability to abuse increases
with the presenc…

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The Cause Behind the Homelessness of the Aboriginal People in the Book, Aboriginal Homelessness in Canada: A Literature Review by Caryl Patrick

According to the book Aboriginal Homelessness in Canada: A Literature Review by Caryl Patrick, the aboriginal peoples of the Canada are mainly the descendants of the country’s indigenous groups, and who were the original inhabitants of the North America. This is actually an important book that shows the reason of aboriginal…

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Do Body Scanners at Airports Respect Privacy Rights in Their Efforts to Improve National and Public Safety?

Introduction The world has undergone various changes and dramatic events that have
substantive effects on the balance between security measures and human
rights protection. Installation of body scanners and advanced security
systems at airports are basically meant to protect the lives of passengers
and for public safe…

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Girls Entering Adolescence Today Have Greater Pressures and Difficulties Than the Young Women of the Past

Our world today is very different from the one in which our parents
and grandparents grew. Young girls today grow up in very different settings
from the ones that were there a few generations ago. Although this is
probably truer in the developing world than in the developed nations, there
is a wide range of simi…

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The Issue of Inequality During the United States Drop in the State of the Economy in Confronting Inequality by Paul Krugman

In current years, The U.S. has comprehended a drop in the state of the
economy. In “Confronting Inequality”, Paul Krugman contends for a change of
the existing state US finds itself in as a country. His dispute begins with
influences on how the US economy has led to a separation between the elites
and the average civilians….

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An Analysis of Society’s Perception of Sea Monsters Today

The de-evolution of the sea My argument for this paper is that sea monsters throughout time, have become less like terrifying monsters and more like friendly and humorous creatures commonly used it T.V. shows and movies to attract viewers, showing that people no longer need mythical creatures to explain day-to- day occurre…

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