The Negative Representation of Latin Women in Orange is the New Black

The Negative Representation of Latin Women in Orange is the New Black

The Common Misinterpretation of Latina Women The media often focuses on a particular stereotype of Latina women, portraying them as vociferous, making them appear as the antagonist. Many movies, TV shows, and advertisements prove how people have a negative image of Latinas imprinted in their minds, causing malicious…

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The Social Impact of Living in a Single-Parent Household on Children

Since the end of the twentieth century leading into the beginning of the following century, single parent households have become much more common and arguably more common in the United States than households where both parents are present. A single parent household is defined as “families where a parent lives with dependent…

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The Realities and Process Behind the Choice of Euthanasia in A Life-or-Death Situation, an Article by Robin Marantz Henig

All humans beings, no matter their age, race, or religion, find it to be tremendously difficult when it comes to losing a loved one. In a sense, it can be said that the family and loved ones are more afraid of death than the critical patient who is dying. This reaction and situation is completely normal,yet when it comes to…

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The Multiple Factors Within the Socio-Cultural Forces

Socio – cultural forces are forces that can affect human behaviour and the social environment. In the social environment it deals with the social and interpersonal relations which the individual and the society will have. With socio – cultural forces there are multiple factors within the system of the client that can produc…

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Prostitution and the Understanding Between a Client and the Sex Worker

Prostitution can be seen from as far back when the five main colonizers first came to the Caribbean, followed after that with slavery and indentured labour. In the seventeenth century, there was a predominance of young girls and young African women in the slave ship crew who were labeled as “property,” by having emotional a…

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A Comparison of the Similarities and Differences Between Morality, Law and Ethics in the Practice of Social Work

Social Workers are in constant interaction with individuals and they are often times confronted with the ethical, moral and legal principles. They act as an advocate and mediator for people and it is necessary for Social Workers to be able to understand these concepts in order to carry out their duties and roles effectively…

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The Citizens Should Stop Complaining About Social Conditions and Start Taking Action

We always here of how our government makes life harder each day. This
is through their constant creation of new taxes new laws and regulations
that only benefit the rich. This laws and regulation leave the poor
unprotected. The working class is left stranded in the middle and in many
occasions carrying the burden of a count…

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Amber Hagerman’s Tragic Death Honored by AMBER Alert

AMBER Alert It is 3 in the morning and you are woken up by a startling sound. You turn over to check your phone and you see on your screen an AMBER Alert is issued. Like many of us, we see the alert but tend to forget about it, and forget what our role is when we receive one. Today I will discuss Amber Hagerman’s tragic de…

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An Analysis of the Social Issue of Teenage Rebellion

Why Do Teenagers Rebel Against Their Parents Or Authority? Teenage rebellion is quite a common phenomenon in society. Sadly, most parents find it hard to believe that teenagers are capable of rejecting almost everything that they stand for in their lives. While such behavior may seem out of this world, the reality of the m…

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Women in the Draft

Women in The Draft The debate of lifting all gender-based restrictions on the front-line has been the hot topic of endless discussions. The House of Representatives Armed Services Committee approved a defense policy bill that would require American women ages 18 to 26 to register for the military draft. The author of this…

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The Issue on Protests Against Monuments in America in The Monument Men, an Article by John Nova Lomax

Find The Problem In the last few months alone, protests and rallies have been at an all-time high. There have been marches protesting Donald Trump, defending Donald Trump, Black Lives Matter marches, Women’s marches, Pride marches, and protest against the removal of DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) support. O…

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An Exploration of the Extent of the Influences of Our Genes and the Influences of Our Experiences in Childhood (Nurture)

Our biological make up is determined by our genes. These are sections of our chromosomes which are made of DNA; this DNA lays down the blueprint of how we are: not just our physical characteristics but the way we think and act. Everything within us is coded for by this minute, extraordinary and elemental chemical. So does t…

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Abortion – A Choice for Life

A Choice for Life Abortion. Perhaps you’ve heard about it in the news or maybe a family member of yours had one. Abortion is the purposeful ending of a pregnancy before the fetus can survive outside the womb. Abortion is a very controversial topic, with many pro-life supporters, or anti-abortion, being very religious, and…

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Is the Advancement of Technology Bringing Society a Time of Crisis?

Twenty plus years ago, technological advances were in their early stages and we lived in a society of simplicity. Today with our world becoming far more complex and disassociated, is it possible that the evolvement of technological advances are responsible for the changed formation that has come about? There was a time wh…

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A Study on the Different Aspects of Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety

Abstract Recent language anxiety issues have resulted in a growing number of language anxiety studies; this paper reviews three articles concerning foreign language classroom anxiety. The aspects explored are the cause and effects, different hypothetical assumptions, the possible manifestations and influences in FLCA. Pini…

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The Causes and Reasons Why Teenagers Run Away from Home

The problem of teenagers running away from home is getting more and more serious. Between the ages fifteen through seventeen, more and more children run away from home because of the complications in their families. There are several reasons why children run away from home. These reasons are related to conditions of the fa…

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The Fight to Put an End to Racism and Stereotyping

The world is composed of millions of people that come from various locations, are part of different races, believe in different religions, and have developed unfamiliar cultures to those of everyone else. Over the course of human history, the differences that we have developed have played an enormous role in dividing us. Pe…

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The Role of the Council of Europe and European Union (EU) in the Development and Advancement of European Human Rights Since 1949

The paper examines the evolution of the European human rights since
1949 by carefully analyzing the role of the Council of Europe and European
Union (EU) in the development and advancement of human rights in the
region. Being guided by a research question and hypothesis, the research
paper is divided into seven sections. Th…

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Color-Blindness: A Battle Against Racism

Colorblindness The first step in solving a problem is admitting that there is one. Ignoring a problem or pretending it does not exist does not make it go away; as a matter of fact, it only makes it worse. This is true in both everyday matters and in matters of racism. Color-blindness is the enemy of defeating racism. Co…


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Racial Discrimination in Case of Adolph Archie

I belong to the white community, and I enjoy privileges’ of white such as better education, economic and social status. I am blind to these privileges’ most of the times, but when I receive better treatment compared to black Americans, I feel I am privileged for my whiteness (youTube). The case of Adolph Archie reflects…

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A Discussion on the Ideology of Gender Roles and the Superiority of Men Over Women

For thousands of years, society has been continuously been built upon the ideology of gender roles and the superiority of men over women. This divide between the sexes has been portrayed in numerous works of art, literature and, in some extreme cases, law. Even in the 21st century and with the emergence of gender equality r…

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The Factors That Contribute to a Meaningful Relationship Between Parents and Their Children

Family is the basic unit of society in which relations of members bring joys and happiness. There are a variety of factors that contribute to a meaningful relationship between parents and their children. In the first place, the typical trait that parents should have to maintain a strong family bond with their children is t…

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A Comparison of the Contexts of Two Texts Based on the Same Topic

When presented with a problem, people often rely on outside sources for advice. As a result, texts often try to inform an audience on a particular topic and/or problem. Text A, an online newspaper article, and Text B, a section on an American magazine, follow this same structure. Both texts try to offer guidance to people o…

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The Theme of Racism in The Test by Angelica Gibbs

Describe how you have been positioned to respond to the two characters in “The Test” by Angelica Gibbs. Any text is in some way a response to the world of the writer and an attempt to represent human experience and groups in a certain way. “The Test” by Angelica Gibbs highlights the racism and unfair treatment of Black…

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The Statistics of Suicide and How It Affects Teenagers in America

In 2013 alone, a shocking 41,149 people passed away from one alarming epidemic.  And no, we aren’t talking about cancer, heart disease, AIDS, birth defects, stroke, pneumonia, influenza, or chronic lung disease.  This horrific epidemic has killed more teenagers and young adults than all of those combined, as stated by the P…

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