The Necessity of Credibility in the Problem with Men Explaining Things by Rebecca Solnit

The Necessity of Credibility in the Problem with Men Explaining Things by Rebecca Solnit

Finding A Happy Medium In Rebecca Solnit’s “The Problem With Men Explaining Things” she sums up the problems of men pretending to be experts on subjects they might know little to nothing about, especially concerning subjects that women happen to be experts on. Her main underlying message is that women have not been given t…

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Gay Marriage Should Be Legalized in All the States in America

Some people believe that marriage is a sacred institution, that should only be between a man and a woman, and that it’s immoral for marriage to exist between same sex couples, as if their love is inferior. But who are they to stop ones civil rights? I believe marriage should be legal for any two individuals that truly love…

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A Reflection Essay on School Days and Feeling Like an Underdog Because of the Racial Difference

When I walked into my classroom on the first day of elementary school, all I saw was white. White walls. White desks. White people. My caramel skin and curly hair stood out amongst the fair-skinned students with light straight hair. As the teacher taught her lesson, these students eagerly raised their hands to answer her q…

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An Argument in Favor of Affirmative Action in the Form of a Speech

In my essay, I am for Affirmative Action because there are many misconceptions about affirmative action that needs to be addressed. The most prevalent misunderstanding about affirmative action is that minorities who get into high respected jobs or colleges only won acceptance due to their race and/or gender. This argument i…

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The Factors That Influence the Gender Wage Gap

Why Do Women Earn Less Than Men? “Study after study confirms that even when you control for variables like profession, education, hours worked, age, marital status, and children, men still are compensated substantially more –even in professions, like nursing, dominated by women. No wonder there’s a gender gap.” ~ Dee Dee…

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Equal Opportunity to All Individuals in America

“Now, as a nation, we don’t promise equal outcomes, but we were founded on the idea everybody should have an equal opportunity to succeed. No matter who you are, what you look like, where you come from, you can make it. That’s an essential promise of America. Where you start should not determine where you end up.” ~ Presid…

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A Comparison of the Arguments of Steven Pearlstein and Jared Bernstein on the Question of the Rise of Inequality in America

“The perennial conviction that those who work hard and play by the rules will be rewarded with a more comfortable present and a stronger future for their children faces assault from just about every direction. That great enemy of democratic capitalism, economic inequality, is real and growing.” ~ Jon Meacham, former Edit…

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The Three Causes of the Unfortunate Life of Emilia Machaieie

“Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women.” ~ Michelle Obama Introduction The world is filled with stories, and many have far less than a happy ending. This research paper looks to the story of Emilia Machaieie, a young girl born in Mozambique that only lived to…

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A Glimpse at the Serious Criminal and Civil Liability of Greenoil in the Latest Oil Spill off the Coast of Antillia

“The penalty has to be high enough that companies of this size won’t let a spill like this ever happen again. But, again, not so high as to be ruinous to their operation.” ~ Steve O’Rourke, Justice Department attorney for the BP oil spill penalty trial Introduction The recent blowout at Greenoil’s offshore oil fiel…

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A Discussion and Presentation of the Belmont Research in Two Different Ways

“Ethics is know the difference between what you have the right to do and what is right to do.” ~ Potter Stewart Introduction Arguably one of the most important aspects of research in social science as well as empirical science is to consider the ethics of the research method. This has not always been the case; the sc…

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The Unprecedented Changes to the Muslim World Brought About by the Arab Spring in Tunisia in 2010

The Arab Spring that began in Tunisia in 2010 has brought about unprecedented changes to the Muslim world. Within the past several years, the revolution is responsible for numerous political reforms in Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Yemen, but it has also prompted several bloody wars, most notably the Syrian Civil War….

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A Personal Experience Volunteering at Jumble Station, an Organization Helping Parents Without Partners

Before taking the Community Service subject, I had only brief brushes with community service. I had visited an orang asli village and an orphanage with my church, but these were one-off events. In these visits, we brought groceries and gifts with us to distribute. In another event, my church helped to clear off loan shark s…

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The Various Reasons Why Marijuana Should be Legal in the United States

Marijuana has been around for thousands of years, ever since the early dynasties. Marijuana’s early uses included food, medicine and many others. Today marijuana is used for different uses than back thousands of years ago, and is currently under prohibition of many countries including the United States and Canada. Marijuana…

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The Negative Effects of over Protecting Our Children

According to Golinkin:” Over protectiveness threatens children’s spiritual and emotional growth and makes them ill prepared to cope with the future,” I agree with his opinion because today parents are too protective of their children, and they become so nervous when their children grow up or join any activities which they t…

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The Issue of Piracy and the Conflict of Interest, Ethics in Design Phase, and Culture

Have you ever been really bored on a Friday night and you don’t have any money to go to the movies with your girlfriend? Has it ever came to your mind that you could search the web and possibly find the movie online on a random website and turn your night around to a nice romantic homemade dinner/movie night. Well you would…

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An Analysis of Ida Tarbell’s Stand on the Issue of Feminism

Progressive Era agendas challenged authority, tradition, and the status quo without completely rejecting, and in fact often embraced, well established societal norms. While Progressives fought for change in society, there was a strong reluctance to completely abandon accepted notions of gender roles, or to question authorit…

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The Traces of Racial Ideologies from Various Historical Documents

In her essay, Slavery, Race and Ideology in the United States of America, Barbara Jeanne Fields discusses racial ideologies, and how they were created and used to rationalize slavery in the American Revolutionary period. Racial ideologies that surfaced during this period, for example, that Africans and Afro-Americans were…

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The Scope of Corruption in Rio Grande Valley

Corruption Corruption is one of the biggest global issues, ahead of extreme poverty, unemployment, the rising cost of food and energy, climate change, and terrorism. It is thought to be one of the principal causes of poverty around the globe. Its significance in the contemporary world cannot be overestimated. In the Rio Gr…

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The Root Causes of Emotional, Sexual and Psychological Stereotypes of Females

The emotional, sexual, and psychological stereotyping of females begins when the doctor says, “It’s a girl,” says Shirley Chisholm. From their birth, women are not seen equal to man and even if societies are developing day after day, the issue of gender equality is still immense until today. The causes of this problem are m…

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A Critical View on Child Marriage

Child Marriage Nowadays, most of the girls can’t wait for their dream wedding, where they can wear the perfect princess white dress, the big diamond ring, and carry a huge red bouquet. One of those girls is my high school friend who always dreamed about that day. Her dream came true when she was 16, but contrarily to wha…

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The Consequences of Polygamous Communities and Relationships

The practice of polygamy has been in use since the days of Cain and Abel, but have never actually been introduced into society as the norm for a sacred bond between two hearts, or in this case multiple hearts. Polygamy is no longer used by many religions worldwide and has died down since the rise of the Roman Catholic Churc…

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An Overview of the 8 Things to Know After Getting Married Regarding Finances

Marriage is a lovely bond between two hearts who made to to be partners for a lifetime. The marriage helps to transfer their responsibilities and cultural relationships from one group to another, and that is significant for the foundation of families. The wedding is the primary and powerful basic building block of society….

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The Factors behind the High Rate of Teenage Pregnancies in the United States

The rate of Teenage Pregnancies in the United States of America has continually declined over the past 30 years. Although the rate has continually declined, Teenage Pregnancy continues to be a serious issue and more needs to be done to continue to declination of teens becoming parents. Factors contributing to the high ra…

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A History of the American Hate Group, the Ku Klux Klan

On August 27, 2011, Stetson Kennedy, a social crusader who was heralded as the man who infiltrated one of America’s most hated groups, died at the age of 94 years old. During his life, Kennedy had devoted a great deal of his time targeting this group and doing everything in his power to bring an end to their reign of terro…

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The Causes and Effects of Violence and What Youth Can Do about It

Today, violence in young age has increased aggressively. Fortunately, violence has not impacted my life badly, but it does affect my life. To eliminate violence’s influences, I need to know how violence affects my life, what causes it, and what I can do about it. Violence has affected my life every day in many ways. Violen…

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