The most recent 10-K filing for Malvern Bancorp, Inc. Your first task is to find it! (Hint: it is for the period 9/30/2017.) Read Item 1 (Business) and Item 1A (Risk Factors), which covers pages 1-16. Questions 1. How does Malvern describe their “principal business” on page 3? 2. What are the primary products that Malvern offers? Do these products show up as assets or liabilities on their balance sheet? 3. What is their primary source of funds? 4. How does Malvern describe the Dodd-Frank Act? 5. Does Malvern have extra capital relative to what is required by regulation? Does Malvern need approval to make a capital distribution? 6. What are the first 5 risk factors that Malvern describe? 7. Explain how a change in interest rates will affect Malvern’s earnings. 8. Explain how Malvern determines “allowances for loan losses.