The Message of Gender Equality in Ruby Rose’s Music Video Break Free

The Message of Gender Equality in Ruby Rose’s Music Video Break Free

In her music video, Break Free, Ruby Rose uses her platform as a celebrity model and actor to increase visibility of gender fluid and gender non-conforming people. Rose gives a performance which illustrates the power and relentless nature of gender roles. She first appears with long blond hair, putting on nail polish and ma…

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The Fixed Fallacies of White Supremacy and the Superiority of Black People in Sports

Even in our “post-racial” society, it remains common to hear the media and public claim that one’s morality, intelligence, or athleticism is dependent on an arbitrarily determined race. Public and political discourse continue to be dominated by the idea that marginalized demographics can be classified and generalized by obs…

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Backstage Racism in Dining While Black by Danielle Dirks and Stephen K. Rice

In Dining While Black, Danielle Dirks and Stephen K. Rice expose a pattern of differential treatment towards black Americans in the restaurant industry. Throughout the article, tipping practices are presented as a tool whereby servers may rationalize their racist behavior by claiming that their unwillingness to serve black…

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An Examination of the Issues of Racist Policing and the Violent Behavior of the Police Department

Despite the clear trend of violent behavior, the police continue to be revered as noble and selfless; allegedly for “putting their lives on the line.” Public opinion of the police continues to be dictated by government propaganda and a pattern of police worshiping which assumes all criticism of policing to be a violent act…

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Racism and Segregation in the Land of the Free

Founded only more than two hundred years ago, The United States of America vigorously moved up on the ladder of the wealthiest countries with a bullet speed and has ever been holding the uppermost position since the industrial era. Of course, natural resources play an important role, but human is the main driving force. Man…

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An Introduction to Protests and Black Nationalism

Freedom is the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Obtaining this specific type of freedom can be especially difficult because it elicits more than just unalienable rights. This type of freedom opens the gateway for things like protests and demonstrations. Those, if not regula…

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A Discussion on Striving to Perfection and Failing to See the Beauty in Having Flaws

In today’s Information Age in which proliferation of technologies is able to genetically enhance human flaws, perfection has become tangible more than ever. Perfection is seemingly associated with contentment, and people view these two concepts as direct correlation, with the former causing the latter. However, thi…

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The Influence of Media and Celebrities on Teens’ Decisions

The social media is inspiring teens decision making celebrities have a huge part in people’s lives. They inspire many people every day. The thing is that most of the social media shows the wrong things celebrities do and this is seen by millions of people. Celebrities cast an image of what children, but mostly teens, should…

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The Problem of Syrian Refugees’ Immigration in Canada

Recently, Canada has been accepting into the country a great number of refugees. Refugees are different from immigrants in that immigrants actually have a choice to go to a different country and to remain there. On the other hand, Refugees do not have a choice except to flee their own country and to go to where they will be…

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The Three Major Causes of Teenage Suicide

More than 40,000 people committed Suicide in 2013 making it the third leading cause of teenage deaths behind automobile accidents and homicide and the number vastly increases every year. There are more pressures on teenagers than ever before, and many of them are having trouble dealing with the demands that are placed on th…

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The Monster Snaps His Jaws by Laughlin: The Attitudes of Contemporary American Culture Towards Nature

The death of someone can be hard on a person, but the death of a tree can be hard on nature. The fight to not be cut down and left as stump is common in today’s day and age.In a time of deforestation, “The Monster snaps his jaws” by Clarence John Laughlin, reveals a black and white contrasted photograph that exemplifies the…

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A Discussion on Gun Control in California

Gun control has continuously been a controversial topic for many years now. “The Right to Bear Arms” has been the main defense of gun users in the argument of gun control. However, throughout years more and more cases of shootings have been more predominant. Society has shed a negative light upon guns and the control of gun…

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The Use of Figurative Language in Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Letter From Birmingham Jail

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. expressed how much segregation has affected the community when he states, “Its unjust treatment of Negroes in the courts is a notorious reality.” Prior to this statement, Martin Luther King Jr. had experienced segregation first hand. He was thrown into Birmingham jail and wrote a letter to t…

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A Strategic Plan for a Hypothetical Homeless Shelter

Abstract Helping Hands (hypothetical) homeless shelter was established in Savannah, Georgia in the aftermath of the 2009 financial recession. Prior to its establishment, Savannah had attempted to care for its homeless population through the services of a few churches that fed the homeless a couple of times a week, but did…

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A Personal Reflection on a Social Work Course

Throughout this semester the content covered by this course never failed to interest me and provide me with a surprising new perspective on many topics. Coming into social work, I knew little more than what Hollywood has portrayed in movies. My idea of a social worker was someone who tried to help those in abusive situation…

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The Importance of Harmony and Tolerance in a Pluralistic Society

In Amartya Sen’s essay, “A World Not Neatly Divided,” he states in his argument that, “The main hope of harmony lies not in any imaginary uniformity, but in plurality of our identities.” In other words, we cannot hide ourselves to the truth that we have different identities that we possess as individual, rather we must embr…

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The Influence of Everyday Experiences on the Development of Optimistic or Pessimistic Attitudes of Human Beings

Individuals tend to contemplate conclusions fairly quickly and deem an act they are witnessing to be either incorrect or correct since they have already encountered other circumstances which have shaped the manner in which they think about a given occurrence. The act of individuals jumping to conclusions fairly quickly is b…

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The Inequality that Exists in the Development of the Modern World

Certainly I’ll never be able to put myself in the situation that people growing up in the less developed countries are in. I’ve gotten a bit of a sense of it by being out there and meeting people and talking with them. – Bill Gates Bill Gates is one of the riches people in the world. The amount of wealth and generosity has…

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An Analysis of the Similarities between the Bedouin Society and the El Barrio Community in the Books: Veiled Sentiments by Lila Abu-Lughod and In Search of Respect by Philippe Bourgois

The Bedouin society and the El Barrio community have many core similarities in their cultural traditions, gender roles, and family structures. Throughout the books, Veiled Sentiments, by Lila Abu-Lughod, and In Search of Respect, by Philippe Bourgois, go in depth to describe the formation of these cultures and the effects o…

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The Unfair Treatment of Fast Food Workers in the United States

On the US Government Census website, “the working poor” can refer to several categories of people ( The first category includes those who work but still fall under the official definition of poverty. The second category expands to include the family members of those who work but are still poor. Thirdly, it can i…

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An Explanation of the Idea of Bureaucracy by Max Weber

The idea of a bureaucracy was come up with by a man named Max Weber. To further explain what a bureaucracy was, at the ideal bureaucracy Weber came up with five characteristics. These characteristics were “a clearly defined division of labor, with different tasks and responsibilities assigned to specific individuals and off…

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Understanding the Concept of a Contextual Approach to Examining Policing, Race and Ethnicity

A contextual approach to examining policing, race and ethnicity ultimately means that there is a detailed look into the entire situation. Rather than just looking at the racial and ethnic groups or rather than just looking at the variations by police departments, you have to look at the full picture. A contextual approach f…

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The Importance of Looking at Crime Seriousness and Prior Criminal Record as a Factor When Dealing with Legally Relevant Variables Regardless of Race

I do think that crime seriousness and prior criminal record should be factored in and taken into account when looking into legally relevant variables. Many make the argument that crime seriousness and prior criminal record are a race linked variable (Walker, Spohn & Delone, 2012). Also, if prosecutors were to file more char…

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Gender Inequality and Inequity as Factors Leading to Female Discrimination in Athletics

Many people at present are well aware of gender inequality and gender inequity in several areas and fields of life. However, fewer people acknowledge the fact that athletics provides one of the most solid platforms for gender inequality and inequity by paving the way for discrimination against women. Today’s U.S society maj…

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The Importance of Gender in the Personal Life and Career of an Individual

From the moment a person is born, the color of blanket the baby is swaddled in first defines its gender identity in society. Baby boys are given blue blankets, while girls are given pink blankets. It may seem harmless to give a baby girl a pink blanket just because she is a girl, but it becomes problematic later on when nor…

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