The Laws Associated with Administering or Legal Consequences of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide

The Laws Associated with Administering or Legal Consequences of Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide

According to MediLexicon’s medical dictionary, Euthanasia is a “quiet/painless death” or “the intentional putting to death of a person with an incurable or painful disease intended as an act of mercy.” Terminally ill patients should have the right to put an end to their suffering using euthanasia or physician assisted suici…

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The Fashion Trends and Evolution of Women Wear Throughout History

Trends come and go throughout the ages, and the first half of the twentieth century is no exception. With the century came the introduction to many different articles of clothing and styles, and the roaring era for creation and revitalization of the previous silhouette. Woman, to be specific, would strive to create looks fo…

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An Analysis of the Iran Crisis

Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United States will oppose the state Iran if the country starts to become aggressive. Iran starts to develop its nuclear weapon and has the leading sponsors of terrorism, and can share its nuclear technology and use it as a power tool to threaten these countries. A nuclear armed Iran would change…

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The Stress of College on Students in Campus Suicide and Julie Scelfo’s the Pressure of Perfection

The article Campus Suicide and the Pressure of Perfection written by Julie Scelfo, goes in to detail about college and the stress it can put on students. Scelfo uses awesome research to find the statistics and to put together a great article. Parents don’t know what its like for their children to go to college and have a mi…

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The Potential Benefits of Legalizing Marijuana in New Jersey

Oh, my Mary Jane: Marijuana Reform in New Jersey   Mary Jane—one of the many street names for Marijuana—is an herb that can be used in myriad ways. For example, it can be used for stress, anxiety, epilepsy, cancer, and other diseases doctors are discovering. This goodness, also referred to as pot, is illegal in the Sta…

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Gender Inequalities in Male-Dominant Workplaces

In contemporary society, gender inequalities amongst workplace has been very apparent, in which, women are treated inferior than men. Women are getting paid less than men, and there is a male-dominant population in workplaces. As for the gender conflict theory, females are segregated, although they are just as intelligent a…

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The Solution to the Immigration Problem in the United States

Our world has always been a place where migration is essential for life no matter what is the cause behind it. Nowadays, we live in a globalized world where anyone could go anywhere at any time of their lives. Nonetheless, countries allow immigration if and only if the immigration process is legal. Unfortunately, not everyo…

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The Ideas of Racism, Class and Gender

The Ideas of Racism, Class and Gender Brent Staples talks about his experience which shapes his thinking about life, the article Black Men and Public Space. Being a black man, Staples undergoes through events in his life that change his view of racism. On the other hand, James Baldwin describes his observation a…

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The Effects of Our Conformity to Social Norms on Our Interactions with Other People in Andrew Solomon’s Son

The Importance of Change Human beings often search for a way to define themselves with society’s definition of normality. Through this, a society creates shared assumptions as to what consists of normal behavior. As a result, the individuals that are part of that society adapt to those qualities of “normality”, and make “n…

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The Impact of Society in the Creation of an Individual’s Identity

An integral part of human nature is our ability to define everything in the world. From something as small as classifying the minutest of bacteria, to something as large as classifying light as either a particle or wave, human beings label everything. Arguably, it is the key factor that makes us humans, our abilities to see…

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The Social Issues and Long Term Effects of Toddlers and Tiaras on Children

The life of a modern American, takes place on a screen for everyone to see. This thought is amplified by television and social media, which has given the younger generation a view point of what needs to be known. Visual culture, is the way in which people in the 21st century interact, learn, and interpret their feelings. Th…

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Understanding: The Best Way to Address the Issue of Socialization

In the last few decades, our society has adopted many social values, beliefs, and norms set the standard of living. This happens through the transmission of various group affiliations that inform our own personal relationship to one group of our choosing. This statement leads to the question of how a person becomes socializ…

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The Importance of Understanding Individual Behavior and Cultural Context

In a society, there is an underlining tension when it comes to people truly understanding each other’s issues. The mindset is to center the focus around human interactions, however, to overlook a person’s cultural world is similar to a person completing a math problem without the instructions. Every person lives in a world,…

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Theoretical Terms and Their Effects in Expressing Cultural and Racial Problems

Developing a sociological thought has helped theorist to understand the complexity of human emotions on a macro level .Many issues that are presented in todays world were at one point a social issue. The reference focuses on a single person. By including the Marco level or large-scale point of view, the public can understan…

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Gender Discrimination and the Fight for Equal Rights

“Ain’t I a Woman?” definitely involved the most kairos. Sojourner Truth saw that many women had gathered to fight for their rights, and she decided to present a different side of the argument. Women had been denied rights to vote and hold property and such, but African American women were being denied the right to freedom…

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The Life and Powerful Lessons Left by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr., born January of 1929 in Atlanta Georgia, was one of the most revered African-American civil rights activist of his time. He is honored for social and political breakthroughs of the twentieth century. MLK was not only a great leader, he was also a powerful speaker, he worked…

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Why Gun Control is Essential in the United States

Imagine how efficiently this country, or even the world could work if people just thought about others? According to the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence website, Over 30,000 people are killed every year due to gun violence, and still many argue it is not necessary and should be easily accessible to anyone who wants to pu…

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The Impact of the Anti-Hadith Movement in the Muslim Community

Question to ponder : Anti Hadith movement and it’s refutation by Muslim scholars. They rejected the hadith literature but recognised the authority of the prophet’s Sunnah. One of the main exponents of anti- Hadith movement was Muhammad Abu Rayyah, it has been subject to criticism by Mustafa al- Sabai in his famous work on…

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Raising Awareness About the Social Issue of Homelessness in the United States

Raising Awareness: Homelessness Homelessness. A growing concern not only in the United States of America but around the whole world. Many people are familiar with the topic homelessness. We may see them walking through different areas of many neighborhoods asking for a dollar or two with light cardboard pieces and cups. Th…

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The Importance of Providing More Funding by the Government for Homeless Shelters

Should the Government Provide More Funding Towards Homeless Shelters? Homelessness is everywhere, yet it is unseen. Homelessness is a national epidemic which affects many people around the world. Some may not agree with the funding towards places that put roofs over these less fortunate people. These places of the shelter…

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Grindr: The Dating Site for Homosexual People

“The Gay Tinder,” Grindr, is a dating application crawling with creepily suggestive, promiscuous gay men; something that should not be appealing, but somehow is. Acting upon sexual desires is a completely normal human activity, but for gay men those desires can be difficult to act upon depending on one’s surroundings. Grind…

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The Federal Private Prison Expansion in the United States

Preface In August, it was concluded from an interior government investigation that federal private prisons offer sub par facilities and supplies (food, water, clothing, rehabilitation programs) to inmates, and are exceptionally more dangerous than public prisons under the direction of the Federal Bureau of Prisons (Chamm…

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The Stereotypical Traits of Italy and Indonesia

Italy and Indonesia are Different but Same Stereotypically Italy and Indonesia are two distinct nations. Geographically, both nations are separate far away by continents. Italy is located in South of Europe while Indonesia is located in Southeast of Asia. Based on that circumstance, Italy and Indonesia obviously…

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Homelessness and Its Effects on Children

Homelessness and Children: Homelessness is an individual who lacks housing. For example, living in shelters, temporary living accommodations (with family or friends), living on the streets, abandoned buildings, in a vehicle, children awaiting foster care, an individual or family who received an eviction notice to leave wit…

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The Schools and the Communities in Kennedy Elementary School

It’s understandable many people out there don’t have enough money to survive in the real world many people need money. Reasons my community needs money and charity was because money is needed to help schools, to help the poor or the mentally disabled people, and also to help small business that need a helping hand whether…

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