The Issues Surrounding the Money Laundering of CBA and the Management of the Issues

The Issues Surrounding the Money Laundering of CBA and the Management of the Issues

Issues faced and Handling of the Issues in CBA CBA has encountered several problems regarding its customer service strategy. Despite CBA laying an essential focus on high levels of customer service, it has often failed to live up to expectations. One of the issues that faced the bank recently is the failure to provide soun…

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A Study on the Process of Integration in Organization After Merger

Integration process and scenario of the merger after its establishment On 16 October 2007 Emirates NBD was listed on Dubai Stock Exchange (Rajesh and Manuel, 2009). The new company held its first AGM on 23 March 2007. The merged bank was able to integrate 92 deposit machines by April 2008. Inauguration of the Emirates NBD…

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An Overview of a Decision Making Process

Decision Making Process Decision-making is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker. Making a decision implies that there are alternative choices to be considered, and in such a case we want not only to identify as many of these alternatives as possible…

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The Corporate Social Responsibilities at Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Its Two Major Strategies

CSR at Commonwealth Bank of Australia Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) is a global bank that operates in several countries of the world. CBA operates in several countries including Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States and Fiji, making it a multinational corporation. The bank has more than 51,000 employ…

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An Analysis of the CSR Strategies of Commonwealth Bank of Australia

CBA With the rising level of competition among firms, organizations are putting more efforts on their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) to improve their performance. The focus on CSR helps organizations to improve their performance but often come with challenges. This paper uses Commonwealth Bank of Australia as an e…

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The Different Issues Faced by The Commonwealth Bank of Australia

CBA failures The case of money laundering, CBA failed to handle the issue professionally. The bank failed to raise the issue with regulators despite being aware of the issue internally. The bank’s apology was not done in good faith but it was merely a public relations exercise. The bank also tried to downplay the scale in…

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A Study on the Advantages with Partnership Companies

The advantage with partnership The advantage with partnership companies is that they are expected to pay taxes if they run profitably after deducting expenses from their operations as the partner’s interest share is not targeted . The company also requires to be issued with Australian Company Number (ACN) for unique identi…

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The Legal Requirements for Establishing a Partnership Fitness Center Company

Legal requirements for partnership fitness center company When planning the establishment of the partnership fitness center company, Jack and Jill will consider various legal requirements as per the Australian law. The company requires a name that is catchy among their target customers. Long and irrelevant names are not ap…

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A Case Study on the Recommended Business Structure for Jack and Jill

Business structure There are various business structures like a sole proprietorship, partnership and the limited liability company. In the present case, it is not advisable to establish a sole proprietorship because there are two willing investors; Jack and Jill had the necessary financial/capital and skill resources in th…

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A Report on the Necessities of a Fitness Center in Australia

Business opportunities in Australia There are various business opportunities in Australia that can be operated profitably and provide a steady income. Running the business, however, has certain requirements necessary for facilitating its growth meeting and sustaining customer needs to ensure growth. Some key elements are t…

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The Growth of Samsung, a South Korean Company

Samsung has grown from an idea hatched up in a small village in Korea to a tech giant and one of the greatest success stories in the corporate world. Founded in 1938, the proprietor Lee Byung-Chul endeavored to develop it as just a small trading company in Su-dong near Daegu city in South Korea producing and distributing gr…

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Education as a Good Investment in Consumerism Culture

Consumerism culture is a concept and lifestyle related to consumption. In consumerism culture, people taking consumption as the sole purpose, deviating from consumption is a means to satisfy people’s needs and promote people’s development. It provides a false impression of freedom and happiness to people in alienated realit…

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An Analysis of Conflicts in the Workplace and How to Resolve Them

Conflict at the working place arise as a result of poor or even non-existence communication. It can be solved through various ways.Differences and diversity helps in enhancing growth in a working organization. According to a Mike Talbot; a psychotherapist in UK, conflicts helps in the integration of important abilities and…

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The Importance of Training for an Organization

According to Winfred Alfred Jr. et al.(2003) when enterprise face to the highly equality, globalization, and highly efficiency, the training play the important role in the competitive environment, the training brings many advantages for the enterprise. For example, the knowledge of staff, and the attitude and technique, so…

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An Analysis of The Klondyke Centre Case Scandal

The Klondyke Centre case study shows the standards first achieved on
opening the Centre have declined to an unprecedented level. With staff
members, especially the Director of the Centre leaving, this has thrown the
staff into a frightened and wary state, not knowing what to expect next.
This state of affairs leads to comp…

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The Different Changes in Human Resource Management

Evolution of Human Resource Management Human resource management (HRM) can be seen as a typical representative of contemporary management techniques. According to Torrington, Hall and Taylor, (2008) human resource management is collecting a series of work, such as the recruitment, training and development, compensation and…

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The Different Perspectives of Employee Relationship

The employment relationship and three perspectives It is undeniable that with the change and development of employment relationship there is a new management philosophy was happened. That is human resource management. Employment relationship has been claimed by Brown and Nolan (1988) means that under a certain condition, e…

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A Study of the Marketing Strategy of the National Botanic Garden of Wales

National Botanic Garden of Wales – Marketing Plan A recent report conducted by the Welsh Government (Welsh Government Social
Research, 2012) clearly shows that the National Botanic Garden of Wales is
quickly becoming one of Wales’ main tourist attractions, which captures
the interest of nature lovers, researchers, scienti…

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An Analysis of the Factors Contributing to Organizational Citizenship Behavior

The importance of organisational citizenship behaviour has been underestimated for a long time, until in the 1960’s Katz (1964) recognised that not only it plays a fundamental role in the formation of organisations, it also allow these to work effectively.Organisational citizenship behaviour, also referred to as OCB, was de…

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Understanding Motivation and Its Role in Management in the Workplace

Role of motivation in management There can be no success without motivation. Many famous life coaches and
motivators travel the world telling people that they have to be passionate
about what they do in order to do it right and succeed. (Robbins, A., 1986)
Performing well without motivation is still possible, but the resul…

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The History of the Apple Company and the Contributions of Steve Job to the Multibillion Dollar Empire

Only a Bite of the Apple Apple lovers are sometimes described as a cult who only desire an
Apple device because of the stylish look and slim design. While Apple is
not a cult, the fact that people love Apple products because of the look is
not far from the truth. Thanks to the vision of Steve Jobs and genius of

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A Study on Industrial and Organizational Psychology and Hiring Practices

The history of something may not seem like an important or interesting topic to a lot of people who are studying that subject, however, it is invaluable when figuring out how the subject first came to be and what made it evolve to the state that it’s currently in. For psychology specifically, history is extremely important,…

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The Leadership Development and the Individuals in Organizations

Leadership development Leadership development enables individuals to expand their leadership abilities that are applied within organizations. For an organization to be successful, it has to incorporate leadership development in its operations. According to the Center for Creative Leadership, 65% of organizations that have…

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The Description of Future Leadership Development Goals and State

Description of future leadership development goals and state Leadership development goals are necessary so that organizational leaders can improve their qualities, skills, and impacts they have on others. Future leadership development goals will be mostly based on motivating or inspiring common employees to become leaders….

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The Two Leadership Styles, the Conditions and Statuses

Assessment of current leadership condition or status Two leadership styles that are currently applied to various organizations are participative and autocratic leadership. The autocratic leadership style enables managers to establish decision on their own. This form of leadership style is applied in organizations that do n…

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