The Issues of Gender Inequality and Feminism in the United States of America

The Issues of Gender Inequality and Feminism in the United States of America

Many people, both male and female, believe that feminism is an outdated concept that is best left in the civil rights era in the 1960s and the 1970s. The common conception of feminism in the contemporary context is that of a movement that has already achieved its goal of achieving fair treatment for both males and females i…

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An Examination of Rubin’s Argument of Concern with Feminism and the Anti Porn Movement

In Rubin’s main argument she expresses concern with feminism being an inadequate venue to address the oppression of sexual minorities due to the divide that was caused by the sex negative anti porn movement. The anti porn movement caused the mainstream feminist movement to split into sex positive feminism, which believes th…

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Feminism Against the Negative Marketing of the Female Sexuality

How female sexuality is marketed and represented has long been a point of contention within feminism as a movement, more specifically between sex-positive and anti-pornography feminists. The former sex-positive faction, which lies in opposition to some of the ideals and theories of anti-pornography feminists, believes that…

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The Issues of Marriage and Divorce in the United States

In the contemporary social/cultural environment, the institution of marriage and divorce are a hot button issue. Different groups of people have differing views and reactions to what they perceive as the evolution or dissolution of marriage in the culture of the US. From a Feminist standpoint, the institution of marriage in…

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A Review of Jared Diamond’s Theory on How Geography Affects the Development of Societies

Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel answers the question: “Why do Eurasians dominate most of the world today and not societies from other continents?” His theory suggests that geography affects how societies develop. To generalize, his theory is that societies on landmasses which are oriented from East to West have an ad…

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An Exploration of Gender Inequality in Class Action by Lois Jenson

Class Action is biographical account of the struggles of Lois Jenson, a single mother with a rough beginning who found her way into a sinister work environment that pushed her to the ends of her patience and to the heights of courage and persistence. The story starts off with some background information about Lois, includin…

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Racism in the Eyes of Lecrae and Thomas Robb

Lecrae on Racism In this day and age there are many societal issues that are subject to much debate and controversy. One of the most controversial in 21st century America would be the sensitive subject of race. The reason for the large amount of controversy around this topic would mainly be caused by America’s long history…

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A Report on the Relationship Between Economic Disparity and Discrimination in the United States

What is the relationship between economic disparity and discrimination? In the U.S., there is large economic disparity, such as household income, unemployment rate, and educational quality between African Americans and Asian Americans. Sometimes, the disparity can be the cause of discrimination, however, this is not alway…

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An Examination of the Equal Rights Amendment and Its Importance in Providing Gender Equality in Society

In modern society, many women are seeking their potential to survive in the meritocracy. In many parts of the world, it is becoming usual that women work with men. However, it is difficult for women to achieve absolute equality with men. The Equal Rights Amendment, which guarantees gender equality, has been controversial…

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The Chase for the American Dream in the United States

The American Dream, fact or fiction? The American Dream. A car, home, dog, and family with financial stability. The set of ideals that a lot of Americans believe in. Some, namely right wingers, believe it is the upward system of mobility that allows people to “move up” in American society regardless of race, gender, sexua…

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An Analysis of Moral Permissibility of Abortion in On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion by M.A. Warren

An Analytical Look at the Moral Permissibility of Abortion In recent years, abortion has been a hot button issue. Political figures range from being totally against it (Ted Cruz), to being in favor in some cases (Donald Trump), to being for it no matter the circumstances (Hillary Clinton). In reading On the Moral and Lega…

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The Life Story of a Killer

The Complete Backstory of Charles the Killer Charles was born in a small town South Carolina, late in the year of 1997. Shortly after his 6th birthday, his parents moved him to New York City. Charles, still being a kid and not knowing much about the world, wasn’t accustomed to the big and bustling city life. This caused…

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Society’s View on the Race and Sexuality of the Condemned

Society’s Characterization of the Condemned Although we like to have a promising view on our own mortals, we and our society can be cruel and unforgiving even when we don’t expect it. We see our viewpoints of classes, races, and sexes all being similar coexisting in in a world of equality, but our decisions on who to put…

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Same Sex Marriage in North Carolina

A Nation Divided on Marriage There is currently a split in the United States over the issue of allowing people of the same sex to marry, an issue that has gained a lot of momentum in recent years. Currently the Federal government does not recognize gay marriage, but allows the states to decide individually for themselves….

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Gender Roles and Sexuality in the Cultural Beliefs of the Native American Tribes

Through European colonization of the “New World,” many Native American tribes were forced to abandon their views on how they see not only gender but also gender roles and sexuality. This was imposed on them mostly due to the Christian Awakening, a movement where Jesuit missionaries would convert “heathen” indigenous people…

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Masculinity and Femininity in the Eyes of the Native American Tribes

Man-kind’s history has defined gender as masculinity and femininity. In most cultures around the world, a man is generally masculine while the women are feminine.  It was these gender roles that were given to humanity from nature, birth, or religious deities. If anyone steps outside of their roles from what is their “proper…

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A History of the Hate Group, KKK

The KKK was founded in 1866 by a handful of angry confederate veterans. After the civil war, many states looked to establish new Reconstruction policies which called equal political say and economic opportunity for African Americans. This upset many people in the south and thus, white supremacy groups began to grow in popul…

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A Comparison of the Japanese and American Culture in Work

According to a recent poll done by Pew Research, 94% of Americans view the Japanese as a group of hard working people. However, on the flip side, only 25% of Japanese people interviewed, viewed the Americans as hard workers. This is only one in many polls that has the same results. It is safe to say that the Japanese are vi…

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A History of Abortion in Ireland and the Pro-Choice and Pro-Life Side of the Issue

Abortion: Right to Autonomy or Right to Life Rights. Principles. Personhood. These words are central to the controversy surrounding abortion all over the world. Abortion defined as the “termination of a pregnancy resulting in or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus” triggers debates and protests throughout…

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Political Views of Abortion in America

Politics of Abortion Debate Summary The controversial issue of abortion has always made it difficult for politicians to implement abortion laws that won’t upset the public. Unlike most European countries, the Republic of Ireland made slow progress in enacting abortion laws and besides Malta, holds the strictest abortion…

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A Study on the Impact of Cell Phone Use on the Driver While Driving

The cell phone is a mobile device that has revolutionized the development and technological innovation in order to be a useful tool for the life of human beings and their activities, both professional and personal, due to the need to monitor emails, information, documents, connect to social networks, share photos, videos, w…

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The Question of Whether Nuclear Weapons Should Be Abolished Worldwide

Should Nuclear Weapons be Abolished Worldwide? Nuclear weapons have been becoming more and more powerful ever since the first few were used by the United States in World War II to the Japanese citizens demise. With the election in progress, the possible use of nuclear arms by new presidential candidates is higher than ever…

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A Comparison of Ideologies Between the Republican Motherhood and the Cult of Domesticity

Since the colonization of the British North American colonies, women and men have had different roles. In Puritan society, women’s roles were based on tending to the house. They were supposed to care for their husbands and guide the next generation of Puritan children, which would become the role of women throughout the exi…

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The Terrible Luck of the Scottsboro Boys and the Issue of Racism in the South

The Scottsboro Boys have terrible luck. This American tragedy is truly sad, especially to see how people can condemn one another to death. The Scottsboro Boys more than likely did not commit the crime of raping Ruby Bates and Victoria Price. The shear amount of racism in the South at the time would nearly get nine African A…

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A Discussion on Masculinity and Femininity in Brian Pronger’s Essay “Sexual Mythologies”

Resistance of the Gender Myth in Hedwig and the Angry Inch In his essay, “Sexual Mythologies,” Brian Pronger discusses how “masculinity and femininity are interpretive context that assign value to gestures and attitudes that are in themselves valueless” (229). He explains that these assigned gender values contribute to the…

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