The Issues of Equality and Accessibility People Face in Rec and Leisure

The Issues of Equality and Accessibility People Face in Rec and Leisure

When it comes to equality in rec and leisure, there are many issue that people face, one of those being accessibility to public playgrounds for children who are physically disabled. For most people, we tend to take our ability to climb on a plays cape, or walk into a building for granted, but for those who are bound to a wh…

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The Effectiveness of Substance Abuse on the Physical and Sexual Development of Adolescents

Substance abuse on development During adolescence; physiological, social, emotional and cognitive changes occur at a remarkable rate. Adolescence is a turbulent time for an individual as it is a period of dramatic change for the individual. This turbulent time can be negatively affected by the use of drugs. Drugs can negat…

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The Evolution of the Term Disabled and the Fluctuation of Human Perception of the Physically and Mentally Disabled

Human perception of the mentally and physically disabled have fluctuated over time. The earliest recollection of disabilities dates back to the Egyptian Papyrus Thebes in 1552 B.C (Harbour). People thought these impairments meant that they were closer to the gods. Blind people were thought to know what the gods requested, e…

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Is the Care Not Cash Organization Just Giving Useless Money for the Homeless to Waste on Drugs?

Homelessness is an epidemic in many large cities and people are homeless for various reasons either from choice or bad decisions. San Francisco is a haven for panhandlers and the city supports them by giving out money and shelter in the Care Not Cash program. According to John Derbyshire, homeless people should be instituti…

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Multiculturalism as a Negative in Neil Bissondath’s No Place Like Home and Will Kymlicka’s Immigrants, Multiculturalism, and Canadian Citizenship

Canada is a place known to be a multiculturalism country to many. Although it is meant to be a positive thing in many minds, it is also tended to be a negative thing. This is shown in the essays “No Place Like Home” by Neil Bissondath, and “Immigrants, Multiculralism, and Canadian citizenship” by Will Kymlicka. Both essay m…

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An Examination of the Extent of the Improvement of the Lives of Black Americans During the Reconstruction Period of 1865 to 1877 in America

To what extent did the lives of black Americans change for the better during he Reconstruction period of 1865-77 (20) The extent to which the lives of black Americans changed for the better between 1865-77 is comparative to the previous years of slavery and lawful segregation. The ‘lives of black Americans’ changing ‘for…

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The Flawed Concept of Virginity in Our Society

The whole concept of virginity is extremely flawed. Society says the day you lose your virginity is the day you become “morally sullied.” Its ridiculous. Sex has been around in all societies as far back as humans have existed. But virginity has not been around that long. It’s a societal concept imposed on the young in o…

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The Social Issue of Gender Inequality in America

Gender inequality seems to be a prominent issue in American today. Many are concerned with the pay gap between genders, maternity leave, women’s reproductive rights, the objectification of women and many more issues. All of these matters considered, one might wonder what a country looks like that does have a high percentage…

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The Difficulties and Challenges of Anti-Poverty

Introduction When we are speaking of whether a country is well developed or not, Human Development Index (HDI) is always be mentioned while Human Poverty Index (HPI) rarely appears in papers. As a matter of fact, this two indexes should be measured together but not separately. Usually, countries with relatively higher po…

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The Issue of Misinformation in Our Society Today

It’s important to be information savvy because if you want to know what’s going on in your world, you need to know the right thing. Misinformation is a big problem in today’s society, and for the most-part it’s due to people being too lazy to fact-check, or choosing to believe what they want to believe because it fits their…

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The New Negro Movement and Its Drive for Equality in the United States

Jim Crow laws were a set of laws that limited the rights of African American individuals and the response to those laws were a  move towards equality. One of those campaigns being the New Negro Movement, a start to a civil rights movement that took place in the 20’s. The drive came about due to the movement of African Ameri…

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The Role and Importance of Grandparents in Our Modern Day Living Environment

Introduction Grandparents play a humongous role in the lives of their children and grandchildren. Today, most of the working parents would love to leave their children with grandparents rather than leaving them at childcare centers .Furthermore, grandparents will be experienced wisdom about what to teach their grandchildre…

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The Issues of Domestic Violence and Stalking in the United States

Domestic violence is an all too prevalent issue not only on the US, but also worldwide. In addition, stalking is a massive issue across the globe. Most stalking victims, like those of domestic violence, know the perpetrator. Many victims of domestic violence don’t even realize they’re in an abusive relationship. They si…

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Humanity’s Quest to End Armed Conflicts Forever

The closest we can get to a “No-Place” Society On April 15th 2017, the United States and North Korea were on the brink of a nuclear confrontation. Eleven days before that over-hyped event, the United States struck a Syrian airbase with 59 missiles. In addition, France was hit with yet another terrorist attack, which ISIS…

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A Short Biography of the Most Infamous Serial Killers in History

Most Infamous Serial Killers History Serial killers are horribly gruesome and horrific creatures, yet they hold so much fascination in the eyes of many people today. We all watch Criminal Minds, CSI, and NCIS. But many people don’t know the serial killers that started the whole hoopla. Jack the Ripper The Ripper is on…

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A Personal Perspective on the Discrimination Protection for the LGBTQ Community

My Opionion and Reasoning on LGBTQ Discrimination Protection Discrimination protection for the LGBTQ community is a topic that I already supported, because I have friends and family who are members of this community and I’ve witnessed some of the ways in which they can be treated unfairly by their employer. I believe that…

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Animal Welfare Issues When Housing Stellar Sea Lions Temporarily as a Research Tool

Animal Welfare Issues When Housing Steller Sea Lions Temporarily as a Research Tool Introduction Steller sea lions have gained much focus in research lately due to the recent decline in the number of species due to a variety of factors. The focus has shifted, however there are not many good ways to experimentally invest…

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Life as an Immigrant in the United States

Life as an Immigrant in the United States As an immigrant who has arrived in the country to find not only my wealth but a better life than I had in my home country, I have come to see that life here as an immigrant is not as easy as it was for the ones who came generations before me. There are lesser opportunities for im…

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A Discussion on Violent Victimization in Prisons and Why All Prisoners are Seen as Terrible People

Violent Victimization Unfortunately, most people see prisoners as bad people when not all prisoners are terrible. That is just another stereotype that people are used to using. If a person that wasn’t in prison was subject to violence – being beaten up, stunned, or raped – would the public stand for that? Absolutely not….

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The Problem of Domestic Violence in the Workplace

Violence in the Workplace Work, like everything else, can be stressful from time to time. That’s no secret. What comes from home can follow you into work and vice versa. The day can be ruined before it even begins, but have you ever experienced violence in the workplace? From a fight between coworkers to a robbery on a lat…

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The Life Inside of the Women’s Prison System

Life Inside of the Women’s Prison System We have all been angry at some point or another in our lives, but is getting angry enough of a reason to go to jail? In this situation, that seemed to be exactly the case. Through this case study, we will explore whether this was a justifiable arrest and if the woman in this scenari…

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The Types, Components and Tactics of Terrorism

Terrorism Components and Types There are five common components that relate to terrorism. Let’s start with the first – acts of violence. Terrorism requires acts of violence, according to Lesson 2. Then, we have the second component – audience perception. This is, of course, how grandiose a terrorist attack appears. Media d…

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Illegal Immigrants Should Not Be Able to Obtain a Driver’s Licence

Illegal immigrants should not be able to obtain a driver’s license In some US states, immigrants who have came to the US illegally are able to obtain driver’s licenses. However, there are various reasons illegal immigrants should not be able to obtain a driver’s license. It can be a hazard to other people on the road to…

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A Discussion on Employees and Volunteers in South Dakota Carrying Weapons to Protect Students on School Ground

“Arming Teachers, Protecting Students.” Insights on Law & Society, vol. 14, no. 1, Fall2013, p. 30. Academic search complete, The article discusses a bill proposed by the author and South Dakota legislators t…

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A Personal View on Animal Rights and the Treatment of Livestock

How to Hog The problem with many animal rights articles is that they are completely and utterly biased. They use adjectives and imagery that portray an image that simply isn’t accurate. For example, in the article that we read in class, it states that pig farmers “castrate piglets by ripping out their testes with their bar…

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