The Issue of the Misuse of ADHD Stimulant Medication in American College Campuses

The Issue of the Misuse of ADHD Stimulant Medication in American College Campuses

The stress of college and the heavy workload that comes along with it pushes students to find new ways to focus and learn. A pressing issue seen on American college campuses is the misuse of nonmedical ADHD stimulant medication. College students are exposed to a lot of misinformation about nonmedical ADHD prescription use d…

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A Study of the Patriarchal Accentuation in the Communities of Siberia

Given the overall pattern that emphasized agnatic kin and property
ownership rights in the majority of Siberian communities, relations between
men and women or between family groups were affected in various ways. To
answer this question further, it is critical to explore the background of
the eastern Siberian communities. T…

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An Analysis of the Status of Marriage Throughout History

Historically, marriages were mainly decisions made based on the parents’ interest to fulfill societal or religious expectations rather than a purely personal choice. It was commonly believed that marriage is the best way for people to achieve happiness, strong commitment, healthy relationship and true sexual fulfillment. Ne…

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An Argument Against Giving Firearms to Teachers

Arming teachers is not a viable solution to preventing school shootings.  It would take a very heavy toll emotionally on the teachers and their students.  Teachers have multiple roles in the classroom. They set the tone of their classrooms, try to create a comfortable area for their students, encourage them to grow as peopl…

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The Life and Work of Cesare Lambroso

Obituary of Cesare Lambroso The article is based on the professional background of a
neuroscientist known as Cesare Lombroso. With vast experience in
evolutionary psychology of genius, criminal behavior, and madness, he has
realized significant contributions in the fields of behavioral and
intellectual aspects of geni…

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A Study of the Factors Affecting Drug Response

VARIATION IN DRUG RESPONSE Every different patient administered with drugs will react to them differently. A drug dosage that works for a particular patient may prove terrible side effects for another patient (Tedeschi, 19). However, there are factors that will always affect the pharmacokinetics of a drug administered to…

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Understanding the Why of Crimes Through Learning and Control Theories

There are many theories that attempt to explain criminal behavior, or aspects to it. In order to better know how to address and prevent crime, it must be asked who commits crimes and why do they do it. There are theories addressing both sides of this question, and most of these theories tend to choose one focus point and…

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The Concept of the General Strain Theory and Strain Theory and Their Role in Criminality and Criminal Activities

Strain theory was adapted by Robert K. Merton, based off of Durkheim’s previous work. Merton took Durkheim’s ideas and tailored them to explain crime in American society. Merton’s main point was that many things humans value are not ingrained in us, but rather they are led by the culture of the society one comes from. Fu…

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New Gun Laws Should Be Passed to Protect to General Public

Gun debates have surfaced nationwide, once again, following a deadly school shooting, leading to the deaths of seventeen students and teachers. America experienced 18 school shootings in the first 45 days of 2018 alone. In comparison, Canada has only had 19 school shootings in a lifespan of over 328 years. Gun control has b…

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A Study of Familial Responsibilities in Ancient Greece as Compared to Modern Times

Ancient Greece Introduction Discussing about the gender and family responsibilities in Ancient Greece and how these roles contrast to the present day American as well as how they are extraordinary and advantages and shortcomings of the Greek framework. In the ancient Greece men were valued more than women. It was a terri…

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A Look into the Face of Poverty in Maplewood

The neighborhood of Maplewood in Rochester, N.Y. is overwhelmed by poverty. When I drive from my apartment to St. Paul St, I pass through Cornhill, a beautiful, newly gentrified neighborhood with high end spirit and wine stores and restaurants that cost a whole paycheck for two people. A mile down the road the scenery chang…

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Hans Rosling and His Explanation on Population Growth

Hans Rosling: Population Growth Hans starts of talking about how astounded he was when his teacher in school told him that the world population had become three billion people; back in 1960. Rosling explains that instead of using digital technology; he is going to use IKEA boxes to represent one billion people. He first s…

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A Study of the Presentation of Women in the Qur’an and Its Impact on the Modern Muslim Society

Women in the Tenth Century Interpretation of the Quran and the Effect in the Modern Muslim Society The Sura 12 is made up of verses that that deal with Joseph’s relations with the Aziz’s wife and other women of Egypt.The whole relationship of Joseph with the women of Egypt began when Joseph was betrayed by his jealous brot…

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The Different Issues and Perspectives on the Legalization of Marijuana Use

The Issue of Legalization of Marijuana Abstract Many historical perspectives and comparisons of various approaches to the legal status of marijuana have been made, in an attempt to aid in the formation of a public policy regarding the use of marijuana. People across the globe have smoked marijuana for centuries given that…

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A Critique of an Article by Grayson Bodenheimer on Mental Health Movements in America

The Forgotten Illnesses: The Mental Health Movements in Modern America Summary The article on sociology is written by Grayson A. Bodenheimer to focus on the illnesses that are not considered to be serious in the contemporary society. Failure to recognize such illnesses has led to the formation of social movements that pro…

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The Relation of Gender and Status in the Incidents of Domestic Violence

The Contribution of Sexual Roles and Status to the Incidents of Domestic Violence Domestic violence cannot be attributed to a single factor as various biological and personal factors determine the quality of relationship at homes. In most cases of domestic violence, the most consistent marker is the discord in the relation…

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An Overview of Different Sociological Approaches

Social Problem The act of unwanted, aggressive behavior, characterized by real or perceived power imbalances is common throughout our lives. Bullying behavior is often repeated by those who carry it out to their fellows if no immediate action is taken. The bullying action is characterized by a lot of activities such as mak…

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A Study of Society’s Impact on an Individual’s Outlook in Life

Sociology Social change in the society involves a change in the communication patterns, attitudes, personal influence and contact with other societies, friendship, and generally a change in the social class. Social change is inevitable in the long, run even though there are many barriers to change. People tend to maintain…

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The Social Significance of the Shrine of Remembrance

Significance of the Shrine of Remembrance The Shrine of Remembrance is made up of the Shrine building and the Surrounding Reserve that includes all memorials and features, which are of significance at a state level for a number of reasons. The site is of historical significance as it is the preeminent war memorial in Melbo…

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Transgender Rights and Representation in Sports

Transgender Rights and Representation in Sports Introduction While transgender people have always existed throughout the entire timeline of humanity, the societal acceptance of deviating from assigned genders continues to be a contested debate. Particularly in modern western cultures, gender and sex are largely synonymous…

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Understanding Marriage and Its Major Function in Culture

1.What is marriage, and what are its major functions? In many cultures, marriage is a cultural method of regulating sex and reproduction. While not all married couples have sex and reproduce and not all reproducing couples are married, there is a strong correlation between marriage and reproduction. While marriage is unive…

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Being Homosexual in Hip Hop

Hip hop and Homosexuality Homosexuality is romantic attraction, sexual attraction, or sexual behaavior of the same gender. Homosexuality does not necessarily mix when it comes to hip hop. Hip hop is looked upon as straight couples, and individuals performing and acting in a non homosexual way. When being homosexual in the…

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The Prison Industrial Complex and Its Functions and Benefits

The Prison Industrial Complex (PIC) is a term used to describe the overlapping interest of government and industry that use surveillance, policing, and imprisonment as solutions to economic, social, and political problems. The prison industrial complex help maintain the authority of people who get their power through econom…

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The Issue of Sexual Harassment in the Nurse’s Workplace and the Solutions to the Problem

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace An old saying goes, “money cannot buy happiness”-and nurses can verify this. Even as nursing increasingly becomes a respectable career due to the tireless efforts that the nurses put in place, there are also many nurses voicing greater dissatisfaction with their lives. Others also questi…

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The History of the Controversial Issue of Same-Sex Marriage in the United States

Same-Sex Marriage Marriage is both a central and ubiquitous issue in the society since every religion, social class, race, and ethnicity embraces it. For most people in the society, marriage is the key to the pursuit of happiness, something that most people admire. The issue of same-sex marriage has been controversial in t…

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